October 26

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Language Arts we learned some new reading strategies to help us decode unknown words. Lips the Fish: get your lips ready and say the first few sounds of the word out loud. Chunky Monkey: chunk the word; look for a chunk that you know (-ing, -and, -art, -old, etc.) It would be helpful if you used this same terminology at home with your child.

Students wrote about what they like to do during Exploration time and why, who they play with, and what core competency they use.

We began the author, Mo Willems. The class was already quite familiar with his Elephant and Piggie books, as well as his Pigeon series. We listened to an interview with him and learned how and why he writes and illustrates his books. The students got to learn how to draw Elephant and Piggie and Pigeon on their white boards while watching tutorials on the Smart Board. The students then came up with their own Elephant and Piggie or Pigeon book ideas, using the Thinking Skills Core Competency: I can get ideas from the world around me. They were very creative and engaged in this activity! We will finish these books next week, as well as read them to the class.

Students have also continued to work on their printing books and the routines for the Words Their Way program.

Math we played some domino and card games to improve our number sense, focusing on ‘equal to’ and ‘1 more than’ and ‘2 more than.’  Ask your child if he/she can teach you how to play those games.


Students also filled in their own November calendar with dates that are important to them. Please go over it with them at home and add classes or events they may be missing. Please help your child put the calendar in a place where they can see and make use of it to reinforce the concept of time. Some suggested that they would like to tape it to their doors, inside their room or on the refrigerator door.  We discussed how the calendar can help us organize our routines.

Bible we learned about Jacob and Esau. We read the story and watched a video clip. Students also wrote about the story in their Bible journals. It’s surprising that even though Jacob messed up, he still got God’s blessing. Like Jacob, we all mess up sometimes but God still wants us to be a part of his story.

Art we finished our leaf pictures by using sandpaper to give the background texture around the leaves and then painted over the picture with a watercolour wash.

Inquiry we got into groups to brainstorm and write down ideas about how we contribute to one of four groups: family, church, school, a sports team. Students then presented these to the class. The Communication Core Competency that we focused on here was: I can share my ideas and learning. 

Computers we started a typing program called All the Right Type (ATRT).  ATRT is a web-based program that helps build students’ touch-typing fluency and speed.  We will use this program during our computer lessons each week to teach foundational touch-typing skills.

Thank you to Micah Y’s family for coming in to share about themselves! We learned that Micah’s mom, Gloria, was born in Hong Kong and moved to Canada for high school in Steveston and then University at UBC. She works for a life insurance company. Her younger brother, Alex, lives in Hong Kong with her parents. Micah’s dad, Kevin, was born in Norwich, England and grew up in Sheffield. He came to Canada to go to UBC and works as a Computer Programmer in Richmond. He has 3 sisters: Karen and Jenny who moved to Singapore, and Jade who is studying here at UBC. His parents live in England but they are here now to help out. Micah has a younger brother, Jonah, who is in P3 at RCS. Micah came from Jesse Wok. He enjoys skiing, swimming, climbing, skating, drawing, and he is learning to play the piano. The family goes to Tapestry church and Micah attends Awana. When they travel, they usually either go East to Asia or West to England to visit family. For their last trip to England in 2016 they did a grand tour of the theme parks: Peppa Pig World, Thomas Land, and Lego Land.

Reminders/ Notices:

  • Parent-Teacher Conferences are held Monday from 3:15-6 pm and Tuesday 12 pm – 8 pm. There is NO SCHOOL Tuesday.
  • Because we don’t have school on Tuesday, we will have library on Thursday next week.
  • We do not dress up for/celebrate Halloween at school. Wednesday will be a regular day.
  • Our school book fair is scheduled for Oct 29 to Nov 2.  If you are interested in buying books for your child, you can visit the fair at these times: Monday 9:30am-6:00pmTuesday 12:00pm-8:00pm (closed between 5:00-6:00)

    Wednesday 8:30am-3:15pm

    Thursday 8:30am-3:15pm

    You are also welcome to purchase books for our classroom library.  A wish list will be compiled.

    More Book Fair information from Ms. Huber: 

    • The library will be open for book exchange on Monday, Thursday and Friday as per usual (no book exchange on Wednesday) 
    • Students will have opportunities to browse the fair during their library classes. 
    • Ms. Huber sent an email with specific details.  Please look at it for more information.
  • November Scholastic orders are due Friday November 9
  • Some students do not have a box of extra clothes at school. Please send an extra shirt, pants, underwear and socks in case any accidents should happen.
  • Thank you to parents who have offered to volunteer for the skating field trip on Nov 13. All volunteers are welcome to come and encouraged to do so. Students will need help putting on their skates and taking them off. You are welcome to come on the ice but you do not have to. Volunteers will need to drive separately and meet us at the rink at 10:30 as we do not have room on the bus.

Have a good weekend and I look forward to meeting you next week during our Parent-teacher conferences!

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