I hope everyone had a lovely Thanksgiving long weekend!

Thank you to Alithia’s family who came in to share about themselves! We learned that Alithia has two younger brothers: Aidan, and Ashton who is 2 months old and was baptized on Sept. 30. Her parents are Amy and Andy – all A nameAs in the family! They live with her grandparents, Theresa and Raymond. Alithia loves to play and swim at the beach and play silly games with her brothers. She likes singing and playing the violin. She was recently in a musical. The family goes to REC (Richmond Emmanuel Church) and they have 2 cats: Meme who is black and 13 yrs. old, and Momo who is white and 12 yrs. old. Andy enjoys playing the guitar.










Recently in ….

  • Language Arts
    • We did word family matching activities on Starfall and read a story with the short u sound.

      • Students wrote sentences that I dictated with the short u sound
    • Students wrote about their Thanksgiving weekend, trying to include lots of detail (the 5 Ws: Who, What, When, Where, Why).
    • Each child should have received their home reading package this week.  Please help or have your child record their books in their Back and Forth book each weekday.  The package needs to come back to school on the day of the week specified on the bag so that your child can exchange for new books.
  • Math we explored the idea of equal sets, one more, two more and one less or two less-concepts that are important for algebraic thinking and number sense. Young children tend to grasp the idea of “more than” much more readily than “less than”. Therefore, it would be helpful to incorporate the language of “less than” when you are sharing some math concepts with your child. We used ten-frames, dominoes, and playing cards while doing this.
  • Art students experimented with line, colour and pattern when beginning fall pictures. They traced different shaped fall leaves, overlapping one another on a white piece of paper. They will then colour them in with pastels next week and use sandpaper to create a bumpy texture, as well as a watercolour paint wash on top.
  •  Bible students coloured a rainbow on the cover of their Bible journals to remember God’s promise to Noah that he would never flood the world again.
  • Story Workshop students were able to paint pictures to come up with the idea for the middle of the story that they began last time, and then write it.
  • Inquiry we sang a rap song about matter:

  • We had a ‘Scientist’ come into our classroom to talk about Matter and do various experiments with us. Students enjoyed using pipettes to drop water on coins to witness the concept of ‘cohesion’ between the water molecules – they stick together and the water doesn’t spill off of the coin right away – it forms a bubble on top. Students also got to mix a solid (baking soda) with a liquid (vinegar) to watch gas bubbles form. They were happy to make Oobleck and take it home (a funny substance that is both solid and liquid).
  • Students also worked in groups to research information about a particular state of matter (solid, liquid or gas), record what they found, and present their information to the class. With this task, the students were exercising the Communication Core Competency: “I can collect and share information.”

Reminders/ Notices…

  • Parent volunteering: if you would like to volunteer in the classroom, please write your name on the calendar that is posted outside of our classroom with the hour in which you would like to volunteer
    • ie. Lisa Down  9:00 – 10:00
    • 1 parent per day, and 1 hour per day
  • Clubs began this week.
    • If you did not sign up for a club, unfortunately we cannot sign up your child at this point.
    • The club that your child is in is listed on a sheet outside of our classroom. The students who have an after school club this term are Nathan, Micah C and Olivia on Fridays from 2:45 – 3:15 upstairs in Room 203.
  • Scholastic orders are due Monday Oct. 15
  • From now on, the Grade One teachers will be on supervision outside on Mondays after school. This means that the specialty teacher at the end of the day will be dismissing the students. This term it is Mrs. Chong. Please give her grace and tell her your child’s name when you come.

Have a great weekend!