Feb. 5 – Dance Week

* My apologies for forgetting to blog yesterday, sorry about that!*

Feb. 4-8 – as you probably already know, we are having dance week at RCS!  Students are enjoying learning some hip hop moves and dancing to music as a way to express themselves.  We won’t be having a performance on Friday but we are taking video and pictures to share with families.  Stay tuned!

Schedule – this week’s schedule is a bit mixed up and changed due to dance week, as well as a science workshop we are having on Wednesday.  We will be taking a break from WTW this week as well, and resume next week.

Moving towards independence – beginning this week, parents are welcome to drop off their grade one students with a hug and a kiss at the door.  Many students have embraced doing their morning routines quickly by themselves and then moving to the carpet to read with a buddy.  Arriving promptly at 8:20AM allows your child the greatest chance at successfully finishing their morning routine (water bottle on desk, hang up jacket and backpack, change shoes).  Thank you for helping your child become more independent.

New room – your child may have mentioned to you that our room has undergone a makeover!  Many hands have helped reorganize our room so that it flows and functions better for our needs.  We now have labelled books and book bins to facilitate easier book searches, an art cart for drawing, and a creation station for creating.  If you are able to collect and bring to school small cardboard boxes (from cereal, granola bars, etc), cardboard tubes (toilet paper and paper towel rolls) and other small plastic trays, we can add them to our Creation Station for students to create and experiment with. Thank you.

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