January 28: Trying something new!

We will be trying something new this week in 1D as we work on joining in the group plan quickly as a class.  The faster we all join in and work together, the more we can get done and the faster we can move on to new activities!  Some changes you may notice are:

-no more Back and Forth books
-no Words Their Way (for this week)
-sitting in rows at our desks
-playing more class games
-spending more time outside

On Thursday, we will be celebrating our class differences by working together to create a fruit salad.  Please send one fruit to school that morning, either an apple, orange, banana or some grapes.  Thank you!

January 21

Learning as a class: as a class we have been focusing on joining in the group plan. This means that everyone is doing the same thing so that our class can be successful together. When everyone thinks about and does the same group plan, we can quickly accomplish tasks and move on to new activities. Feel free to reinforce this concept at home, and to encourage and praise your child when they “join the group plan” as a family!

Another aspect our class is working on is being independent when completing daily routines. This includes morning routines when they come to school, knowing what to do when they finish seat work, knowing and following expectations in the hallway and classroom, etc.  Students have settled into school routines very well by mid-January, now it is time to move them towards independence by giving them the chance to do the activities without assistance.

Beginning in February, I will ask families to assist in fostering independence in our classroom by letting students come into the classroom and do their morning jobs by themselves.  Parents and caregivers can drop students off at our door, but please do not come in.  I am sorry to take away your noisy reading time in the morning, but I trust that you will be able to find other times during the day to read together. Feel free to encourage them to be independent at home by giving them age-appropriate tasks (putting their library book into their backpack on Monday nights, gathering home reading books and putting them back in the bag, setting the table, putting toys/books away, etc.), then stepping back and giving them the chance and time to accomplish it on their own.  Don’t forget to praise them and give them a high-five!  Positive words make a big impact on everyone’s mood and can affect our learning in dramatic ways!

Bible: this week we are learning the story of Gideon and how he asked for reassurance from God as the chosen one to lead Israel’s army against the Midianites.

Language Arts: we finished our class stories today about Liam and Tess! I will assemble the three stories into class books and we will read our finished product on Thursday!

Math: continuing to practice addition strategies, such as using a ten frame, counting on a number line or hundreds chart, using double facts and near doubles. Being very familiar with addition strategies will help us greatly when we move on to subtraction next month.

Theme: this week we will watch a BrainPOP video on fall and talk about how people adapt to fall weather.


Jan. 14

Bible: we learned about Ehud last week, this week we will learn about Deborah and Gideon. We will learn how God can use ordinary people who obey His word.

Language Arts: we have split into 3 groups to practice our story writing skills – starting with introducing characters and a setting. It will be exciting to read our class’ stories when we finish!

Math: continuing to practice our addition strategy of adding doubles and near doubles.

Theme: we will continue studying our theme of patterns in the sky by delving into the season of winter – how it changes and how we adapt.

Performance on Wednesday: Mallet and Membrane will be doing a percussion performance from 1:30-2:30PM.  You are welcome to join us in the big gym!

Lost & Found: a Tim Hortons gift card was found in the classroom over winter break.  Please let me know if it is yours.

Jan 7: Welcome back!

Welcome back to school 1D Families!  I hope your winter break was restful and rejuvenating.  I look forward to hanging out and getting to know your child better as we learn together for the rest of the year.  On that note, my email is cchen@myrcs.ca.  Please email me if you ever have need.

On Friday, January 11th we will be having Family Groups (instead of Chapel).  It will also be Pajama and Book day!  Please feel free to wear your pajamas to school and bring one book to read during Family Groups. Please label your book with your name and “1D”.

Bible – we will be studying the book of Judges and learning about the cycle of disobedience (peace –> idol worship –> defeat by enemies –> prayer –> God sends a judge –> peace).

Language Arts – our next author study will be on Kevin Henkes.  We will practice writing stories with a beginning (setting and characters), middle (problem) and end (solution).

Math – reviewing and practicing addition strategies (count on, make 10, double facts, near doubles, ten frames).

Theme – our next theme is about seasons and how these patterns help us organize our lives.