April 18

Happy Easter everyone!  May you have a meaningful and thankful celebration this weekend with our families.

No school: a reminder that there is no school on Friday, April 19 or Monday, April 22.

Grandparents day: is coming up on Wednesday, April 24th.  We are very excited to showcase what grade 1 looks like to our grand-friends.  Students will be conducting a short interview of their grand-friend, serving them cookies and doing some grade 1 activities with them.  Afterwards, there is a short music program in the gym for grandparents to watch.  It promises to be a wonderful morning!

Spring: as we move into spring, please consider the changing weather as you help your child get dressed in the mornings.  Layers are an excellent way to help them stay warm during the cool mornings and still be able to take off a long sleeve in the warm afternoons.  It may be a good idea to talk to your child about what their body might feel like when it gets warm (e.g. sweating, panting, thirsty, hot, faces are red, etc.) and to know that these are the signals their body is giving them to take off some layers.

Extra clothes: please remember to refill your child’s extra clothes box during this wet and rainy season.

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