Have a wonderful Easter weekend!


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I hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend! May you reflect on the love of Christ, the power of the cross and the victory of His resurrection! Students will be bringing home an “everlasting” Easter book. They were challenged to share the true story of Easter with someone who needs to hear the Good News! Ask them why the story is “everlasting”.

There are also some photos from our neighbourhood walk posted in “Fun in 3K”. Take a peek at how we thought like scientists and carefully observed the ecosystem in our very own backyard.

Last term, students created advertisements for invented products. Some chose to make posters and others chose to make a commercial. You can watch some of their videos using the following links (Note: videos are unlisted and can only be viewed with the link):


Pizza Product

Kevin & Titus

Alex & Isaac

Caden & William

Evangeline, Hana & Allyza

God Bless,

Mrs. Kuo


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