Four Seasons – Grade 2

Grade 2 students are studying “The Four Seasons” by Antonio Vivaldi.

There are 12 parts to The Four Seasons (3 parts to each season).  Below are the 1st movements of each season.


Students are expected to:

1. identify the season

  • by only listening to the music

2. describe the tempo

  • presto (very fast)
  • allegro (fast)
  • adagio (slow)
  • largo (very slow)

3. describe the dynamics

  • forte (loud)
  • mezzo forte (medium loud)
  • mezzo piano (medium soft)
  • piano (soft)

 4. describe the articulation

  • legato (smooth)
  • staccato (separated)


Biography of Antonio Vivaldi


Spring, 1st movement


Summer, 1st movement


Autumn, 1st movement


Winter, 1st movement


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