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This week in 3K, we have been reflecting on our school theme verse from Isaiah 40:31. During our devotions, we discussed that when we trust in God he gives us strength. When we go through challenges and difficulties, we can pray to God for His help in every situation. Sometimes, we need to wait to see God’s plan fully in action. During one of our Chapels, the students were amazed to see rockets powered by different fuels soaring high into the sky. Just like the rockets, we need fuel, too. Our fuel is the Holy Spirit.

Continue to have a discussion at home with your child:

  • How can we show that our trust is in God?
  • What situations do we need to turn to Him the most?

Please take a moment to read through our newsletter for important announcements under the “Newsletter” tab. There will also be a few pictures posted under “Fun in 3K” from our Save Sam Challenge today. Students worked in pairs to get a candy ring around a gummy worm using paper clips as tools. In order to succeed, students needed to communicate well with their partners, think about different strategies that might work and problem-solve using teamwork to reach a goal.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kuo

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