Band FAQs – Grade 5

Grade 5 parents, Here are a few answers to some Band FAQs.


Q: How many years do students take band class?

A: Band is mandatory in Grade 6 and 7.  It is an elective in Grade 8, but most students (about 60-70%) choose to take band.  It is also an elective in high school, from Grade 9-12.


Q: Do students play the same instrument all through middle school, or are they allowed to change instruments in Grade 7 or 8?

A: Students play the same instrument throughout middle school (unless Mr. Reimer feels that a student should change, but this rarely happens).


Q: What does “near new” condition mean?

A: It means that the instrument has been rented out before, but it is in very good condition.


Q: What brand of instrument do we recommend?

A: It is really your personal preference.  Just like buying anything, people have different reasons for choosing different brands (eg. quality, price, etc)  It is up to each family to decide what is most important to them!


Q: Do percussion students need a bell kit and a snare drum?

A: All percussion students start on bell kit (xylophone).  Mr. Reimer suggests renting a bell kit to start, since students may eventually be moved onto snare drum, bass drum, etc.  Percussion students do NOT need to rent or purchase a snare drum.


More questions??  Email Mrs. Chong at and your questions will be added to this page!

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