May 17

Victoria Day – there will be no school on Monday.  Enjoy the long weekend with your families!

Words Their Way – we will be taking a break from Words Their Way due to the short week.

Bring a Book – some students have asked to bring a book from home to read.  What a great idea to bolster our class reading choices!  I’ve told our students that every Monday they can bring a book from home, labelled withe their name.  We will keep them in a separate basket and students can enjoy reading books from each other.  We will take the books home on Friday and refresh the basket each week.

Light & Sound – we have started experimenting with light and sound to investigate its properties and how we can change them.  This past week, we experimented with light and how to manipulate its brightness.  Next week, we will continue experimenting with flashlights and kazoos.  As these experiments involve basic household materials, you could ask your child to demonstrate it to you at home!

Math – we will be starting a new unit on 2D and 3D shapes on the last week of May.  I hope to integrate math and art together by building a robot using cardboard boxes and paper mache.  We have a good collection of boxes already, but I would love your help in collecting some newspapers.  The large sheets of black and white newsprint work best, as flyer paper is usually too waxy for paper mache.  We will start collecting during the last week of May.  Thank you!

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