April 26: Super kindness

Mother’s day tea: is happening on Friday, May 1oth at 1:30-2:30PM.  Please save the date, more information to come!

Math: we will be finishing up our unit on money by buying and selling things at our class grocery store.  This week students will write up a receipt using their math skills to demonstrate their addition skills.

Sociograms: as we begin looking forward to the next school year, grade 2 class placements are on our minds.  On Wednesday, students will be completing a sociogram to let teachers know who they enjoy playing and learning with.  We will use this information to inform our class placement decisions, along with balancing academic, behavioural and other needs.  Please help your child to remember that this a private process and should not be discussed with others.

Watches: this week we have had a little problem with watches in our class.  Some students have been wearing fun watches to school that are very attractive to their classmates.  They have become a bit of a distraction during class time.  I have been taking watches away during class time and giving them back during play time.  However, this is becoming a management issue, so I would like to ask parents for your assistance in keeping these time devices at home.  Thank you.

Superhero power of kindness: we are reading a book called “What Should Danny Do?”.  It is a choose-your-own-adventure book where students get to pick what Danny does throughout the course of his school day.  Each decision leads to a different outcome.  Throughout the book, Danny has the choice to use his superhero power of kindness or not.  Next week we will be talking about our own superhero power of kindness and what that would look like during class time and play time.  On Wednesday, please send a pillowcase to school with your child.  (Please don’t tell them why they’re bringing it. I will tell them on Tuesday afternoon that we all need a pillowcase for a project on Wednesday. We will be using them as superhero capes!)  Thank you.

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