100 Days Smarter

100 days Smarter: Our 100 days of kindergarten is this week! Thank you, Lord, for blessing us with a wonderful 100 days of school! We did some fun activities to celebrate this day. 

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Identity: Thank you for creating the float with your child. They look awesome! We have been sharing with each other what we would like to be when we grow up.

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Bible: The students have continued learning about Joseph’s life. We are learning that God was always with Joseph and how He turned some very difficult things that happened in Joseph’s life into blessings. We have started watching the movie called “Joseph: King of Dreams”.

Literacy: I am really pleased with how many students are willing to try sounding out their words as they write down their thoughts. I am encouraging them to say the word very slowly and write down whatever letters they hear. I am not looking for perfect spelling. I pray we will continue to learn and grow in this area!


Our car parade will be on Tuesday, February 25th at 8:30AM. We will be “driving” around the inside hallways for the other classes to see. You are welcome to stay at school that morning to take pictures!

Student-Led Conferences: will be on Thursday, February 27th. Conferences will be 30 minutes long. This is an important event for you and your child’s relationship demonstrating your loving care and attention to your child’s learning.  It allows your child the opportunity to teach you, which helps him/her gain a deeper understanding and solidify him/her learning, and to provide insight into your child’s days at school.  Thanks for partnering in and for your child’s education. I will send you a list of our stations and questions to guide your child along.

Phone number: To wrap up our Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  This includes knowing some personal information about him/herself, such as your phone number, so that s/he is equipped to self-advocate.  This week, please provide the phone number (just 1, please) that you’d like your child to memorize.  I will leave a post-it notepad on the whiteboard for this purpose.

Community helper: We continue our identity theme by learning more about ourselves and others. If you are interested in sharing with our class about your job, please email me and we can setup a time.


  • For students to continue learning and growing in the interpersonal and personal skills to help them have success in a school environment.
  • For safety during this wild winter weather we’ve been having.

GOD first loved us!

The highlight on our Valentine’s Day was having our Friendship Fruit Salad together. Thank you for your generosity in sharing fruits,  yogurts, and utensils! Our staff also enjoyed the kindie’s fruit salad during snack time. Thank you!

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We spent time with our Grade 4 buddies and together we created a structure using candies and marshmallows.

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Bible: We enjoy hearing the story of Joseph and how God was able to take all the bad things that happened in Joseph’s life and turned them into something good. We are also talking about how God worked for the good in Joseph’s life.

Numeracy & Literacy: We have been learning how to measure and compare different items in the classroom. We tried to sound out the items and wrote down the beginning sound.  We also explored numbers and thought of different combinations to make up a number. For example, 8 can be made up of 4 and 4 or 3 and 5. This activity will solidify their understanding of numbers.

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We read some books and watched videos to learn more about Indigenous People. We enjoyed creating our very special Inuksuk. You may want to ask your child what that means.

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Job talk: A chance for you to shine!  If you would like to share with our class about what you do at work or in our community, please email me!  A short 10 minute chat with some pictures or props is a wonderful way for our class to see how parents contribute in our community. Last week, a parent (also a police officer) came in and shared what he did at work. We had a chance to explore inside a police car as well. 

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Student-Led Conferences: are on Thursday, Feb. 27th. place make sure you sign-up for one half-hour time slot for you and your child. Next week, we will be practicing all the different things they wish to show you. It is their time to shine as the “teacher” and you as the “student”! Please note, there is NO SCHOOL on this day.

February Good and Faithful helper theme: Community helpers, Friendship, Family, something they made. I have posted the February calendar on this blog. Please check out the important info.

Float project: I hope you are enjoying the family fun time involved in creating your child’s “When I grow up…” parade float. Students love letting their creative energies flow and decorating their float to their heart’s content. This is a good time to chat with your child about what they would like to be in the future. Floats are due on Tuesday, Feb. 18th. Park close together so there’s enough room for all the floats.

Home Reading: A tip for reading: when your child comes across an unknown word, have them sound out each letter and then try to say the sounds together. Ask them to “stretch out the sounds” and mimic pulling your hands apart. We have been practicing pulling sounds apart to learn how to sound out words of spelling! They have been doing very well in class. At this stage, I am not looking for perfect spelling. I pray that we will continue to learn and grow in this area! The sight words for this month are: that, is, can, my, yes

Important dates:

Feb. 17th – Family Day (NO SCHOOL)

Feb. 18th – Home project due

Feb. 21st – Scholastics due

Feb. 25th – Kindie parade

Feb. 27th – NO SCHOOL (Student-led conferences)

Have a wonderful long weekend! See you all next Tuesday.



Valentine’s Day

FEBRUARY 14, FRIDAY: Let’s celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. February 14th is Red / White / Pink dress up day. Dress-up in as much Red, White and Pink as possible. Hats, hair bows, bowties, shirts, pants, dresses, socks and shoes! Be a little crazy! Be a little fun & creative!

Valentine’s Day: On Friday, we will be celebrating Valentine’s day with “Friendship Fruit Salad” and Valentine cards. Students will have the opportunity to deliver Valentine cards to the K1 class on that day. Please include all the K1 friends if you choose to make Valentines with your child. I will send a class list to your email so you have the names for everyone in K1. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you!

Fruit Salad: Please have your child bring the fruit that you have signed up to contribute towards a class snack on Friday. Please remember to bring your fruit that is already cut up in the morning. We will be eating our fruit salad as a treat during recess snack. Please pack a spoon for your child to enjoy the fruit salad. If your child will eat the fruit salad, you can just pack them a lunch that day. If not, please pack both a snack and a lunch.

Here is the link:





Our Identity unit is in full swing! We started by sharing about our Winter Holiday activities with one another.  Students had opportunity to explain their activity and write about it.  I created a class bulletin and during small group literacy rotations, students discussed how our activities are similar or different.  We talked about how observing similarities and differences help us learn and understand more about God’s world. We also compared our activities with those of the Indigenous People.

Students have been creating a personal identity poster to represent who they are.  This artwork will be shared with you during the upcoming student-led conferences also.

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In Bible, we have been learning about the story of Joseph and how God is in control and uses bad things for His Glory and for good things.  We are using picture cards to learn and retell the story.


Valentine’s day is on Friday!  Please have your child bring the fruit that you signed up to contribute towards a class snack.  Usually about a cup (i.e. 250ml) or two of cut up fruit per item is enough to serve the class.  I serve the yogurt on the side as a dip, rather than mixed in with the fruit. On Friday, if your child has valentine cards or treats to hand out, please have them all ready in a bag.  Leave them in their backpack or coat hook and we will have opportunity during the day to hand out cards and treats into our valentine mail bags.  Thank you for modelling generosity and inclusion with each gift giving season!

Please follow the link below to sign-up:

Fruit salad sign-up

Extra clothes: Please be diligent in replenishing your child’s extra clothes box. Socks and pants are usually the most used items. The weather is turning wetter — we need extra clothes handy! Thanks!

Please sign up on the Calendar for parent volunteer tasks.  I have things you can lend a hand with on a regular basis.  Thank you!

Important dates:

Feb. 14 (Friday): Valentine’s Fruit Salad

Feb. 17 (Monday): NO SCHOOL (Family day)

Feb. 18. (Tuesday): Home project due

Feb. 21 (Friday): Scholastic orders due

Feb. 25 (Tuesday): Kindie parade

Feb. 27 (Thursday): NO SCHOOL (Student-led conferences)


  • For health as there is illness going around that is quite lengthy.
  • For soft, teachable hearts this term.  Students have become comfortable in the social environment and knowledgable of their peers; pray that students will have a deep understanding of themselves and others as they learn how to be a contributing member of a (classroom) community.


Shall We Dance

What a fantastic and fun week we had with our dance instructor Nando! Our kindies danced energetically with the hip hop music during dancing lessons last week. Here are some pictures and a video.

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Bible: We are continuing to learn about Jacob’s story. Last week, we watched a short video about how Jacob ran off to Haran to escape from Esau. We discovered that throughout Jacob’s story, many people made bad choices (Jacob, Esau, Isaac, Rebecca, Laban, etc.) but God could still use them in His great rescue plan. We also learned that we can choose to follow God’s plan for our own lives and God always cares for us.

Numeracy: We continue to focus on numbers 0-10 and the relationship between the numbers. Students have been comparing and measuring different items in the classroom. We have started a new program called “Osmo” which helps us understand the combinations of numbers (e.g. 2 and 3 can form 5).

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Home Project: As part of our identity unit, we hope you will have fun creating a cardboard float with your child! The purpose of this activity is for you and your child to spend some time together, talking about what they would like to do in the future. Developmentally, working on a long term project helps children learn patience, organization and perseverance. And building a float is FUN! I sincerely hope the time spent together on this project will be a wonderful memory for you and your child to cherish in years to come. There is a sample in front of K1 classroom if you would like to see the size and scope. Floats are due at school on Tuesday, February 18th. The kindergarten parade will be on Tuesday, February 25th, (8:30 to 9:00am)

Prayer: Thank you very much for keeping your child home while he/she is sick! Your kindness to other students is much appreciated! Please keep praying for our class and hope that we will have everyone back on Monday.


Plastic bags: We are looking for more plastic bags at school for wet/ soiled clothing. Thanks!

Treasure Box: I hope our students enjoy the home reading program. When your child completed 10 books, he/she is welcome to choose a small gift from our treasure box. If you have any unwanted small toys at home (i.e. toys from McDonald’s happy meal, dollar store, kinder eggs, stickers, etc.), you are welcome to donate to our class treasure box. Thank you!

Important dates:

Jan. 30 (Thursday) – K vision and hearing screening

Jan. 31 (Friday) – Pro-D, NO SCHOOL




We Love Snow!

We had a great time skating together last week. I was so proud to see students trying hard and encouraging each other on the ice.  If you have any great photos of our field trip, please email them to me. Thanks!  Our next field trip will be a school bus field trip in April to celebrate the return of Spring.  More details will be provided as we get closer to the date.

Winter Fun: We read a variety of fiction and non-fiction books about winter, and we had fun playing in the snow outside. We constructed “structures” with snow and compared our heights with them. We self-assessed on our collaborative effort by drawing a picture and colouring a bear after the activity.

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Bible: We are learning about Jacob and Esau and their struggles with birthright and blessing. Students will learn about some bad choices Jacob made when he chose to do things his own way instead of following God’s plan. We will continue with Jacob’s story to see God’s faithfulness in how He was with Jacob and watched over him wherever he went. We have been learning a new song called “God will never stop loving me” by Karyn Henley. Your child can teach your the actions.

Literacy: We have continued with our table stations to learn about letter names and sounds. The sight words for this month: is, she, was, look, go

Kindness Jar: We have started a new behaviour management system at our class. The K1 students have been working hard to fill up the “Kindness” jar with gems by doing things that show love and care to others (help clean up, listen to others, work nicely together, saying kind words/encourage others…) Once we reach our goal of 10 unifix cubes, we will enjoy our extra play time. We have reached 3 unifix cubes already. Well done, K1’s! Please talk about why it is important to show kindness to others with your child at home.


Winter activity photos: Please send me your winter activity photos if you have not already. Thank you!

Dance Week: happening next week. Please wear comfortable, appropriate shoes, and clothing each day between January 20-24.

Extra clothes: If your child has brought home soiled clothing, please replace the used items in his/her extra clothing box.  Students go outside when it is wet – a hooded, waterproof jacket helps your child make the most of his/her time.  Fresh air and active bodies help students focus and regulate in the classroom.

K Vision and Hearing screening: has been rescheduled to January 30th, Thursday.


-For health as there is illness going around that is quite lengthy.

-For students to have soft/teachable hearts this term. They are willing to show love and care to each other.



Winter Wonderland

Winter: This month we will explore Winter and how this season looks and feels. We are grateful that we had an opportunity to play in the snow this morning. Thank you for equipping the students to be ready to play outside even in subzero temperatures.  Continue to remind them that hats, boots, gloves, etc. are necessary and prepare us to be comfortable while being active outdoors.  Students were also reminded that it is fun to play with snow, but at school we do not throw snow at others.  Feel free to have snowball fights at home with family though. 😉

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Winter STEAM activity: STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Students were challenged to build/ create/ design their very original snowflakes using marshmallows and toothpicks. This activity is a wonderful hands-on exercise for our kids. They are very creative.

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In Bible, students have been learning about Isaac, Jacob and Esau.  We are learning how God is in control and can use sinful people and bad circumstances for His Glory.

Numeracy: We have started learning about measurement. We will be practicing using unifix cubes to help us learn math concepts such as longer or shorter, more or less, equal and how to compare. Last week, we made snowmen with our names and compared the length of our snowmen. We found out that Mrs. Burmatoff’s snowman is the tallest.

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Scholastic book orders: are due next week.  I’d like to submit the order by next Friday for a timely January delivery.  The Christmas book coupon can be used for these orders!

Skating field trip: is on Tuesday, January 14th. I will meet you at the arena at 9:15am that morning.

Winter holiday photos: We will start sharing our winter pictures next week. Please remember to send me your photos if you haven’t done so. Thank you!

Important dates:

Jan. 14 – Skating field trip

Jan. 16 – Hearing/ Vision screening

Jan. 17 – Scholastic orders due

Jan. 20-24 – Dance week

Jan. 31 – Pro-D, NO SCHOOL


Image result for pajama days pictures

Tomorrow (Jan. 10th) is Pajama Day! Your child is invited to wear pajamas to school and bring a small stuffy. During Family Groups tomorrow morning, the students will be reading with a buddy. They are welcome to bring a favourite book from home, labelled with their first and last name. There will be no chapel in the gym tomorrow.


Happy New Year

Welcome back to school! I hope you enjoyed the season and all its festive events. I am excited to begin this school term with your children! Blessings to you and yours as we begin 2020!


Family photos: we will start our “All About Me/ Identity unit” soon.  Thank you for those who have already sent me your family pictures. I hung them up on our FAMILY TREE in our classroom. They look awesome. Please email me 2 or 3 pictures about how your family celebrates Christmas and New Years by this week. For example photo of: family dinner, family travel, visits with extended family and friends, family play times, etc. Students will share the pictures with the class and discuss how our activities are similar or different.

PJ and Stuffy Day: is this coming Friday (Jan. 10th).

Skating field trip: We are going skating with the other Kindergarten classes next week. Please submit your consent as soon as you can. Also, parent participation is needed for this field trip. Thank you for your willingness to be a part of your child’s learning.

Rest time blanket: Please bring your child’s blanket to school.

The Home Project:

The home project for the Identity unit can be accessed by the link.

All About Me Parade

The due date for the float is Tuesday, February 18th. The parade is scheduled for the morning of February 25th (Tuesday). All floats will go home on February 27th. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions!


  • For good health and well-being so that we are ready to learn.
  • For students to have a deeper understanding of who they are and how they fit into God’s story.


Jesus’ Birthday

We are into the last week of school in 2019, with lots to learn before breaking for the holidays. We have been enjoying a variety of stories about Christmas. Students have been learning about the people surrounding the birth of Jesus including: Gabriel, Mary, Joseph, Shepherds, Wisemen, and even the animals! We have been considering each perspective and how people may have felt when they learned about Christ’s birth.  We’re reading through a book called “What does God want for Christmas?” Also, we’ve been looking at advent symbolism: hope, peace, joy and last week – love and Christ’s coming.

Thank you for your support and participation in the Christmas Concert last week. The students enjoyed performing! They were brave and sounded brilliant.  Merry Christmas!

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We enjoyed decorating gingerbread cookies with our family groups last Friday. All of them would like to share a cookie with you. They are very sweet!

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In Numeracy, we continue learning writing numbers, counting numbers, and representing numbers in tally marks.

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Jesus’ birthday party: On Thursday, Dec 12th, we will be celebrating Jesus’ birthday! It will NOT be a potluck party. We will have special Christmas themed table stations in class from 9:00 to 10:00AM. I have enough parent volunteers for this event. Thank you!

December 13th is our last day before the break. It will be a regular school day from 8:30 to 2:45PM. School resumes on Monday, January 6th. I will send home the rest time blankets next Friday.

Prayer requests:

  • For safe travels as families are away for the holidays.
  • For Christ to dwell in our hearts and in the hearts of our children during this celebratory season.