September 28

It was great seeing many of you last night!  Literacy is a key component of learning for young children.  It is truly a partnership between home and school.  We hope that our sharing gave you some insights as to how young children learn to read and write, and how you can help at home.  If you were not able to attend last night, the information covered will be included over time in my weekly blog.


In Language Arts, the writing program that we are using this year is WriteTraits.  There are six components to this program: ideas, organization, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions.  We are currently focusing on ideas. This week, we asked the students where writing ideas come from.  Most students recognized that we get ideas from people, places and things that we know as well as experiences that we had; we get ideas from things that we are ‘experts’ of.  We talked about how we are all ‘experts’ of ourselves.  Students made a brainstorm web of 9 different topics that they are experts on.

I have been dictating simple sentences with the short o sound. Students are asked to write the sentences in their writing journals, remembering to use a capital at the beginning, a period at the end and spaces in between their words.

We also ‘met’ the first author we will be studying: Todd Parr. The students watched a short video of him to see where the inspiration for his books comes from. Accepting other people who are different from us is a key theme in many of his books. Today we read, “It’s Okay to Make Mistakes” and the students then made up their own page for a book by filling in the blank, “It’s okay to _______.” and illustrating a picture.

In Math, we just about completed our unit on Patterns by asking students to sort natural and human-made patterns, translate patterns, and discover environmental patterns in the classroom and outside. Students took clip boards and walked around on a hunt for patterns. They did well to notice many patterns both made by God and made by people.  On Monday we will summarize our unit by talking about what we learned about patterns.

In Bible, we began Noah by reading the Bible story and discussing what we can learn from him (to trust and obey God even when it doesn’t make sense). We will write about what happened in the story and what we learned from Noah next week. Next week, students will have an opportunity to recite their memory Bible verse (Romans 12:2) to me from Monday to Wednesday.   

In Inquiry, “Matter Matters,” we defined matter as anything that has mass and takes up space. There are three states of matter: solid, liquid, and gas.  Students sang a song and watched a video about this and then did a sorting activity to figure out what state of matter an item would be classified under. Ask your child what solids are (solids keep their own shape), liquids (liquids flow and pour and take the shape of the container they’re in), gases (gases spread out to fill their container). Can your child give you examples of each of these?

For Health, we learned about colds and flus – what happens in our bodies, and the symptoms we display. We also learned how to take care of ourselves when we are sick, as well as how to prevent ourselves from getting sick (as best we can).

Reminders/ Notices….

  • Fridays the students have French, PE and Music right up until recess and so they don’t eat their snack until after recess. Many of them feel a bit hungry by recess time so it might help if you are able to give your child a bigger breakfast on Friday mornings.
  • It is the beginning of ‘sick season.’ If your child throws up/ has a fever/ diarrhea, your child needs to stay home until:
    • there is no fever for 24 hours
    • your child has not vomited or had diarrhea for 24 hours
    • your child requires no medication to be at school
    • your child is well enough to go and play outside during recess and can fully participate in PE.
  • Thank you to all those who have been keeping their child home if sick. This helps prevent their germs from spreading and getting the rest of us sick. I know it can be hard when both parents are working, but we ask that you would have a ‘sick plan.’ Perhaps a grandparent or family friend who can look after your child when he/she is sick. Thank you for helping us maintain a healthy classroom!
  • Student individual photo orders are due next Tuesday, Oct. 2.  Life Touch will return on Nov. 6 for retakes if you were not satisfied with the first photo proofs.
  • This next week is a short week. Thursday and Friday the teachers are at a conference so there is NO SCHOOL.
  • Monday October 8 is Thanksgiving holiday so there is NO SCHOOL again!
  • Wednesday, October 10 we have an in school science presentation about Matter by Hi-Touch Hi-tech.

Have a restful weekend!