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In our Devotions, we have been discussing Isaiah 43:18-19a which reminds us to “forget the former things” and instead, to focus on the “new things” God is doing. In our devotions, we have talked about taking inventory of our lives – discerning between the good habits that God wants us to continue this year and the bad habits God is challenging us to get rid of. Only by the strength and power from the Holy Spirit can our lives be transformed! At the end of the day today, each student was asked to write down a goal that they would like to work on this term. Have a conversation with your child about their goal!

We have a busy week ahead! Please note:

  • Dance week begins! Students will be participating in “Beat Street” classes everyday.
  • I am still looking for a parent volunteer to help bring 5 cups of cooked rice for Tuesday, January 21st.
  • January 23rd is the new date of our field trip to the Museum of Anthropology.
  • Library will be on Thursday when we return from the Museum.

Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Kuo



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