Shining Our Light


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In 3K this week, we talked about “shining our light” (Matthew 5:16)  by being mindful of our actions and words. Students were challenged to ask themselves these questions: How can I shine my light? What choices can I make to bring glory to God? How can I set a good example for those around me? In our classroom, we have a light meter that helps us become more aware of how our words and actions affect those around us. We want to be a classroom that builds others up and encourages others to obey God.

  • Continue to have a conversation with your child about how they can shine their light.
  • Please check this week’s newsletter for important information!

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kuo

Please check the newsletter for announcements!


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There are some announcements in our 3K newsletter as well as some fun photos from our field trip to Terra Nova. The students did a great job working together as a team to accomplish a goal! Have a wonderful weekend 3K families!

Soar Like Eagles


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This week in 3K, we have been reflecting on our school theme verse from Isaiah 40:31. During our devotions, we discussed that when we trust in God he gives us strength. When we go through challenges and difficulties, we can pray to God for His help in every situation. Sometimes, we need to wait to see God’s plan fully in action. During one of our Chapels, the students were amazed to see rockets powered by different fuels soaring high into the sky. Just like the rockets, we need fuel, too. Our fuel is the Holy Spirit.

Continue to have a discussion at home with your child:

  • How can we show that our trust is in God?
  • What situations do we need to turn to Him the most?

Please take a moment to read through our newsletter for important announcements under the “Newsletter” tab. There will also be a few pictures posted under “Fun in 3K” from our Save Sam Challenge today. Students worked in pairs to get a candy ring around a gummy worm using paper clips as tools. In order to succeed, students needed to communicate well with their partners, think about different strategies that might work and problem-solve using teamwork to reach a goal.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kuo

3K Library Drop-Off


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When students arrive to school on Tuesdays, they should go through the front door to drop off their library books and bags in the lobby before coming up to the classroom. Look for the bins labelled “3K”. Thank you for your support!

Building Friendships in Grade 3


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Hello 3K Families,

This morning, the Grade Three classes met together in a large group to discuss what it might look like to build positive, life-long friendships. We started by brainstorming a list of our favourite things and made connections with other classmates who shared the same interests. In small groups, students discussed what a good friend might say or do and brainstormed different qualities that they looked for in a friend. After watching a movie entitled “McGee & Me: Back to the Drawing Board” (Focus on the Family), students were challenged to think about the choices they make. Their words and actions have the power to break or build friendships. We hope students will continue to build great friendships this year. We will continue to discuss this topic throughout the year.

At Home: Have a conversation with your child.

  • Who are the friends they enjoy spending time with?
  • How might they include new friends into their game?
  • How can they continue to build good friendships with others?

Have a wonderful weekend! Please check the “Newsletter” tab and click the link for important announcements.

God Bless,

Mrs. Kuo

God Created Everything


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This week in 3K, we discussed how God is the Creator of all things. Many science books will talk about different ideas about how the world came to be. As Christians, it’s important to measure things up with the Bible. What does God’s Word say? Does this fact align with God’s truth? If others disagree with us, it’s important to approach our conversations with both truth and love. After all, God created all things so it is important that we respect everything and everyone. Please continue to have this conversation with your child at home.

Please take the time to look through the newsletter posted under the “Newsletter” section of this blog for more information. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kuo

Hello RCS!


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I am amazed at how God has been actively working in my life. I have been surrounded with helpful staff and co-workers, with wonderful students and with supportive families. It is truly a community here. God has been incredibly gracious to me. It is truly by His goodness that I am here in a place that is home <3

This space will be filled with some of the things that God has been teaching us in 3K. I hope you will be blessed and encouraged by it 🙂

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