April 1: Welcome back

I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful, restful 2 weeks with your family!  It was lovely to see all their cheerful, excited faces as they came back to school this morning.  For term 3, we will be trying something new for Special Friend, prayer time and classroom clean up.

Special Friend: we will continue to have a special friend each day, however, there will be no show-and-tell portion.  Instead, the special friend will be in charge of writing our morning message and each day our class will pray for them.  It has also been on my heart to find time to spend with each child, to get to know them better.  So each day at lunch, I will be chatting with the special friend and praying for them.

Prayer time: this month we will be using a devotion book called “What Happens When I Talk to God?”.  As we go through the lessons in this book, we will be doing different prayer activities each day to help us develop our prayer lives: prayer circles, prayer journals, prayer partners and praying for the world.  I hope to instill in our class an understanding of how prayer is vital to our lives and to practice different ways of talking to God.

iCare for Our Classroom: as we learn about this month’s theme of Easter, we will be focusing on Jesus’ life of service on earth.  We will also learn about how we can serve others.  Today we began by watching a video about Japanese students who clean their own classrooms everyday as an act of service and care.  Then we created an “iCare for Our Classroom” wall with class jobs that we will do each day to show care for our room.  Students were very excited to use spray bottles and mini-dustpans as they scoured the room for garbage and dirt!  By cleaning our classroom together this teaches us to show care for what God has blessed us with and to cooperate with one another.

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