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In 3K, we have been learning that where a person lives changes the way they live. This month, students will begin their research on different First Peoples groups across Canada. They will be finding out about their group’s environment, the ways they met their basic needs (survive) and the ways they lived well in community (thrive). Please help your child bring in information focused on their First People’s group starting next week (Tuesday, February 18th). They can bring in books found at the Library and/or printed from the Internet. Below is the list of your child’s First People’s group. Thank you for your support!

God Bless,

Mrs. Kuo

Haida: Isaac, Kaylee, Karis, Lucas

Inuit: Vania, Jayden, Carter, Cameron

Cree: Kyle, Noah, Olivia, Aloe, Kelsey

Iroquois: Tomori, Vanessa, Marcellus, Ethan

Huron: Shawn, Alex, Ilys, Olivia Le.

Ojibwa: Chloe, Jeremiah, John, Moses


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