April 5

iCare for our classroom: our class is really getting the idea of caring for our room.  Everyday at the end of class, students are busily cleaning, tidying and sorting our classroom space to make it spotless for the next day.  I hope you see the fruits of this labour at home as well!

iCare for the World: today we started learning about International China Concern (ICC).  Today we watched a video that introduced this organization and what good works they do in China to help abandoned children.  Throughout next week, we will be doing other activities that help us learn more about the children in China and what we can do to help.  Students brought home a donation envelope today, along with information about ICC.  Please take some time to look through this together and to set up an online donation account (if you wish).  On Monday, our class will be brainstorming ways to that they can “donate” to ICC by sacrificing something personally, such as doing extra chores to earn money or being brave to tell someone about ICC.

Bible: we began learning about Jesus’ ministry on earth through the miracles he performed.  As we read from the Bible and create a Miracle booklet to retell the stories, students learn that Jesus’ life on earth was a life of service.  We are also learning how we can serve each other in small and big ways, such as speaking in kind voices and using kind words, and doing small jobs such as picking up garbage and pushing in chairs.

Math: we started a new math unit on money!  This week we learned the different names and value of Canadian coins, and will be using that knowledge with our addition and subtraction skills next week.  We will have a class store, and students will act as shopkeepers and customers to buy and sell items to practice their skills in real life situations.

Grandparents day: is coming up on Wednesday, April 24th, from 8:45-11AM.  Invitations will be coming home next week.  If grandparents are not able to make this occasion, a grand-friend can come in their place.

Mother’s day tea: we will be holding our Mother’s Day Tea on Friday, May 10 from 1:30-2:45.  It would be wonderful if you can take time out to join us that day.  This is a special time for you and your child, so please find alternate arrangements for younger siblings.  More information regarding Mother’s Day Tea to come.  

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