June 6

SPORTS DAY: is tomorrow!  Please pray for dry weather so that we can enjoy all our activities outside.  For tomorrow, your child is welcome to dress up in their team colour, as well as face paint, hair spray, tattooes, etc.  Have fun dressing up for their team!

Some things to note:
-dress your child for the weather
-bring a labelled water bottle (no backpacks)
-school will provide pizza for recess snack

Home reading and library books: please take a look around at home and return all home reading or library books to school.  Thank you!

Library bag: please send library bags to school as we will be using them to bring home school work, beginning next week.

Year End Celebration: if you have ordered pizza for our year end celebration, I will collect the money and pass it on to our parent volunteers.  Please send in the money as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Core Competency Self-Assessment: next Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a self-assessment they completed.  Please take some time to talk with them about what they have learned this year.

As part of the BC curriculum, four facets within its core competencies were highlighted since the start of your child’s school year.  As part of our class rules, students were expected to learn to be problem solvers (social responsibility), communicators (communication), reflective thinkers (personal awareness and responsibility) and caring (social responsibility).   These learning attributes can help your child succeed in the 21st century.   

In May and June, we unpacked these core competencies and asked the students to reflect and choose two that describes them.  They were also asked to decide on one that they wish to improve on.  The artifact that you see is their self-reflection of the kind of learner that they believe they are at this point and no doubt may change as they grow.   Hopefully, this will begin a dialogue that you will continue to have with your child in helping him/her become a life-long learner. 

To get more information on the core competencies of the new BC curriculum, go tohttps://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies 


May 30

Carnival – a reminder that tomorrow (Friday) will be an early dismissal at 2PM.  Please pick up your child at 2PM and we hope to see you at the Secondary Campus as we all enjoy the Carnival.

Home Reading – we will be concluding our Home Reading program next Thursday, June 6.  Please return all home reading books/booklets by that date.  In its place, students are welcome to bring in a favourite picture book, labelled with their name.  We will keep them in a separate basket and students can enjoy reading books from each other.  We will take the books home on Friday and refresh the basket each week. 

Library – our last library class was this past Tuesday.  The library will be closed for inventory taking after May 31 and all books should be returned by Thursday, June 6. 

Words Their Way – this was our last week to do Words Their Way activities. We will continue to do be working on various literacy activities and games in it’s place.

Math – we have started a new unit on 2D and 3D shapes.  I hope to integrate math and art together by building a robot using cardboard boxes and paper mache.  We will be designing and constructing our robots beginning next week! 

Year End Celebration – please remember to respond to the Year End Celebration email about pizza ordering, potluck sign-up, walking with the class or meeting us there. Keep in mind that this date also coincides with the school’s Munch-a-lunch program and that we will be bringing the lunch that you had ordered to the picnic as well.  If you have ordered pizza, I can collect the money and hand it over to our parent coordinators.  Looking forward to our last field trip!


May 17

Victoria Day – there will be no school on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend with your families!

Words Their Way – we will be taking a break from Words Their Way due to the short week.

Bring a Book – some students have asked to bring a book from home to read.  What a great idea to bolster our class reading choices!  I’ve told our students that every Monday they can bring a book from home, labelled withe their name.  We will keep them in a separate basket and students can enjoy reading books from each other.  We will take the books home on Friday and refresh the basket each week.

Light & Sound – we have started experimenting with light and sound to investigate its properties and how we can change them.  This past week, we experimented with light and how to manipulate its brightness.  Next week, we will continue experimenting with flashlights and kazoos.  As these experiments involve basic household materials, you could ask your child to demonstrate it to you at home!

Math – we will be starting a new unit on 2D and 3D shapes on the last week of May.  I hope to integrate math and art together by building a robot using cardboard boxes and paper mache.  We have a good collection of boxes already, but I would love your help in collecting some newspapers.  The large sheets of black and white newsprint work best, as flyer paper is usually too waxy for paper mache.  We will start collecting during the last week of May.  Thank you!

May 8

Mother’s day tea: is this Friday at 1:30-2:30PM.  Students are preparing for this wonderful event all week, as we plan and create decorations as a class.  We are excited to host our mom’s for an afternoon of fun!  Our hope is to spend quality time together that afternoon folding origami, painting a mural, playing games and enjoying some snacks together.  Please dress casually and comfortably so you will be able to enjoy all our activities!

Toilet paper rolls: please help us collect some toilet paper rolls in preparation for our sound experiments later this month.  Students can start bringing these in any time.  Thank you.

Clothing: thank you for adjusting your child’s wardrobe for the warmer weather.  It has been great to see them wearing t-shirts and learning to cool themselves down by taking off long sleeves.

June field trip: a tentative date for a year end grade one field trip has been set for Friday, June 14.  Please keep this date in mind as it will be a fun, celebratory event for all 3 grade one classes.  Parent volunteers are welcome and needed!  More information to come.

April 26: Super kindness

Mother’s day tea: is happening on Friday, May 1oth at 1:30-2:30PM.  Please save the date, more information to come!

Math: we will be finishing up our unit on money by buying and selling things at our class grocery store.  This week students will write up a receipt using their math skills to demonstrate their addition skills.

Sociograms: as we begin looking forward to the next school year, grade 2 class placements are on our minds.  On Wednesday, students will be completing a sociogram to let teachers know who they enjoy playing and learning with.  We will use this information to inform our class placement decisions, along with balancing academic, behavioural and other needs.  Please help your child to remember that this a private process and should not be discussed with others.

Watches: this week we have had a little problem with watches in our class.  Some students have been wearing fun watches to school that are very attractive to their classmates.  They have become a bit of a distraction during class time.  I have been taking watches away during class time and giving them back during play time.  However, this is becoming a management issue, so I would like to ask parents for your assistance in keeping these time devices at home.  Thank you.

Superhero power of kindness: we are reading a book called “What Should Danny Do?”.  It is a choose-your-own-adventure book where students get to pick what Danny does throughout the course of his school day.  Each decision leads to a different outcome.  Throughout the book, Danny has the choice to use his superhero power of kindness or not.  Next week we will be talking about our own superhero power of kindness and what that would look like during class time and play time.  On Wednesday, please send a pillowcase to school with your child.  (Please don’t tell them why they’re bringing it. I will tell them on Tuesday afternoon that we all need a pillowcase for a project on Wednesday. We will be using them as superhero capes!)  Thank you.

April 18

Happy Easter everyone!  May you have a meaningful and thankful celebration this weekend with our families.

No school: a reminder that there is no school on Friday, April 19 or Monday, April 22.

Grandparents day: is coming up on Wednesday, April 24th.  We are very excited to showcase what grade 1 looks like to our grand-friends.  Students will be conducting a short interview of their grand-friend, serving them cookies and doing some grade 1 activities with them.  Afterwards, there is a short music program in the gym for grandparents to watch.  It promises to be a wonderful morning!

Spring: as we move into spring, please consider the changing weather as you help your child get dressed in the mornings.  Layers are an excellent way to help them stay warm during the cool mornings and still be able to take off a long sleeve in the warm afternoons.  It may be a good idea to talk to your child about what their body might feel like when it gets warm (e.g. sweating, panting, thirsty, hot, faces are red, etc.) and to know that these are the signals their body is giving them to take off some layers.

Extra clothes: please remember to refill your child’s extra clothes box during this wet and rainy season.

April 5

iCare for our classroom: our class is really getting the idea of caring for our room.  Everyday at the end of class, students are busily cleaning, tidying and sorting our classroom space to make it spotless for the next day.  I hope you see the fruits of this labour at home as well!

iCare for the World: today we started learning about International China Concern (ICC).  Today we watched a video that introduced this organization and what good works they do in China to help abandoned children.  Throughout next week, we will be doing other activities that help us learn more about the children in China and what we can do to help.  Students brought home a donation envelope today, along with information about ICC.  Please take some time to look through this together and to set up an online donation account (if you wish).  On Monday, our class will be brainstorming ways to that they can “donate” to ICC by sacrificing something personally, such as doing extra chores to earn money or being brave to tell someone about ICC.

Bible: we began learning about Jesus’ ministry on earth through the miracles he performed.  As we read from the Bible and create a Miracle booklet to retell the stories, students learn that Jesus’ life on earth was a life of service.  We are also learning how we can serve each other in small and big ways, such as speaking in kind voices and using kind words, and doing small jobs such as picking up garbage and pushing in chairs.

Math: we started a new math unit on money!  This week we learned the different names and value of Canadian coins, and will be using that knowledge with our addition and subtraction skills next week.  We will have a class store, and students will act as shopkeepers and customers to buy and sell items to practice their skills in real life situations.

Grandparents day: is coming up on Wednesday, April 24th, from 8:45-11AM.  Invitations will be coming home next week.  If grandparents are not able to make this occasion, a grand-friend can come in their place.

Mother’s day tea: we will be holding our Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10 from 1:30-2:45.  It would be wonderful if you can take time out to join us that day.  This is a special time for you and your child, so please find alternate arrangements for younger siblings.  More information regarding Mother’s Day Tea to come.  

April 1: Welcome back

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, restful 2 weeks with your family!  It was lovely to see all their cheerful, excited faces as they came back to school this morning.  For term 3, we will be trying something new for Special Friend, prayer time and classroom clean up.

Special Friend: we will continue to have a special friend each day, however, there will be no show-and-tell portion.  Instead, the special friend will be in charge of writing our morning message and each day our class will pray for them.  It has also been on my heart to find time to spend with each child, to get to know them better.  So each day at lunch, I will be chatting with the special friend and praying for them.

Prayer time: this month we will be using a devotion book called “What Happens When I Talk to God?”.  As we go through the lessons in this book, we will be doing different prayer activities each day to help us develop our prayer lives: prayer circles, prayer journals, prayer partners and praying for the world.  I hope to instill in our class an understanding of how prayer is vital to our lives and to practice different ways of talking to God.

iCare for Our Classroom: as we learn about this month’s theme of Easter, we will be focusing on Jesus’ life of service on earth.  We will also learn about how we can serve others.  Today we began by watching a video about Japanese students who clean their own classrooms everyday as an act of service and care.  Then we created an “iCare for Our Classroom” wall with class jobs that we will do each day to show care for our room.  Students were very excited to use spray bottles and mini-dustpans as they scoured the room for garbage and dirt!  By cleaning our classroom together this teaches us to show care for what God has blessed us with and to cooperate with one another.

March 8

Writing: our class is enjoying writing stories that show our creative sides.  This week we drew and painted a picture and wrote a story about it.  Look for it to be displayed on our bulletin boards soon!

Math: next week we will continue working on subtraction and addition sentences, working with numbers up to 10.  We will be practicing our math facts in partner activities and group games to help us practice joining in with the group plan and collaborating with one another.

Library: a reminder that the library will be closed after school on Friday, March 15th.  Also, if you are going travelling over the break and come across a library, please take a photo of your children in front of it! If you are staying local and visit the library, we would also love to see those photos. Also, if you read together as a family, those photos are welcome as well. We just love to see our community reading and enjoying libraries! Email all photos to Ms. Huber.


Message from Mr. Paul: 

On Monday, March 11th from 7:00 – 8:00 pm, there will be an important meeting for Grade One parents during which we will share information regarding the Accelerated Reading Program (AR).  

All Grade One students will begin AR when they return from Spring Break. Prior to your child participating in this program, we would like to meet with you to share information about the purpose and philosophy of the program; the details regarding when and where the program takes place; as well as a tour of how the program works. If you are a parent with an older child who has already participated in the AR program, you will find new information presented at this meeting and we encourage you to attend. 

We look forward to seeing you for this important information evening. Please come to the Elementary Campus library on March 11th at 7pm. Please note that childcare will not be available. 

March 1: Hurray for chapel!

It was wonderful to see so many of you out this morning to watch your child’s chapel performance.  They had a fantastic time presenting to the school and sharing what they have learned!  You won’t believe it from their performance but a lot of them were nervous beforehand.  We had a good chat before going to gym and some friends prayed for peace and calmness as we went to present.  Chat with your child about how they felt before, during and after the performance.  Congratulate them on what an amazing job they did!

Snacks: please have a chat with your child about their snack.  Some students have been feeling hungry even after finishing snack.  They have grown a lot since September so they may need a bit more food at breakfast or recess snack to fuel their brains and bodies.  Good snack ideas that are quick, easy and filling include fruit, cheese, yogurt, crackers, etc.

Chapel on March 8th: our chapel theme for term 3 will be “Incredible Companion” so students are welcome to bring to school their special friend who has been with them through thick and thin, also known as their favourite stuffy! We will have our annual stuffy toss at the end of chapel.

Math: we will continue to work on addition and subtraction skills, using various math tools and strategies to visualize our learning (stuffies, unifix cubes, whiteboards, number lines, 10 frames, 100 charts)