What a Wonderful World

We made it through our first week of full day Kindergarten! The children did so well! We had a wonderful week continuing to explore God’s world He created and learning more about each other.

A “Garden” of Learning

  • In Bible, we have been learning a poem to help us remember what God created on what day.  We are continuing to work in our Creation booklets and will finish them this week.
  • In Math, we will be learning about shapes and that God created our world using different shapes.  We will have lots of fun going on shape hunts in our classroom and working on our shape poster as well as drawing shapes into various things.
  • We continue to work on our “Colour Monsters” booklets.  We love reading this book!  We are getting much better at using our reading fingers to follow along in the book!  This week we will read our books to each other in partners.
  • We will be going on a colour hunt outside sometime this week to observe the beauty of God’s creation.
  • Students went on a magazine colour hunt and created lovely posters using the pictures they found of specific colours.  These are on display in our classroom.

  • We continue to learn about the basic routines of Kindergarten and about what it means to be a good friend.  We will be reading the story “Mean Jean, the Recess Queen” and talking about how to be a good friend in the classroom as well as outside on the playground.  I encourage you to talk with your child about what to do if someone is doing something “mean” or something that they don’t like.  We talk a lot about using our words, not our hands; getting help from a supervisor; and walking away from the person who is doing something unkind or inappropriate.  We read a wonderful book this past week at school called “Talk and Work it Out”.  It teaches the children how to resolve conflicts using their words. See if your child can tell you the four steps.
  • We had lots of fun experiencing our first table stations. The students did so well with learning this new routine! One of the stations was “Creation Station” where the students were able to explore with various loose parts and playdough and create something. Here are some pictures from “Creation Station”.


  • Scholastic orders have arrived and will be sent home tomorrow.
  • Permission forms for our field trip to Westham Island Herb Farm will be sent electronically this year.  You will need to read the form, and check whether you give your consent or not for your child to attend the field trip.
  • Remember to check your calendar for when your child is the “Good and Faithful Servant”.  Don’t forget to help your child to choose one item to bring for sharing!
  • I will be emailing you the calendar for October this week.  If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to email me.
  • Thank you for sending a library bag along with your child this past week.  Don’t forget that our library day is on Monday.  In order for your child to take out two new books, they must return their old library books. We will get to check out two books from the Library tomorrow.
  • Thank you for informing me and the office when your child is absent.  Please remember to email myself and Mrs. Teodoro at the office if you know your child is going to be away.  Also, if your child arrives to class later than 8:30 AM, please pick up a late slip from the office so that you will not be contacted regarding their supposed absence.  Thanks!
  • Full-time kindergarten is a very long day for your child.  Please make sure he/she gets maximum sleep in the evenings to promote focus, energy and learning each day.  Ten to twelve hours of sleep is appropriate for kindergarten children.
Prayer requests
  • Praise item – students are continually working towards learning classroom routines and expectations.  They are doing so well with following directions and listening!
  • Praise item – I was very impressed with the students’ excellent listening and compliance when practicing emergency drills.  I hope they keep up the great progress and pray we do not have any opportunities to use these precautionary drills.
  • Pray for the continual learning of routines and expectations.  This enables all students to learn and get along together in a classroom.

God Made Me…

What a wonderful week of Kindergarten! The children are doing so well learning the routines and expectations of being at school. We are excited to start full-day Kindergarten this week! Please ensure that your child is getting a good night’s rest to help with energy and focus during the day. Thank you!

A Garden of Learning

  • Students completed their “God Made Me” booklets and did a wonderful job! It was fun to see their drawings of the things they like. You are welcome to have a look at these booklets. They will be hanging underneath the whiteboard at the front of our classroom.
  • The school had their very first fire drill practice this past Friday and I was very proud of the Kindies and how they followed the directions so well. They were very quiet! We enjoyed reading “Miss Mingo and the Fire Drill” to help us prepare.
  • We listened to “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and made our own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees with the letters of our first name climbing up the tree. These are on display on the bulletin board in the hallway outside our classroom. The class did very well finding the letters and helping their friends to find letters as well!
  • The Kindies enjoyed their new classes – Music with Mrs. Kinniston; Art with Mrs. Schneck and Gym with Mrs. Faszer. They did very well moving from class to class.
  • I read the story “Fox Makes Friends” and then we practiced ways to make a new friend. We then “made” a friend using various items from our classroom. Here is a picture of what we came up with: 


  • Please make sure your child has extra clothing in a shoe box as well as a small towel for rest time.
  • We will be having lunch at school this week! Please ensure to pack something you know your child will enjoy eating. If you are dropping off your child’s lunch at school, please remember to bring it to the K1 box on the white shelves outside the office. We will be starting lunch around 12:05. Thank you.
  • A reminder that we will be using headphones at school so if you have not brought in some for your child, please do so this week. The headphones need to be put into a ziploc bag with your child’s name on it. Thanks.
  • We look forward to our first Family Group meeting this Friday. Family Groups meet throughout the school year and do a variety of fun activities. The group is made up of students from Kindergarten to Grade Five. It is a great way for students to get to know others in the school and other teachers.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the continual learning of routines and expectations.  This enables all students to learn and get along together in a classroom.
  • Pray for us as we go through our first week of full-day Kindergarten.

Love and Care for Each Other

Well…we made it through our first week of school!  I was very proud of my class and how hard they worked and played!  We are learning a lot of the routines of Kindergarten and what it means to be a student in school.  We are working hard on raising our hand when we want to speak and waiting patiently for our turn to do so.  The class is getting to know each other better and we are learning how to make new friends!  We are also learning about what it means to be a good friend, and how to show “love and care for each other” (class norm #1).  The class met Adam, the Alligator.  Adam (the alligator) helps us with clean-up after center time.  This week students will get to meet Howard the bunny.  He is the “Star Listener” bunny who sits with any student who is being a “Star Listener”.  The class loves Adam and they are learning how to clean up really well with Adam’s help!

A Garden of Learning

  • We will be learning about how God made each of us different and unique.  We will be working in our God Created Me booklets to show some of the ways that we are unique.  I look forward to learning more about your child through this booklet!
  • Much of this past week has been spent learning the routines of Kindergarten.  Your child is learning and I am so proud of them!
  • I love how your children play outside together!  They are doing very well with going outside during morning recess, playing with each other and other Kindergarten friends and then lining up when the bell rings!  Please encourage your child to keep up the great work!


  • Thank you for returning all the medical forms!
  • Thank you for helping to make our morning routine go smoothly.  The children are remembering to wash their hands and put their water bottle on their table!  This is wonderful!  Please remember to stay and read with your child (if you are able to) for Noisy Reading.  Thank you!
  • I want to thank you for your patience with me at the end of the day when I am dismissing students.  I am still working on remembering who belongs to who (it takes me some time) and I really appreciate your patience and understanding.  That being said, if you have a question you need to ask me, please come into my classroom and wait in the area by my desk while I finish dismissing the rest of the class.   The end of the day can be quite busy and chaotic and I would like to give you my full attention.  I really appreciate your understanding.
  • Scholastic orders are due this Friday. If you would like to order any books for your child, please fill out the order form and return to me. You can choose to pay online (instructions are on the scholastic flyer) or pay with a cheque made out to Scholastic and give it to me with your child’s order. Thank you!
  • Meet the Teacher is this coming Tuesday, September 12th at 7PM. Come and hear about the Kindergarten program and routines. I will have a handout for you. Please remember to find childcare for your child(ren). Thank you so much! If you are not able to make it that evening, please let me know and I will send home a handout with your child.
  • Student photos will be taken this Wednesday, September 13th. A notice came home with your child on Friday.
  • Thank you for sending such delicious, healthy snacks for your child! Please ensure your child is getting a good night’s sleep so that they are able to learn, play and have fun in Kindergarten.
  • During the orientation sessions at the beginning of the week, I told some of you that Kindergarten children did not need to purchase headphones for the computer lab. I made a mistake and I apologize for that. The Kindergarten students will need a set of headphones for the school year as we will be using iPads in our classroom as one of our literacy stations. Please bring your money/cheque and the order form to the office if you need to purchase them. If you already have a set of headphones, you are not required to buy them through the office. Please send the headphones in a ziploc bag with your child’s name on it. Thank you for your understanding and once again, I apologize for the confusion.

Welcome to Kinder”garden”!

Welcome to a new and very special year.  I am very excited to be your child’s teacher this year in Kindergarten.  I am looking forward to learning and growing with your children.  It has been a wonderful start to the school year and I want to thank you for coming to orientation this week.  It is a wonderful opportunity to meet your child in a small group setting and get to know them a little bit better. This blog will give you lots of information about what we are learning about in school, special events that are happening in our classroom as well as at the school.  If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me either through e-mail or make an appointment with me for after school.  Communication is very important and I want you to feel that you can come and talk with me about any questions or concerns.


  • Please make sure your child has indoor shoes (running shoes appropriate for gym)
  • Please send in extra clothes in a shoe box with your child’s name on it – these are meant to stay at school
  • Please make sure your child has a small towel in a bag with their name on it for rest time.
  • Please return all the required documentation (emergency release and medical ID forms) as soon as possible
  • Please remember to log into your account on MySchoolManagement (MSM) as soon as possible to fill in the other required forms
  • Library day is on Mondays.  Your child needs to have a library bag with their name on it to be able to check out books.  Please note that we will NOT be checking out books until September 25th.
  • Given that the Kindergarten students are not dismissed until 12:30 for the first full week of school, please send along a few snacks with your child so that, if needed, they can eat something if they get really hungry before they go home. Some great snack ideas are: yogurt, cheese and crackers, cut up fruit, veggies, muffins…anything that is easy for your child to eat and something you know they enjoy eating.


Student photos will be taken on Wednesday, September 13th.

Any notices or notes you need to give me, please put them in the blue basket on top of the white shelves beside my desk. Thank you!

Please read the following message from Mrs. Schneck regarding lunches:

Lunch Drop Off Change:

If your child’s lunch is brought to school by a parent, grandparent, or other person during the morning, the NEW drop off is located in the school foyer next to the gym doors.

Please locate the box labeled with your child’s class name and place inside.  Please, do not take lunches to the classroom.

This allows our students to work undisturbed in the classrooms and hallways and helps our front office staff to keep track of who is entering and leaving the building.


On the September Calendar you will see a different child’s name on each day.  That is who the “Good and Faithful Helper” is for that day.  Don’t forget to have your child bring sharing on their day! Their sharing should be in a bag so that others cannot see what it is.  Help your child come up with 3 clues about what their sharing is (eg. What colour is it? What shape is it?  What is it made out of? What is it used for?). Please place your child’s sharing under or beside the red chair which is where the “good and faithful helper” sits.  Thank you!


In the mornings, please line up outside the side door of our classroom (on the pavement, not the grass) by the wall.  I will come at 8:20 when the bell rings to open the side door and let you into the school. If you arrive after the 8:30 bell, you will need to enter the school through the main doors and stop by the office to get a late slip.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Please be patient with me at the end of the day as I learn which parent belongs to which child.  I promise I will know by the end of the year!! 🙂  I look forward to getting to know you and your wonderful children this year!  Please remember to email me if you have any questions or feel free to meet with me after school.  Blessings!


Over the next couple of weeks, we will be practicing what to do in case of an emergency. It is important for the children to know what to do in case of a fire, earthquake or lockdown.  This is for their safety.  Your child may have some questions or feel anxious about these drills when they come home.  It is a great opportunity for you to share what your home plan is in case of a fire or earthquake and to reassure them that these practices are important so that everyone knows what to do and can stay safe. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.