October 3

I can’t believe it is October already and Thanksgiving is coming up!

This week was a short week but here is a capture of what we did in…..

Language Arts we discussed what we are thankful for, watched a video of some of the amazing gifts God has given us, and we made a brainstorm web of things we were thankful for. We then wrote booklets about what we are thankful for. Each page has a different idea: “I am thankful for _______ because _______.” We talked about publishing work and that this should be their best work because it will be ‘published’ (put out on the bulletin boards outside of the classroom). This will be coming soon but we did not quite finish them.

We also focused on the short i sound this week. Again, students wrote simple i sentences that I said out loud on their lined white boards and in their Writing Journals.

Math we summarized what we learned about patterns. Students suggested that they repeat, they can be growing, we can translate patterns using ‘abab’, the part that repeats is the ‘core’ and the core is made up of a number of ‘elements.’ We also see patterns all around us; there are natural and human-made patterns everywhere. Patterns help us to make predictions and understand our world. We then talked about equal and non-equal sets. Students had to compare the amounts on playing cards, 10-frames and dominos and record some equal sets they found and unequal sets they found.

Bible we wrote about Noah in our Bible journals. The students included what happened in the story and what they learned from the story. Most of them would say that God is trying to teach us to trust and obey him, even when things may seem a bit strange (like for Noah to build an ark in a desert when there was no water around). We also watched a video about Noah.

Inquiry we talked about the properties of matter. Students used their 5 senses to describe objects in the classroom to a partner. They played a guessing game where one student had to pick 3 items and describe one, and the other partner had to guess which object he/she was talking about.

Art we made fall leaves using water colour paint, and drew various patterns on them with sharpies. These will go up on a bulletin board shortly.



  • No school until Tuesday, October 9
  • We will have library the first day we are back.
  • Scholastic will  be due Monday October 15
  • We will begin our home reading program starting next Tuesday.  10 students will begin and bring home their reading package (in a large Ziploc bag) on Tuesday, 5 students on Wednesday, 5 students on Thursday, and 5 students on Friday.  Please help or have your child record the title of the book inside the small row at the bottom of each date box in your child’s Back and Forth book on the night that you have read with your child.  The expectation is for you to read with your child for 10 minutes each weeknight. Your child will read his/her home reading book to you. However, we do understand that all households are busy and you may miss a night of reading from time to time.  The books will be returned a week from the day you got them and not earlier (books can always be re-read or other books from the library can be read). For more information on how you can help at home, refer to the blue handout in your child’s home reading package.  For your convenience, you can simply place the home reading book package inside the clear plastic pocket at the back of the Back and Forth book.

Happy Thanksgiving!