All About 3K

Welcome to 3K! I am so glad that you are a part of our classroom community. Our 3K class is a fun and friendly place to learn and play and is filled with bright and creative students who love each other and love our God. I am looking forward to learning more about each one of them as our year progresses.

CLASSROOM RULES: We have 5 rules in the classroom (the 5 R’s)

1. RESPECT God – We worship and serve one God. We live for Him and love others through Him.

2. RESPECT Others – We care for others, we share with others, we serve others, we put others first. We listen to others, we include others. We are all a part of one body with Christ at the head.

3. RESPECT the Teacher – We listen to our teachers and we look to them for support and guidance. We show that we are ready to listen and ready to learn.

4. RESPECT the School – We are so grateful for the school and the supplies God has blessed us with. We are all committed to taking care of these valuable blessings.

 5. RESPECT Yourself – We believe that God has uniquely created each one of us, and we desire to harness our God-given gifts. We try to do our best in all things and we believe that with some hard work and dedication, “We can do it!”


In the Morning — first bell rings at 8:20. Students are expected to wait by the outdoor classroom door until they are let in. Once they are in the school, they quickly and quietly change into their indoor shoes and put away their things. They take out a chair for their desks, take out and open their planners (and Home Reading folders on Mondays) and begin working on the instructions listed on the board. By 8:30 students should be settled in and independently working.

Attendance: If students are absent from school (for any reason) a note is required to explain the absence.

*End of the Day — students are responsible for packing their bags, stacking their chairs and completing their 3K jobs. They are given an exit pass question before they are dismissed with a handshake. The day ends at 2:45. Please make a plan with your child about where and when they will be picked up.

V.I.P. PRESENTATIONS: Students are responsible for preparing and practicing their V.I.P. presentations. These will continue throughout the year.


  • Students need to be active everyday
  • They need to have a healthy snack and lunch
  • They need to get enough sleep at home each night
  • Students need to wash their hands to prevent the spread of germs
  • If students are sick, they must stay home 🙂


  • Everyday: Home Reading (15 minutes)
  • Thursdays: Spelling Activity
  • Fridays: Prepare for Spelling Test and Memory Verse
  • Other: Unfinished classwork

WEEKLY SCHEDULE: Here is an electronic copy of our classroom schedule.

GRADE 3 OVERVIEW: Here is an electronic copy of our “Grade 3 Overview”

ABSENT FORM: Please fill this out if your child will be absent from school.

RECOMMENDED ONLINE RESOURCES: You can find these on my website @

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