Popcorn I (level 1) – C E F# GAB, quarter notes only

Popcorn II (level 1 – slower speed) – CDEF F# GAB all eighth notes

Popcorn II (level 2 – faster speed) – CDEF F# GAB all eighth notes, simple but quick

Pirates of the Caribbean (level 1) – CDEFGA, mostly quarter notes

William Tell (level 1) – CDEF F# GAB, melody of song

Day-O – song with lyrics

Day-O (level 1) – CDEFGAB (A + B), simple rhythms (mostly quarter notes, some eighth)

Frère Jacques – song with lyrics

Frère Jacques (melody is level 1, can play round of up to 4 parts) – CDEFGA

Sunny – song with lyrics

Sunny (level 1) – CDEGA

Nima Naja (level 2) – B D#E F# GA, tempo gets faster throughout song

Paris (level 2) – do re mi fa so la ti (C scale), 1 part

Oh Susanna I (level 2) – CDEFGA, 1 part, some tricky rhythms

Oh Susanna II (level 2) – CDEFGA, 1 part, more notes than Oh Susanna I

Ladybird (level 2) – CDEGA, 1 part, different rhythms

How Far I’ll Go (level 2) – CDFGA plus D-flat B-flat, 1 part, some tricky rhythms

Rio (level 3) – CDEGA, tricky rhythms, fast tempo

Africa (level 4) – CDEFGAB B-flat, 2 parts

Ghostbusters (level 5) – CDEFGA, plus B-flat E-flat, 2 parts plus chords and holds

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