A Look at Our World


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Today, during lunchtime, the Grade Threes participated in an experiential activity. They were divided into 3 different groups:

  • The Blue Group was served pizza and juice. They sat at tables and were allowed to have seconds. They were also invited to line up first.
  • The Yellow Group was given water and rice with meat. They sat on chairs and were served second.
  • The Red group was only given rice. They sat on the floor and if they were thirsty, they were asked to walk to the water fountain. They were not allowed seconds.

The room was silent and the students were encouraged to write down what they were observing, wondering and feeling. When we discussed what happened back in the classroom, the one word that summed up the event was “unfair”.

We discussed how their experience is similar to the real world. What students experienced for 30 minutes is what some people feel their whole lives. The students made a connection that there are people in the world with a lot (abundance) and people in the world with very little (scarcity). We talked about how the world’s resources are not shared equally and many people with a lot often waste the things they have. Students were challenged to think of solutions to this problem and were asked to picture how God would want our world to look like.

We will continue talking about these themes of abundance and scarcity this term. Please continue to have this conversation with your child at home. Thank you for your support!

If you have any questions about the activity, please send me an email!

Please read the newsletter for next week’s announcements. Have a great weekend!

A New Thing


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Happy Pajama Day!

This past week, we have been discussing Isaiah 43:18-19a which reminds us to “forget the former things” and instead, to focus on the “new things” God is doing. In our devotions, we have talked about taking inventory of our lives – discerning between the good habits that God wants us to continue this year and the bad habits God is challenging us to get rid of. Only by the strength and power from the Holy Spirit can our lives be transformed!

Please read the newsletter for important announcements. I hope you have a great week!



Volunteers Needed


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I am still looking for 4 parent volunteers for our special Grade 3 Activity on Tuesday, January 16th. Please let me know if you are available to help from 11AM – 2PM or can help provide 5 cups of cooked rice.

Also, this Friday is Pajama Day!

Your child is invited to wear his/her pajamas to school and bring one stuffy.

During Family Groups this Friday morning, the students will be reading with a buddy. Please bring a favourite picture book from home or the library (labeled with your child’s name).

There will be no chapel in the gym this Friday.

Happy New Year!


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Welcome back! I hope you had a relaxing holiday and are ready to get back into the routine of school! The newsletter for the week has been posted. Please read it through for important announcements. I hope you have a great week!

Jesus Came to Save


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Hello 3K Families,

This week, we have been reflecting on John 3:17 which reminds us that God sent Jesus into the world to save us and not to punish us. Because of His great love for us, Jesus chose to take the punishment we deserved, knowing we couldn’t save ourselves. In the midst of the busyness that Christmas brings, let us continue to remember that Jesus is the reason for the season. He is the reason why we have so much to be thankful for.

I hope you have a restful weekend! Please read the newsletter for important announcements: Newsletter – December 11th

God Bless,

Mrs. Kuo



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This week in 3K, we investigated why prayer is important.

  1. It is precious time that we can spend with God to praise Him and thank Him for what he has done.
  2. It shows that we can put our trust in God to meet our needs in His way and in His time.
  3. It gives us an opportunity to care for others by praying for their needs as well.

Please see the newsletter for important announcements and have a wonderful (and safe) weekend!

Newsletter Link: https://blogs.richmondchristian.ca/mkuo/files/2011/09/Newsletter-November-27th-Mon-13t8tqa.pdf

God Bless,

Mrs. Kuo

Jesus is our Driver


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Thank you for supporting us in our Chapel Presentation! The students worked so hard practicing their parts and memorizing their lines. We praise God for blessing us with His strength and confidence to bring Him glory through our presentation. We hope that you were blessed by the message. May we continue to put aside our fear, anger and jealousy and allow Christ to be the driver of our lives.

If you have photos or videos from the presentation, please send them over to mkuo@myrcs.ca.

Have a great weekend!

Click here for upcoming announcements and important information: Link to the Newsletter



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Over the past 2 weeks, our memory verse came from Ephesians 4:32 which says: “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as Christ God forgave you.” As a class we talked about how holding on to anger prevents us from allowing God to bring peace and forgiveness into our lives. We forgive because Christ first forgave us and He calls us to an abundant life rich in His love and mercy.

Please check the newsletter for important updates and announcements. The students are excitedly anticipating our Chapel Presentation coming up on November 17th. Be sure that they get lots of rest and please support them if they have lines to memorize. I hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


For Your Information


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Hello 3K Parents,

For your information, here are some important reminders:

  1. November 7th – Students should bring in their planning page and materials for their science project. Floaters will be built at school (not at home).
  2. November 7th – Photo Retakes
  3. Please take note of your child’s VIP day. There have been minor changes to accommodate our Field Trip. These are listed in the newsletter.
  4. November 17th – 3K Chapel – We would love to have you join us on that day if you are available. We are getting excited for our presentation!
  5. November 23rd – Field Trip to Museum of Anthropology (please complete the permission form)

Thank you! Have a great week!

Please check the newsletter for important announcements


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Hello 3K Families,

It was wonderful to meet with you to discuss how your child is growing this year and ways we will continue to support him or her. Thank you for your partnership!

Please read the newsletter for important announcements. There are also some pictures posted under “Fun in 3K” from our pumpkin carving event and from Hero Day today.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs. Kuo

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