Partnering for Literacy

It was a real treat meeting many of you at parent teacher conferences. The time was short, but so precious. I have been looking forward to those 15 minutes since Meet the Teacher night. Thank you for making the time to get together in person as a team for your child’s learning.

This week, we began our CAFE reading program where students learn different strategies to get the most learning out of their time spent reading. This week, the strategy is called “check for understanding:” readers are taught to pause regularly during their reading to activate a “check point.” Every couple of pages or so, they stop and ask themselves : who, what, where? What characters have been talked about just now, what is happening, and where is it happening (if possible). You can use that same language with your child at home┬áto help them build these skills and to know what your child is reading about!

As we continue this year, I will be continue to update you here on this blog with the next steps we take to build skilled readers in our class, so that students can benefit doubly from practicing them at school and at home.

At this time of year, we are starting to pour more of our attention and resources into building avid readers in our classes. One of the ways we do that is by updating our classroom library. The kids were very excited to have received new books from some of their classmates’ families this week. It felt like Christmas morning on Thursday. The books will get a lot of use, this year and beyond. Thank you again for all your support for our kids in this regard.



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