A “P.S.” to Meet the Teacher Night

It was a treat to be able to share a bit about myself with you all and to meet so many of you last Tuesday. I wish I’d been able to learn all your names, but that will come in time. Before you know it, parent-teacher conferences will be upon us.


Spelling (practice round) starts this week

  • This week, we will start two of our main weekly routines that will run for most of the year. A spelling list, from which students will need to choose 10 words to write 10 different sentences with, will be assigned on Monday for a Wednesday due date. followed by a test on Friday after chapel. Everyone will start with the same spelling list, until the class becomes familiar with the spelling expectations. Then, they will transition to lists that are targeted to their specific learning needs. Students are expected to practice their “word sort” at home in preparation for Friday’s test. You may wish to supervise your child during their practice in the first few weeks, be readily available for help, and or check-in occasionally depending on your child’s level of independence and comfort with spelling.

Healthy Living

  • We can appreciate how difficult “free” time is to come by for many families, so we do not assign homework on Fridays that will be due on Monday. In addition, RCS Elementary has a recommended maximum of 30 minutes per day for children to be spending on schoolwork while at home. The hope is that families might have more time to spend on each other, playing together or doing household duties as part of a family unit.
  • So, if you have witnessed that your child has spent 30 minutes of focused time on their school work on a particular day, they can ask you to write a note in their agenda (or e-mail me) saying so and if they do not hand in their homework on time that day, it will not be a problem. They can make up for a late assignment later, but it’s much more difficult to make up for not feeling well for the next day.


Nova Food is closed on October 25. Please pack a lunch for your child on this date.


Birthday Treats are completely optional

  • If you do decide to bring something in, please bring something that can include everyone. We are a nut free school. If you’re unsure, you’re more than welcome to ask me about our class’ allergy list.
  • Alternatives to edible treats are equally appreciated. Ideas could include pencils, erasers, stickers, or a book for the class to enjoy together!

Scholastic Flyers now available online (Order online or by cheque)


There are so many great reasons to sign up and be paid to be at RCS. This year we have switched when we need Parent Volunteers to ONLY be at Morning Recess.

Why is that so great? It is great because Parent Supervisors have less students at one time to supervise because we have two 15-minute morning recesses. The first recess from 10:30-10:45 and has the Kindergarten to Grade 3. The second recess has only the Grade 4’s and 5’s. Our deep hope is students and supervisors will have greater success during these distinct playtimes. What a great way to be connected, help the school and get some Starbuck’s money on the side.

We are looking for about 4 more parents who speak English and can commit from September to June for at least one time per week during the 10:15-11:15 time period. Currently we have Mrs. Schneck covering supervision during spots we have no parent supervisors available so that teachers can concentrate on teaching.  Please email at rteodora@myrcs.ca or call the Elementary Office to sign up and become involved as a Parent Recess supervisor.


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