December 14

Dear Parents,

I cannot believe this was my last day with the students! We had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas together. We watched a Christmas movie (Veggie Tales Star of Christmas) and ate snacks. I handed out Christmas gifts to the students and we sang Christmas carols in the gym with the rest of the school.

Yesterday we had Christmas stations: 1) roll a gingerbread man/ Christmas tree 2) drawing the Nativity scene 3) playing Christmas bingo 4) making a Christmas gift for you. I hope you enjoy!


In Language Arts we wrote Christmas cards and blessing letters.

In Bible we wrote about the Christmas story in our Bible journals.

In Math, we did some Christmas related math activities like connect the dots, count the mittens by 2’s, and Christmas tree math sentences.

In Inquiry, we talked about the various animal adaptations we saw at the aquarium. We watched a Brain Pop video about Migration (another behavioural adaptation) and made puppets of different animals that migrate so that we could act out their migration patterns. To sum up the unit, the students created their own animal and included 3 adaptations it had in order to help it survive.

The students enjoyed meeting their Grade Twelve Buddy on Thursday! They introduced themselves, got to know one another for a bit and prayed for each other. They then did an activity together such as draw, colour, read, or play a game.

Thank you to Bernice’s family who came in to share. We learned that Bernice’s dad, Patrick, is a software engineer at General Electric and builds computer software. Bernice’s mom, Ellen, is an advisor at UBC – she helps students get into university. Bernice’s brother, Jaylen, is in Gr. 4 at James McKinney School. He loves hockey. Bernice loves swimming and Chinese dance. Jaylen and Bernice like to go camping, skating and playing in the sand. The family loves to travel. They’ve been to Hawaii, Legoland, a Caribbean cruise, Hong Kong and Vegas. Bernice and Jaylen go to Sunday school, VBS, and Pioneer Club at Vancouver Chinese Baptist Church. Jaylen’s favourite Bible story is David and Goliath. Bernice’s favourite Bible story is Noah’s Ark.

Notices/ Reminders…

  • Students will exchange their home reading books as usual on the week they come back in January. If you go away over the break, please leave your home reading books (and library books) at home. We do not want them to get accidentally left somewhere that they cannot be retrieved from.
  • The Show and Tell theme for January is something that represents what you usually do as a family Christmas tradition, or something you did over the break.

Thank you so much for the lovely Baby gift, card and gift cards to Superstore! I enjoyed working with you and your children. I will miss everyone but I know you will have a great rest of the year with Mrs. Chen! Merry Christmas and all the best in the new year!!

















Aquarium pictures

December 7

In Bible, we talked about Advent and that we are in a season of waiting as we prepare our hearts for Jesus. Here are a couple songs we sang this week:

We also began discussing the birth of Jesus, including the significance of him coming to earth in such a humble way. This was quite a different king! Not the kind of king that God’s people were imaging would come. We also talked about what it must have been like for Mary and Joseph to raise up God as a child! It gives me goosebumps to think about!

In Language Arts, the students wrote a reflection on their experience with the Christmas Concert. They preformed so well! They included details about the evening, how they felt and what they sang etc. The students also wrote about the adaptations that a polar bear has in order to survive in the arctic, using a picture prompt. Ask your child what are some physical adaptations a polar bear has to help it survive (thick fur to keep it warm; sharp claws and teeth to help it catch and eat food etc.) and behavioural adaptations (its white fur helps it camouflage into the snow). I’m proud of all the detail the students are adding to their writing!

We also began the author, Jan Brett. The students noticed that her books have a unique style where she has side bars on her pages that show what’s coming up next in the story. She has many fun Christmassy and wintery stories.

In Math, students continued to work with the math addition strategies we have learned so far (Count on, Number line, Make 10, and Double Facts). Ask your child if he/she can explain each of these to you. We also talked about how we can use “double facts” to help us add “near doubles.” For example, if you know that 5 + 5 = 10, then to figure out 5+6, you just add 1 to the sum of 5+5. We talked about choosing the best addition strategies for particular addition questions. For instance, if the question has a small number added to a large number (6 + 2), it would probably be efficient to use either the Count On strategy or the Number line. If the question has an 8 or 9 as one of the addends (9 + 6), it would be quick to use the Make 10 strategy as 9 is so close to 10 and you can borrow 1 from the 6 to make 10 + 5. We also played a Double Facts bingo game. Your child brought that game home. Did he/she explain it to you? Hopefully, with the more practice the children get with addition strategies and various manipulatives, they will be able to visualize these math strategies mentally.

In Inquiry, we talked about the difference between Physical Adaptations (physical features an animal has on its body to help it survive) and Behavioural Adaptations (things an animal does to survive like camouflage, hibernate or migrate). The students watched a video clip and did activities related to camouflage and hibernation.

In Art, the students glued tissue paper trees onto painted sunset backgrounds, added snow and a golden outline to their trees. They look beautiful! They are up on our bulletin board outside of the classroom – come check them out! We also made snowflakes by cutting many shapes out of folded up paper. They are hanging in our classroom and look great! We talked about how no two snowflakes are alike – they are each unique and special like people.

Thank you so much to Tammi’s family for coming in to share about themselves on Tammi’s birthday Tuesday! We met her older brother, AJ, who is in Grade 7, and learned that he had wanted a younger sister for a while so that he could take care of her, so he prayed and prayed for her. He got to pick her name when she was born! Tammi’s dad, Tony, liked to play Lego when he was a kid. He wanted his own Lego so he drew it and cut it out of wood. He likes to build and be creative. He builds and flies kites and builds robots. He works in a manufacturing company. Tammi’s mom, Angela, works as a purchaser. She looks for the best and cheapest items to buy. She studied to be a designer and used to design mugs, dresses and posters. She likes to draw and use different colours. As a family, they like to celebrate Christmas by watching fire works.

Notices/ Reminders:

  • There will be no Words Their Way next week.
  • We will continue with Home Reading next week, however, we do not expect the students to be reading the levelled books during the Christmas holidays.  Any unread books can be used after we come back from the holidays. If you are travelling, please keep the Home Reading books at home.
  • The library will be closed after school on Friday, December 14th. Students are welcome to keep their books over the break. If you are planning to travel, please keep library books at home.
  • Tuesday, December 11 we go to the Aquarium. We will be leaving school at 8:45 am and arrive back around 2:30 pm. In order to minimize what the students carry around the aquarium, your child only needs to bring a small snack, a cold lunch and a small water bottle to school that day, preferably in a small backpack (If you have ordered Nova lunch that day, please call them to cancel the order).  There is no need to bring the Back and Forth book.  If you have a message for me that day, you can email me the night before.  If your child usually exchanges their home readers on Tuesday, please have him/her bring them Monday or Wednesday instead. This is a normal school day where you will drop off your child to school at the usual time.  If you wish to take your child home directly from the aquarium, please email me so that I can help make the necessary arrangement ahead of time.  Otherwise, students will come back to school to get their belongings and be dismissed at 2:45pm.
  • I will be replacing the content of the Back and Forth Book next Friday.  If you would like to keep the pages, please email me by next Friday.  Otherwise, I will shred and recycle the pages. 

Have a restful weekend!

November 30

Students had fun decorating their Christmas cookies in their Family Groups today!


In Language Arts we learned the reading strategy Tryin Lion: Try to reread the sentence or word. Also, the students were given a picture prompt of a leaf-tailed gecko for writing on. They could choose between writing some facts about it (we learned some information ahead of time), a story, or a reflection (what would it be life if they were a leaf-tailed gecko/ what do they think about them). This tied into our Amazing Adaptations unit as these leaf-tailed geckos mimic leaves to blend into their environments and keep them safe from predators. The class also wrote letters to Mrs. Chen to tell her a bit about themselves and to ask questions that they might have. It was nice to have her with us this week; the kids really enjoyed her! Finally, we had our last Story Workshop with Mrs. Laing this week. The students wrote letters to her as well in order to thank her for doing this with us and telling her what they loved about it.

In Bible we finished off the story of Moses and wrote about it in our Bible journals.

In Art, we began an outdoor scene of tissue paper trees on top of a sunset painted background. Stay tuned as these will go up on the outside bulletin boards soon.

In Math we were focusing on the strategies of making ten and using double facts to help us add. For instance if you have the question 7 + 8 and you know the double fact 7 +7 = 14, then you just add 1 more to it. Therefore 7 + 8 = 15. If you could reinforce double facts (1+1; 2+2; 3+3 etc. up to 10 +10) at home that would be great.

In Theme, Amazing Adaptations, we talked about what living things need to survive: water, food, oxygen and shelter, and all living things have structural and/or behavioural adaptations that allow them to meet these needs. See if your child can tell you what behavioural adaptations are (things animals do to survive – ie. hibernate, camouflage, or migrate). We have touched on camouflage so far.

Thank you to Jasper’s family who came in to share this week! We learned that Jasper’s mom’s name is Summer, Jasper’s dad’s name is Marc, and they love travelling. They have been to places like the U.S., Japan and China. Jasper enjoys playing soccer, skating, biking and basketball. They are Whitecaps fans. Jasper had a job delivering newspapers. We got to see some videos of these things.




Notices/ Reminders…

  • Donations for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre will be accepted until Friday December 14. Gently used items can also be donated. Suggested items are sleepers and outfits (newborn to 12 months), undershirts, bibs, blankets, towels, washcloths, and bottles. Socks, slippers, hats, shampoo, lotions, diapers, wipes, and toys are also appreciated. Food items such as powdered formula, baby cereal and jarred baby food is perfect. Moms can receive treats too: toiletries, magazines and treats.
  • For the third round of show-and-tell, please assist your child in preparing to talk about a special family Christmas tradition. Something can be brought in that represents this, but it is not necessary. This will begin in January.
  • Our Christmas Concert is  Tuesday! It is a quick dismissal day as staff need to be at the Chan centre by 5. The library will be closed after school so that students can rest before the concert.
  • Report cards will be made available online Monday, December 3.  Do take some time to go over the report card with your child.  Let them know what they are doing well in and what are some areas that they need to work on.
  • Next week will be our last week for Words Their Way before the break.
  • If you are volunteering for our Aquarium field trip, please hand in $16 to me beforehand if you have not already done so. Thank you!
  • Finally, clubs for term 1 has ended.  If your child has an after-school club, please come to our classroom to pick up your child at the usual time starting next week.   

Have a blessed weekend!