Canadian Achievement Testing (CAT 4)

Children may be telling you about a “CAT4” today.
Students were told they are helpful for the Canadian government, but I’m afraid that was my error. They are solely for RCS and our teaching team to improve our education practices. CAT stands for Canadian Achievement Testing.
During the weeks of November 25th – December 6th, all Grade 3 students will participate in the Canadian Achievement Tests.
Students will not need to prepare beforehand. The results for these tests will not be sent home but will be used by the school to assess how well we are teaching reading, writing and math. Please email me if you have any questions.
The children and I spent a fair bit of time today discussing why we do them and how we should go about doing them. It is a real opportunity to practice the skill of knowing what your best is and being at peace with results.  The big idea is to be faithful with what we have, accept who we are today, and leave everything else in God’s hands. If you would like to reinforce this idea at home, you might like to use our motto “do your best, and leave the rest.” I hope to build on these ideas this year and pray that God will grow healthy, faithful children that are kind to themselves and to others.

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