Winter Wonderland

We had a wonderful first week back at school learning all about the wonders of winter.  We read many stories about winter and had numerous partner chats about winter.  Our room is beginning to be beautifully decorated with snowflakes, snowmen and other art that students created all to do with the theme of winter.  Come and have a look at our winter wonderland if you haven’t done so already! Make sure to have a look at the bulletin board by the office as it’s covered with Kindergarten Winter art!

A Garden of Learning

  • Students learned about winter this past week.  We read various winter stories including “Snowmen at Night”. We used our imaginations as we thought about what snowmen might do at night while we are sleeping. This was our inspiration for our artwork on display by the office.
  • We had lots of fun participating in a winter sport – ice-skating! We look forward to our next ice-skating experience on January 30th with the K2 class.
  • Students have enjoyed creating their own snowman at “Discovery Table”. I enjoy watching the students use their imaginations!
  • Please help your child to memorize their phone number.  During Term 1, I had the class find their spot with their names.  I will start having the class find their spot with their phone number so they will need to know theirs.  If you would like your child to memorize your cell phone number, please e-mail me so that I write the correct phone number on their card. Thank you to those who have already emailed me with the cell # you want your child to memorize.
  • In Math, we will be focusing on numbers 0-20 as well as beginning measurement. We used our snowman names to see who had the tallest and who had the shortest snowman. The class did such a great job of creating their snowman!
  • Our Bible lessons will begin with the life of Isaac, Rebekah and Jacob and follow with Joseph.  Please check the blog for our new memory verse.
  • We enjoyed wearing our PJ’s to school this past Friday and reading books in our Family Groups!


  • Please remember to return any home-reading booklets that you borrow from our  classroom.  Thank you.
  • Please remember to help your child memorize their phone number.  We will start finding our places with phone numbers beginning on January 22nd.
  • Scholastic orders for January are due on Monday.

Prayer requests

  • Please continually pray for students’ friendships and social connections.  This is such a huge year for social development.  Pray that students will have teachable and willing spirits to learn about each other and how to care for one another.
  • Pray for continued health in our classroom.


Happy New Year!

I hope you have had a lovely Christmas break and are ready to get back into the routine of school. I wanted to remind you that we will have a library class tomorrow so please help your child remember their library books in their library bag so that they are able to take out new books.

Permission forms will be emailed this week for our Ice-skating field trips coming up.  Please approve them as soon as possible.  We are looking forward to our first session of skating this Wednesday, January 10th.  Please remember to meet AT Minoru Arena at 9:15 AM.  We will skate from 9:30-10:30 and then return to school to resume our regular school day.  The arena has helmets and skates available for your child to wear.  Please note that there are bars available to help those who do not know how to skate or are just beginning.  If you would like to skate with your child, you are welcome to do so. Parents are not required to skate.

Please help your child to memorize their phone number.  During Term 1, I had the class find their spot with their names.  I will start having the class find their spot with their phone number so they will need to know theirs.  If you would like your child to memorize your cell phone number, please e-mail me so that I write the correct phone number on their card.  Thank you.

That’s it for now…I look forward to seeing you tomorrow!


Hope, Peace, Joy and Love

We continued to learn about Advent and the Birth of Jesus.  We lit all four candles (Hope, Peace, Joy and Love) for Advent.  We opened the rest of the boxes in “What God Wants for Christmas” and found out that what God wants is us. He wants us to know Him and Love Him.

The K1’s had a wonderful time celebrating Jesus’ birthday. We made ornaments, played Bingo and worked on our Bible booklets. Our Bible booklets help tell the story of Jesus’ birth. I encourage you to look at it with your child and see how much of the Bible story they can tell you.

Many thanks to those who were able to volunteer to either bring treats or help with the stations!

I wanted to say thank you to all of you for the lovely Christmas gifts and cards you gave me (Mrs. Lu and Mrs. Tam are thankful, too!). You are very kind, thoughtful and generous! I love teaching your children and am so grateful to all of you for your continued support and prayers. On behalf of Mrs. Lu, Mrs. Tam and myself, thank you!

Each child in the class received a coupon for Scholastics on the back of their Christmas card from us. I hope you were able to find it!

I want to wish all of you a very Merry Christmas! I pray that you will have a wonderful Christmas break and will find time to spend with your loved ones.  May you find God’s hope, peace, joy and love this Christmas season. I look forward to seeing you on January 8th, 2018!!


That night there were shepherds staying in the fields nearby, guarding their flocks of sheep. Suddenly, an angel of the Lord appeared among them, and the radiance of the Lord’s glory surrounded them. They were terrified, 10 but the angel reassured them. “Don’t be afraid!” he said. “I bring you good news that will bring great joy to all people. 11 The Savior—yes, the Messiah, the Lord—has been born today in Bethlehem, the city of David! 12 And you will recognize him by this sign: You will find a baby wrapped snugly in strips of cloth, lying in a manger.”

13 Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying,

14 “Glory to God in highest heaven,
    and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

15 When the angels had returned to heaven, the shepherds said to each other, “Let’s go to Bethlehem! Let’s see this thing that has happened, which the Lord has told us about.”

16 They hurried to the village and found Mary and Joseph. And there was the baby, lying in the manger.

Luke 2:8-16

Hope, Peace, Joy…

We have had a great week preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  We have been reading various stories that tell of the birth of Jesus and in devotions have been opening the boxes from “What God Wants for Christmas” to help us tell the story of the real meaning of Christmas.  So far, we have met Gabriel, Mary and Joseph.   The students are enjoying this special activity.


  • In Bible, we learned how the angel Gabriel gave important messages to Mary and Joseph.  We made angels out of our handprints and footprints.  These are on display in the hallway and they look beautiful!
  • On Wednesday, we had a wonderful time at the Richmond Art Gallery!  Many thanks to our parent helpers for volunteering to help us.  We were so excited to take the school bus!  I was so pleased with how the children behaved at the art gallery and their artwork that they created is beautiful!  They listened really well and learned some interesting things about the artwork at the Gallery. Thank you to Mr. Kho, for sharing the pictures he took!

  • The K1’s created a beautiful manger silhouette last week in Art. These are on display in our classroom on the bulletin board. Come and have a look!


  • Thank you to those who brought in gifts for the manger.  We were able to fill our box due to your generous donations!  Thank you for being a blessing to these babies and their Moms.
  • I am changing the date of our birthday party for Jesus to Thursday, December 14th. I am very grateful to those parents who have volunteered to help out on that morning and to those who are bringing some treats for the class.
  • The last day of school is December 15th. You are welcome to come to our Chapel that day at 8:35AM. It will be a regular FULL day of school that day.
  • Friday, December 15th will be festive dress-up day. Your child is welcome to come dressed up in red and green, or dressed like a Christmas tree or anything festive!

Christmas Time is Here!

Thank you to everyone who helped to make our Teddy Bear Picnic such a success!

We had a wonderful week last week celebrating the end of our unit on Bears with a Teddy Bear picnic.  The students were surprised to come into the classroom Wednesday morning to find their bears doing all sorts of different activities – playing games, drawing, writing on the white board!  Many thanks to those parents who brought in food or items for our picnic, those who were able to help set up for our picnic as well as those who helped us with our table stations in the morning.  We had great fun singing songs, playing games with our bears, making crafts and enjoying the delicious picnic lunch.

We will now be learning all about the birth of Jesus and Christmas.  We will be enjoying a variety of stories about Christmas.  To help the students learn about Jesus’ birth, I will be reading them the story of “What God Wants for Christmas”.  Each day, we will get to open a box that has in it one of the people who were involved in Jesus’ birth.  It’s one of my favourite things to do with my Kindies!


  • Please bring in your donations for “Gifts for the Manger” this week.  Please bring a new item that is suitable for a baby (cloths, bottles, diapers, clothes, baby wipes…).  Thank you for giving to those who are in need this Christmas.  Please place donations in the wrapped box beside our door.  Thank you!
  • We are going on our field trip to the Richmond Art Gallery this Wednesday, December 6th. If you have not approved the permission form that was sent through MSM, please do so as soon as possible. Thank you! A reminder that we will be taking the school bus to and from the Richmond Art Gallery.  I already have my parent volunteers. I will be emailing my parent volunteers with the information you will need to know for our field trip. Thank you so much!
  • Please have your child wear “smart casual or semi formal” clothing tomorrow for our matinée performance. Please remember that this performance is for those who were not able to get a ticket for our concert at the Chan Centre tomorrow evening. Thank you for your understanding.
  • I look forward to seeing you tomorrow evening at the Chan Centre. The Kindergarten teachers will be close by to ensure that you are able to get your ticket for your child as well as to show you the area you will be sitting in for the performance. We are very excited to present our songs and memory verse to you and to the glory of God!


  • For students and teachers to maintain good health so that we can enjoy learning about Christmas together!
  • For students and teachers to have sensitive hearts as God works within our school during this reflective season.
  • For the students and teachers as we prepare to perform at our Christmas concert.

Teddy Bear Picnic

We had a busy week learning about where bears live.  We learned that bears live in a cave or a den, some make their den inside a hollow log and some live in a snow cave.  The students researched in the bear books to find information about a bear’s home and then did a “gallery walk” to see the pictures that were found.  It’s great to watch the students become more confident in sharing the information with others!

A Garden of Learning

  • We have been watching the movie, “Knut”.  It is about a polar bear born at a zoo in Berlin.  The class is loving this movie!  We are also getting to see a polar bear family in the Arctic and two brown bear cubs learning to survive in the forest without their Mom.  It’s a fascinating movie and the students are learning all kinds of things about bears!
  • In Bible, we learned how God was faithful to Abraham and how He blessed Abraham.  We saw how God kept His promise to Abraham and gave him a son and how He tested Abraham. We know that we need to trust in God and follow His leading.
  • We worked on an art project that is on display in the hallway. Students created a bear using ripped pieces of paper and then created a habitat for it – snow, forest or den. They did a lovely job!  We will be doing some more fun art activities this week.


  • Thank you to everyone who has signed up for our Teddy Bear picnic!  Our Teddy Bear Picnic will be on Wednesday, November 29th.  It will be at the school.  We will start our morning with some bear activities and crafts.  Between recess and lunch, we will watch “The Teddy Bear Picnic” and then start our picnic lunch at 12:00.  Please bring the food you have signed up to bring to the classroom in the morning.  If it is something that needs to be in the fridge (i.e. sandwiches, fruit, veggies….) then please make sure you have labeled the container with your name and “Teddy Bear Picnic K1”. Place it in the fridge in the kitchen on the shelf that is labelled “K1 Teddy Bear Picnic”.  That way noone else will take the food and it will make it easy for my parent volunteers to identify which food to take to set up for the picnic. I still have some spaces that have been left empty.  Please sign up to contribute to our picnic.  Thank you and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask!
  • Students do NOT need to bring a lunch for Wednesday’s Teddy Bear Picnic.  We will be enjoying the food brought by parents.  Please send along a snack for your child in the morning.  Thank you!  If your child has allergies and you would prefer to send a lunch along with them, that is ok.
  • A new scholastic flyer came home last week.  Please have your order in by Friday, December 1st  so that there is enough time to place the order and have them delivered before the Christmas break.
  • Our field trip to the Richmond Art Gallery is on Wednesday, December 6th.  Thank you to the parents who have volunteered to help that day.  Due to space limitations, I can have only 3 helpers which I have.  Thank you!
  • The children are busy getting ready for our school’s Christmas concert on December 4th at the Chan Centre.  Please make sure to check the music blog so that you can help your child remember the words to the songs they will be singing.  We have been practicing almost every day! We are also working hard to remember our memory verse (Luke 2:13 & 14) along with the actions. See if your child can recite the verse with the actions to you.

Family Groups

On Friday, December 1st, we will be having our annual cookie decorating extravaganza for family groups.  Each child is asked to bring a half-cup of candy (chocolate chips, smarties, m&m’s, mini marshmallows…) to decorate gingerbread cookies.  Please NO NUTS.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!  Those who have allergies or are gluten-free, there will be special cookies provided for your child.

Gifts for the Manger

This year, our school is collecting baby articles for the VANCOUVER CRISIS PREGNANCY CENTRE.  The project is called “Gifts for the Manger”.  It is a wonderful project where students can bring in any baby -related item that is brand new and all items will be given to the Centre for needy Moms and babies.  Thank you for being a blessing in the lives of these Moms and their babies.  We will be collecting these items from November 27-December 8th.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. The box for collecting the items is in our classroom by our door.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the developing friendships and social connections of our students.  Pray that students will be thinking of others and developing greater empathy as they mature.
  • Pray for us as we get ready for the Christmas concert that we would remember our words and do our best to glorify God as we celebrate His coming into the world.



Goin’ On a Bear Hunt

We have been busy learning about and researching Bears.  The students are learning that they can look at pictures of bears and learn information about them.  Students worked together in groups looking through books to find out information about what bears look like.  The groups then shared what information they had found.  The class did really well with their ‘research’!  We are looking forward to learning about where bears live, what bears like to eat and about their life cycle in the next two weeks.  We will be starting a movie called “Knut” this week.  It is the true story of Knut, a polar bear that was born in captivity and survived.


  • Our Teddy Bear Picnic is on Wednesday, November 29th.  I emailed the sign-up sheet for food on sign-up genius. Thank you to those who have signed up already.  Please consider what you would like to contribute to our teddy bear picnic.  Please note that you only need to bring enough food for 10-12 people.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.  I do need a number of volunteers for that day so if you can spare some time, please email me. I have two time slots that I need two volunteers for – 9:00 – 10:15 and 11:30 – 1:00. Thank you for your generosity!
  • I will be sending home the scholastic flyers for December next week so that if you want to order Christmas gifts, you will have enough time to get your order in and have it delivered before the Christmas break.
  • Thank you for sending in your child’s teddy bear!  We are having lots of fun playing games with our bears, learning some bear songs and resting with our furry friends!

  • There is NO SCHOOL on Friday, November 24th.  It is a Professional Day for our school.
  • Earlier this week, you will have received an email notification to sign into your  myschoolmanagement account to consent to your child’s participation in our upcoming field trip to the Richmond Art Gallery.  If you’ve not yet done so, please have a look at your account.  If you have troubles accessing your account, please email the school office for assistance.  Thank you!
  • Please continue to help your child learn their songs and the memory verse for the Christmas Concert coming up on December 4th at the Chan Centre at UBC. This week, I will teach the students the actions for the memory verse to help them remember the words.


  • We learned about what a Bear looks like and this coming week we will look at bear habitats.
  • Students also learned about labeling.  We drew a picture of a bear and then labelled its different parts.  I was really pleased with how the class focused and really worked hard to sound out the words for the different parts of the bear.
  • In Math, we have begun to learn about sorting.  We continue to learn about numbers 0-10 and patterns.
  • We continue to work on printing the upper case letters in our printing booklets.  I am really pleased with how this class is really doing their best printing in these booklets!
  • We will have some new bear art starting to appear in our classroom and in the hallway.  Come and have a look to see what we are creating!
  • Students enjoyed working with our sight words at “Creation Station” this past week. They made the words with playdough or magnetic letters and had to write the word.

Prayer requests

  • As students have become more comfortable at school and with their peers, more social and emotional issues rise to the surface.  Pray for students and teachers to have soft, gentle hearts as we learn about each other and how to get along in a kind and thoughtful manner.
  • Please pray for continual good health and well-being for all members of our classroom.
  • Please pray for wisdom, keen observation and excellent time management as teachers prepare report cards over the next few weeks.  Thank you!

Peace Week


The K1 class spent much of the past week reading various books about peace and talking about what peace is.  We also read the book, “A Poppy is to Remember” and talked about why we wear poppies for Remembrance Day.  The children made poppy crosses, worked in partners to draw pictures about peace on a peace poppy and made poppy prints using cotton balls.  We pray for peace everywhere.

This coming week, we will begin our research on the topic of Bears.  We look forward to learning about these amazing creatures that God created! We will focus on 3 different factors in a bear’s life including: its appearance, habitat and food.  Also, we will learn about how bears are a symbol to first nations people here in Canada.

In our writing, some students are eager to try to sound out the whole word! Some are learning to hear the first sound in the word and write down the corresponding letter. In Kindergarten, I do not worry about the correct spelling of words.  I just want them to try to write down words the best they can and not worry how it’s spelled.

In Math, we have learned the poems for the numbers 0-7.  We will finish our math booklets soon and then will continue with sorting and other number work.

In Bible, we will begin learning about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac this week.  Please note the new memory verse for this month.

Our Christmas concert is coming up on December 4th. For the concert, the Kindies have been learning two songs in their Music classes with Mrs. Kinniston. We will be practicing these songs with our students as well to help them learn the words. We are also teaching our students a memory verse for the concert. It is:

Luke 2:13-14

“Suddenly, the angel was joined by a vast host of others—the armies of heaven—praising God and saying, “Glory to God in highest heaven, and peace on earth to those with whom God is pleased.”

Please help your child to learn this verse by practicing it with them at home. I will be introducing it to the class tomorrow.


We have a lovely family of teddy bears at school! The children have enjoyed resting with their bears, singing with them and reading with them as well.

I will be posting the sign-up for the Teddy Bear Picnic this week.  Please have a look and sign up for what you would like to contribute to this event.  I will also need at least 2 parent volunteers to help with this event.  Please sign up on the list this week.  Thank you for your willingness to help!  I really appreciate it!

My prize box for home reading is starting to have fewer prizes as more and more students collect their prizes for reading 10 books!  If you have any small toys (i.e. McDonald’s happy meal toys…) that are just sitting around and collecting dust and you need a place to donate them…my prize box would be happy to accept! Thank you!

Students are already practicing their Christmas Concert Content.  Please remember to check the elementary music blog for songs and lyrics.


  • Please pray for our continued health!  It’s difficult to keep so many bodies healthy and germs at bay.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
  • Pray for students to have eager minds as they learn how to learn in our 21st century.
  • Praise item – I am noticing the children trying very hard to help each other make good choices and be peacemakers in our classroom.  It is wonderful to see these skills developing!




Bears, Bears, Bears!

We are beginning a new month and with that comes a new theme of “Beautiful Bears”!  We will learn about real bears and enjoy many fun activities with our own teddy bears!  Each child should bring a stuffed bear to keep at school for the month – try to bring one that won’t be too dearly missed for a little while.  As we study these beautiful creatures God created, we will learn about their habitat, food and life cycle.  We look forward to enjoying many fiction bear characters as well.  The theme will finish with our annual Teddy Bear’s Picnic featuring songs, games, stories, activities and lunch.  This will happen on Wednesday, November 29th.  Watch for a food sign-up for the picnic later this month.

Black Bear


  • We finished our unit on Pumpkins this past week.  Students had the opportunity to talk about what they have learned and I was so pleased with what they came up with! Some of the things they shared  were: “I learned that pumpkins have seeds.  I learned that pumpkins have pulp. I learned that pumpkins can be big or small. I learned about the pumpkin life cycle…” and many more!
  • In Math, we continue to work on printing and recognizing numbers. This month we will be working on our sorting skills in addition to numbers and patterns.
  • Students continue to work on the “Frog-Jump” Letters.  We are concentrating on the capital letters. We will be starting spelling during our chalk talk time where I say a word and the students need to write down the first letter of the word (or the whole word if they are able to).  I am encouraging students to try writing down their thoughts and ideas by sounding out words and writing the letters they hear.  I am reminding them that all they have to do is try.
  • In Bible, we will begin learning about Abraham, Sarah and Isaac.  Please note the new memory verse for this month. We will also be focusing on Peace and Remembrance Day this coming week with various stories and art projects.
  • This past Friday, we had Family Groups.  We looked fantastic dressed up as various super heroes and enjoyed playing Jesus Bingo using various descriptive words for who Jesus is. The Kindies had a great time!
  • I enjoyed meeting with all of you for parent-teacher conferences this past week.  I am blessed by your words of encouragement and by the progress your child is making in Kindergarten.


  • THANK YOU to those who donated books to our classroom library from the book fair.  You were very generous and gave our classroom some lovely books!  I really appreciate it and so do the children!! We will enjoy reading the books throughout the year.
  • Scholastic orders are due November 10th.
  • Thank you to parents for helping to keep our students healthy by keeping your child at home when he/she is sick.  Please remind your child to wash their hands when they come to school in the morning.  Thank you!
  • Bring your teddy bear to school this week!
  • There will be NO SCHOOL on Monday, November 13th due to Remembrance Day.
  • It was good to hear that Home Reading is going well. Don’t forget to have your child hand in their reading sheet once they have read 10 books. They will get to pick a prize from my prize box! There are new sheets available beside the “I Am Sam” buckets.

Prayer requests

  • For continued health and wellbeing.
  • Praise for good parent-teacher conferences!  I’m so grateful that I work at this school where families are so eager and willing to work together to support and educate the next generation.

A Garden of Learning

  • The K1’s had lots of fun making pumpkin cookies on Friday!  The class enjoyed helping me bake the cookies and I was so proud of everyone for how well they listened and for being willing to try something new!  I sent home the recipe on Friday with your child so if you would like to try making them at home, you can!
  • I read the class the book “Pumpkin Patch Parable” and we learned how Jesus is the light shining inside of us, just like a carved pumpkin has a light shining within it.  We talked about ways we can let Jesus’ light shine and then we carved a pumpkin.  Students enjoyed seeing our pumpkin shine it’s light!
  • We will be finishing our unit on Pumpkins in the next few days and then will begin a unit on Bears.  I would like each child to bring a teddy bear to class for this unit.  It needs to be a bear that can stay at school until the end of the month so please don’t send your child’s favourite teddy bear that they have to sleep with at night.  Teddy Bears will be needed for the week of November 6th.
  • We finished our study of Noah this past week.  Students made beautiful artwork hanging from our ceiling.  They are our promise rainbows to help us remember that God keeps His promises.  Come and have a look! We will start learning about Abraham this next month.
  • We had a lockdown drill practice this past week at school. It is important that our students know what to do in case of a lockdown. The Kindies were excellent at following directions and staying quiet. We pray for safety for our school!


  • Book Fair is this week! Come and have a look through the displays from Scholastic, Usborne and Pilgrim Book and Bible.
  • Parent-Teacher conferences are this Wednesday & Thursday.  I hope everyone has signed up for a meeting time with me. I am looking forward to having the chance to sit down with you and chat about how your child is doing in Kindergarten.
  • There will be NO SCHOOL this Thursday, November 2nd due to Parent-Teacher conferences.
  • This coming Friday, we will have Family Groups.  It is Super Hero day so students are encouraged to dress up as a super hero (ex. fireman, police officer, doctor, nurse, princess, spiderman, batman…)
  • Halloween is on Tuesday.  At our school, we do not celebrate this day in any way as it is up to your family to choose how you approach this day with your children.  Please do not dress up in costumes or send treats for this day.  Thank you!
  • Photo retakes will happen on Tuesday, Nov 7.
  • We started our home reading program this past week. Once your child has read a book, please return it to the buckets beside the mailboxes.  Please take the next 2 or 3 books, depending on your child’s needs.  Record the books that your child reads on the tracking sheets in their home reading folder.  Once your child has read 10 books, bring your child’s reading sheet to my blue basket (beside my desk) and they will get to pick a prize from my prize box.  For every 10 books they read, they get a prize.
  • Please remember that it is your responsibility to return the book after your child has read it and take out the next book for your child.  You may take out 2 or 3 books at a time if you feel your child can read them quite quickly.  Please remember to return the books after your child has finished reading them!  Thank you and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to come and see me!  Please come and talk to me if your child needs something more challenging!

Prayer requests

  • For good time management, keen insight and godly wisdom as teachers prepare to meet with you about how your child is transitioning to this school year.
  • For healthy bodies as cold and flu season is approaching.
  • That we would show love and care to one another and make good choices in what we say and do.