June 16

Garry Point Details

On Monday, the grade threes will celebrate together all their hard work this year in God’s beautiful creation. If you are able to come, we look forward to seeing you at Garry Point Park! Here is a rough schedule for the day:


SNACK @ ~10:15 near the Garry Point Parking Lot

GROUP PHOTO @ ~10:30

TEAM BUILDING GAMES for about an hour


FREE TIME at the beach until ~2:15


Please ensure students are dressed to be active in the sunshine! Children will be allowed to enter the water up to their ankles. Bringing a change of clothes is recommended. 



June 13

Canada Fair

My sincerest “thank you!” to everyone for their parts in today’s Fair. Knowing that they have an appreciative audience is incredibly motivating for our children’s learning and in mustering the bravery it takes to perform. We are so blessed with your support.

Students have one last SWYK tomorrow on biodiversity. Tomorrow morning, we will be having a Canada “geography challenge” and reflection, before we send all our Canada work home. Students are encouraged to review the map page they were supplied with if they have time. The activity is meant to be fun and thoughtful “look back” on, perhaps, one of the units they enjoyed most this year.

If you have any photos from today, please consider forwarding me a few when you are able. I’d like to share them on this blog for any guardians that weren’t able to make it. Also, if your child would like to keep their powerpoints, please send a USB stick with them to school tomorrow.

Looking forward to our picnic on Monday!


June 12

Celebrating Growth in BC’s “Core Competencies”

Students’ took home a clear duotang today that contains some of the explicit work on core competencies we have done this year. They have been asked to tell you about some of the activities they did this year, and how that activity connects with a core competency. The government has identified these skills as essential for learning and living in a meaningful way. In grade three, we are calling them “skills to succeed”.

Please take time to show interest in, read and celebrate your child’s self-assessment. Focus on recognizing strengths together, rather than any weaknesses. For more information about the Core Competencies, please visit https://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies.


June 7

Beginning of the End: SWYK Week and More

Now that we are in the season of sending things home for students to keep, we will need some extra transport capacity for all the things that need to go home. Backpack space may simply not be enough. Please continue to send your child’s library book bag with them to school starting Monday for all the extra goodies they’ll need to take home.

One of those goodies will be students’ core competency reflections from the year. Throughout our time together, students were asked to think critically about activities and experiences they had and record their thinking. These will be sent home on Wednesday. I hope they will give some insight the minds of our kids for you and be markers of their growth this year!

On Monday, we will have a SWYK for students’ learning from the stories in Exodus that we have studied so far. Study guides were sent home last Monday as a refresher, but didn’t need to be brought back to school. If your child has completed the guide, (it’s always better learning when students have to search and reach for things) and you’d like to encourage them to check their work, you can point them to  this Moses Study Guide Key or their lesson sheets, and of course the bible itself! We have been using mostly the ERV and NIRV for this unit.

Lastly, several big events are coming up for our community in these last 8 days of school. I hope some of you will be able to join in on the celebration of all the hard work, creative thinking, passion, and talents our children put into learning about Canada this term. If I don’t see you at the Canada Fair, I hope to be able to connect with you during our Garry Point Year End Picnic! Summer is just around the corner.

Have a restful and blessed weekend! Please enjoy these photos from our time at the Richmond Nature Park, courtesy of our parent volunteers.

June 4

Field Trip Details and Class Updates

Thank you for paying special attention to helping our kids be ready for their VIP presentations! It has been extremely smooth and successful. So far, we have had several students memorize their poems, and have heard several testimonies of what God has done for those close to us.

Please pack a “bagged lunch” (something that is easy to eat without a table, and perhaps not too heavy to carry). We will be eating lunch at the Nature Park tomorrow before we begin our self-guided tour / scavenger hunt for SCIENCE IN ACTION! After lunch, each class will follow a different route through the trails at the park. The lighter students can travel, the more pleasant an experience it will be for them. They have been asked to leave “roller school bags” at school as with previous nature field trips.

The year is quickly coming to a close. To make time for our other school projects and experiences, there will not be anymore spelling work this year. Students’ spelling books will be sent home before the last day of classes, along with a few other items, to avoid a back-breaking trip home on the last day.

Next week, is known as “SWYK” week in 3N. There will be a number of assessments happening especially next week. I hope to keep homework at a minimum, but you can expect a few more study guides sent home.


May 13


Please see our latest newsletter for details.

Happy Mother’s Day!

Here are some photos of some past classroom activities for your viewing pleasure.

Kids “tunneling” into Bunce’s Duck Farm: A throwback to our end of Term 2 event: the Fantastic Mr. Fox Banquet!

Once inside, they had to work for Bunce in exchange for some of his goose liver donuts. He’d gotten a lot taller and skinnier since the book ended, but was just as nasty!

Burns Bog Field Trip

Our guide, Nicolai, was excellent: knowledgeable, fun, and hands (and noses) on!

A fallen tree that was still alive!

The Sunken Tractor at Burns Bog

May 2

Field Trip Details and More

Some reminders and clarifications for tomorrow’s trip to Burn’s Bog:

  • wear water resistant footwear.
  • dress in light layers, if possible. Students will be walking around through both warm and cool conditions.
  • “small” backpacks are OK. If a student doesn’t have a (non-luggage type) pack to bring, they may share with a friend.  The idea is to allow them to be agile for a forest adventure.
  • students will return in time for lunch at school, though they may miss some of lunch recess.

A 3N “Ultimatum”

  • a large number of students have still not yet handed in their completed First Peoples Books, or their Fantastic Mr. Fox “paper bag books.” These were both due before Easter. Because much class time has already been devoted to this work, and because we need students to be fully invested in the current curriculum, I have given the class an ultimatum: if they do not hand in both projects by Monday next week, they are likely to get a “1” this term on their report card work habits for “completing work on time.”
  • Could you please support your children with finding the time and resources they need to fulfill their responsibilities in this regard?


  • Yesterday, students filled out their sociograms to help us give them the best possible fit in grade 4 here at RCS. I look forward to praying over and planning this great puzzle piece with the team next week.

Volunteer Hours

  • Thank you for all the various ways and hours of support you already give to our little community.
  • If any of you are still looking for ways to fulfill hours this year, please let me know. I always have tasks that could use an extra hand around the classroom.

As always, your questions, comments, and presence is more than welcomed. Please call, drop by, or e-mail me about anything you’d like to discuss.

April 20

Running Low on Kleenex!

With spring comes pollen, and with pollen comes runny noses. If there are any families who would like to bring in 1-2 more boxes of tissue for the class, that would be much appreciated.

We also have some avid hockey fans in the class. They have been sharing one “class hockey stick” very well. However, this week the stick finally broke. If there are any families who have an extra kids’ hockey stick at home that they wouldn’t mind lending to the class, that would make some boys really happy.

Thank you for your flexibility for our nature walk this week. Here is a photo of our kids hard at work studying the wonders of nature that are hidden all around us.

Railway Nature Walk: learning about D I V E R S I T Y in our local ecosystems 

April 14

Updates for the Week

Starting this week, instead of having PE on Tuesdays, students will have Music. In other words, 3 music classes per week and only 2 PE classes this term. So, recorders need to be brought back to school on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. This is part of the normal rotation that happens throughout the year to even out the amount of time students in all classes spend on each subject.
Also, in order to help students and staff prepare for the evening musical, the library and computer lab will be closed after school on Thursday, April 18th. Please arrange to pick up your child at 2:45.
April 7

Welcome Back!

It has been a joyful reunion, and a full first week back, for everyone in 3N. Thank you for all your support in giving  gifts to the people at UGM. Below is a photo of what all 3 classes were able to do together:

Our class alone gave $15 out of their own pockets, which was matched (doubled) twice by anonymous donors. So for each child who gave $1 or $2 of their own money, they were able to see that toonie become $60 which provides almost 20 festive Easter meals for someone who wouldn’t otherwise be able to celebrate Easter with an abundance of freshly prepared food.

Here are some photos from our recent field trips for you to enjoy, along with the rest of your Sunday afternoons.

Q&A in the bunkers.

“They get the whole room to themselves??”

After men and women graduate from the drug recovery program, UGM provides some transitional housing.

3N: Part of the view from the top of UGM’s downtown location

VSO Field Trip

Mrs. Ng’s Visit with Adam

We were all also very grateful for Mrs. Hesmert, who gave an enthralling presentation on what life was like in the prairies when she was a kid. We learned some jaw dropping, eye-opening things!

Records from the Past – Hesmert Family Artifacts

And, of course, our most recent trip to the Burnbay Village Museum: a follow-up to Mrs. Hesmert’s presentation, and a lead in to our own grade 3 artifact gallery walk this Friday. The tram ride “dress up interviews” was a smash hit amongst our little ones.