May 8

Mother’s day tea: is this Friday at 1:30-2:30PM.  Students are preparing for this wonderful event all week, as we plan and create decorations as a class.  We are excited to host our mom’s for an afternoon of fun!  Our hope is to spend quality time together that afternoon folding origami, painting a mural, playing games and enjoying some snacks together.  Please dress casually and comfortably so you will be able to enjoy all our activities!

Toilet paper rolls: please help us collect some toilet paper rolls in preparation for our sound experiments later this month.  Students can start bringing these in any time.  Thank you.

Clothing: thank you for adjusting your child’s wardrobe for the warmer weather.  It has been great to see them wearing t-shirts and learning to cool themselves down by taking off long sleeves.

June field trip: a tentative date for a year end grade one field trip has been set for Friday, June 14.  Please keep this date in mind as it will be a fun, celebratory event for all 3 grade one classes.  Parent volunteers are welcome and needed!  More information to come.

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