March 1: Hurray for chapel!

It was wonderful to see so many of you out this morning to watch your child’s chapel performance.  They had a fantastic time presenting to the school and sharing what they have learned!  You won’t believe it from their performance but a lot of them were nervous beforehand.  We had a good chat before going to gym and some friends prayed for peace and calmness as we went to present.  Chat with your child about how they felt before, during and after the performance.  Congratulate them on what an amazing job they did!

Snacks: please have a chat with your child about their snack.  Some students have been feeling hungry even after finishing snack.  They have grown a lot since September so they may need a bit more food at breakfast or recess snack to fuel their brains and bodies.  Good snack ideas that are quick, easy and filling include fruit, cheese, yogurt, crackers, etc.

Chapel on March 8th: our chapel theme for term 3 will be “Incredible Companion” so students are welcome to bring to school their special friend who has been with them through thick and thin, also known as their favourite stuffy! We will have our annual stuffy toss at the end of chapel.

Math: we will continue to work on addition and subtraction skills, using various math tools and strategies to visualize our learning (stuffies, unifix cubes, whiteboards, number lines, 10 frames, 100 charts)


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