June 6

SPORTS DAY: is tomorrow!  Please pray for dry weather so that we can enjoy all our activities outside.  For tomorrow, your child is welcome to dress up in their team colour, as well as face paint, hair spray, tattooes, etc.  Have fun dressing up for their team!

Some things to note:
-dress your child for the weather
-bring a labelled water bottle (no backpacks)
-school will provide pizza for recess snack

Home reading and library books: please take a look around at home and return all home reading or library books to school.  Thank you!

Library bag: please send library bags to school as we will be using them to bring home school work, beginning next week.

Year End Celebration: if you have ordered pizza for our year end celebration, I will collect the money and pass it on to our parent volunteers.  Please send in the money as soon as possible.  Thank you.

Core Competency Self-Assessment: next Wednesday, your child will be bringing home a self-assessment they completed.  Please take some time to talk with them about what they have learned this year.

As part of the BC curriculum, four facets within its core competencies were highlighted since the start of your child’s school year.  As part of our class rules, students were expected to learn to be problem solvers (social responsibility), communicators (communication), reflective thinkers (personal awareness and responsibility) and caring (social responsibility).   These learning attributes can help your child succeed in the 21st century.   

In May and June, we unpacked these core competencies and asked the students to reflect and choose two that describes them.  They were also asked to decide on one that they wish to improve on.  The artifact that you see is their self-reflection of the kind of learner that they believe they are at this point and no doubt may change as they grow.   Hopefully, this will begin a dialogue that you will continue to have with your child in helping him/her become a life-long learner. 

To get more information on the core competencies of the new BC curriculum, go tohttps://curriculum.gov.bc.ca/competencies