September 21

Today the class had fun dressing up as a Super Hero and learning about the super hero that Terry Fox is. The perseverance he had to run across Canada with one leg amputated due to cancer in order to raise money for cancer research was phenomenal. Thank you for the donations you brought in today for the Terry Fox Foundation.

This week, we started our printing program called Handwriting Without Tears.  We reviewed the capital letters that the students were exposed to last year as well as the correct way to hold a pencil.  Each student practiced printing in their own exercise book after we went over the correct stroke order as a class, beginning at the top. Our focus with printing this year is neatness. Is your child printing the letters in the appropriate spots on the lines? We talk about ground, grass, sky to refer to the three possible lines a letter could be touching (capitals sit between the grass and the sky – the middle and top lines –  whereas some lowercase letters might begin on the grass – the middle line – and go into the ground – the line below).

We also focused on the short e sound this week and students wrote out simple sentences with ‘e’ that I dictated. They are getting better at starting their sentences with a capital letter, putting spaces in between their words, writing on the proper spots on the line, and including a period at the end.

If your child needs more practice with the letter sounds (for example a, e, i, o, u) – you can go to YouTube and type in “Letter i song” and select the one by “Have Fun Teaching.” You can also have your child work on Starfall – see the link on the right side of the blog. If you click on ABCs, you can listen to different letter songs/ lessons, or you can click on “Learn to Read” and there are fun, interactive stories for your child to listen to/ read and click on, as well as matching activities and short videos on sound blends (th, wh, ch, sh).

We have been continuing with Reading Power – making connections, and ‘reading to self.’ Students are encouraged to find ‘good fit’ books – books that interest them, and contain mostly words that they know – when reading to self. They know that they can either 1) read the pictures 2) read the words or 3) retell the story in their own words. See if your child can tell you how to find a ‘good fit’ book.

In Math, we asked the students to create and extend patterns with 3 or 4 elements and record them onto paper. Students made rhythmic patterns by clapping, stomping, snapping etc. Ask your child if he/she can demonstrate this to you. We identified patterns that had errors and corrected them. We also learned about growing patterns. We practiced some questions from the ‘IXL math’ website (see link on the side). We also started to expose students to word problems.  We discussed how it is useful to re-read the question to ensure that we understand the question.  Then we need to plan a strategy for solving the problem. Once we have shown how we solved the problem, we need to check our work to make sure we have not made any mistakes. We have continued to practice skip counting by 2s, 5s, and 10s, by moving to some fun chants.

In Bible, we finished our directed drawing activity of each of the days of Creation. We watched a video on Creation, including the Fall, and wrote about it in our Bible journals. We will reflect on what we learned from this next week. We have learned actions to the first sentence of our memory verse (Romans 12:2). See if your child has learned this first sentence and can show you the actions for it.

In our first inquiry unit of the year, Matter Matters, we will be exploring the big idea that “everything can be used for something.”  Students will inquire into the states of matter (solid, liquid and gas) and their corresponding properties (how something acts, feels, and looks).  We will launch the unit next week by introducing the topic to the students.  

In art, students completed their self-portraits. They will go up on the bulletin board outside of the classroom soon. Stay tuned.

In Story Workshop, the students got to explore more materials to try to come up with ideas for a story. They were able to write in their Writing Journals once they had an idea. They were focusing on the Thinking Core Competency – “I can get ideas from the world around me.”


Reminders/ Notices….

  • We go to the library every Tuesday. Please ensure your child has a library bag this upcoming Tuesday. Unfortunately, no bag = no books. Each week your child is able to take out 4 books as long as they have returned the books from the previous week.
  • Literacy Night is scheduled for Thursday, September 27 at 7 pm.  We will be discussing our literacy program and ways that you can help your child at home.
  • Please sign up for “Celebrating Families” on the sheet hanging outside of the classroom if you have not already done so. This is the week on which you will choose a day and time to come into the classroom (with your family) and share about your family for 10 mins (more information is in the parent handbook). You can choose a morning at 8:30 on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. I will confirm the time with you prior to your week.
  • Have a great weekend and please pray for our class (good relations between students, energy and focus, respectfulness and joy).














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