God Made Me

We had a very successful first week of full day K! Your children enjoyed a full day of learning and playing. They were busy learning routines and following class norms. Ask them what class norm #3 and Talking Banana are!

Last week: We have started our “Seven Days of Creation” booklet. When student booklets are complete, feel free to read your child’s booklet during Noisy Reading time. The booklets will be clipped on the string on the bulletin board in the classroom.

We tried our very first table rotations. Students explored different activities from each table group.

We listened to “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and made our own Chicka Chicka Boom Boom trees with our letters of first name climbing up the tree. These are on display on the bulletin board in the hallway outside our classroom. The class did very well creating their own letters when they could not find the letters they needed. I love their flexibility and creativity!

Last week, we were also learning and exploring colours around us. We went for a Colour Hunt around our school and the students picked up different objects from the nature to their colour boards. We also had our first group project searching and cutting pictures from magazines to create colour posters.

We have been learning these worship songs. I love to see their enthusiasm while singing!

This week: As part of learning about God’s creation we are investigating colours and shapes, and how God used them in His creation.  We will start our literacy program called Heggerty in which students will learn different sounds and letters.

Library: Thank you all for bringing in the library bags. Each student is allowed to borrow two books from the library starting Monday. Please teach them how to take care of the books at home. 

Thank you:

  • Thank you for keeping your children home while they were not feeling well! Your kindness to other students in the class is much appreciated!
  • Thank you for bringing in the blankets for rest time! All the blankets are now able to fit in one box! Hooray! You are welcome to take your child’s blanket home to wash whenever you want. I will send them home to wash the last Friday of each month. Please bring them back to school the following Monday.


Love and Care for Each Other

We all had a great time last week at school. Our little friends have started knowing each other by names and they are learning how to play, learn, and eat together. This coming week will be our first full-time kindergarten week! EXCITED! Full-time kindergarten is a long day for students this age. In order to help them with good energy and focus throughout the day, students need to have 10-12 hours sleep. Please help your child get enough rest at night. On a typical full day, please pick up your child from our classroom door at 2:45PM.

Last week: We learned that God created each of us unique and special.  Our class norms 1 and 2 help us show “love and care to each other” and “listen, listen, listen”.  We are practicing these skills to help our classroom become a happy and safe place to learn. You may ask your child to show you the actions for those norms. We also learned the worship song called “God Made Me”. They enjoyed this song so much!

This week: We will continue learning about friendship and friendly behaviour to encourage our students to get to know one another.  We will learn about how God created our world by learning the order of Creation and exploring the colours and shapes in the world around us.  We will also learn a song called “In the Beginning”.

Library bag:  Beginning this week, students must have a library bag in order to check books out. Our library is on Monday. Please help your child remember to bring their books back every Monday morning.  A good way to remember would be to ask your child to pack the books together with their backpack on Sunday night.

Blanket/Towel: Please bring a blanket or towel with your child’s name to school this week. Students have quiet time after lunch recess and they will rest on their own blanket/ towel.

Eating times: as our students need more time to eat and change shoes we start recess and lunch snack earlier.  If you are bringing food, please be aware of our eating times.  We begin eating morning snack at 10am, and lunch at 12pm.  As the year goes on, the children get faster at routines and we begin to shorten the eating times until we match with the whole school schedule.

Lunch Drop off: If your child’s lunch is brought to school by a parent, grandparent, or other person during the morning, the drop off is located in the school foyer next to the gym doors. Please locate the box labeled with your child’s class name and place inside. This allows our students to work undisturbed in the classrooms and hallways and helps our front office staff to keep track of who is entering and leaving the building.

Family Groups:  We will have our first Family Groups on Friday, September 22nd.  Family Group activities several times a year to build community between the grades.  Your child will be going with 1 or 2 other students in our class to another classroom to form a Family Group with other K-grade 5 students.  This Friday will be an introduction activity where we get to know the other students.  Students come to our classroom in the morning as usual, when the bell rings we begin with Family Groups right away.  A grade 5 student will come to our classroom to pick up the Kindies.  After the activity, we will meet back in K2 classroom where the Kindies return to me.  Please chat with your child about this so they know what to expect.

Headphones: Please bring in the money and form for the headphones if you have not done so.



We made it!

Dear K2 parents,

Please give yourself a round of applause! Thank you very much for preparing your child well for entering Kindergarten. Well done parents! I hope the children enjoyed the first week of school of learning different new faces. They were busy learning routines and following class norm. Ask them what class norm #1 is! (let them show you the actions, too)

Meet the Teacher Night: is on Tuesday, September 12th at 7PM. Please mark this day on your calendars. It is a very important time for me to be able to chat with you about our plan for this year. There are two 20-minute sessions so you can go to different classrooms. Please arrange for child care as this is a parent ONLY evening. I look forward to seeing you and giving you our class schedule.

Photo day: will be on Wednesday, September 13th. We will take our photos in the morning, so if you wish your child to wear dressier clothes, they will hopefully still look neat.

Good and Faithful helper theme: the schedule is printed on the calendar. When your child is Good and Faithful helper, they will bring an item from home to share with the class. Please help them pick something appropriate to bring to share and to think of some clues for the class to guess (ie. It is furry. It is brown. It says “grrrr”.) The rules for sharing is that the object is an appropriate size (not too big please) and mommy and daddy have to say it is ok to bring. September’s sharing theme is God’s creation (e.g. fall, colours, family pictures, etc). Some ideas may include things God made, or things your child made.

Fall: is almost here! Please dress your child in layers, with a warm waterproof jacket for outdoors.  Boots are a good idea when it is wet.  At RCS, we send the children out for exercise and fresh air whenever possible, sometimes that means being outside when it is sprinkling rain.  I try to take the children out everyday regardless of the weather.  If it is raining, we might go for a quick walk around the school, if it is pouring, we might do some activities outside undercover.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately so they can fully enjoy our activities.

Extra clothes: Please put a set of extra clothes inside your child’s shoe box (must have a lid) which is kept at school. Include: underclothes, a shirt, pants and socks. Please do check the shoe box regularly and make sure all the items are ready to use. When your child takes home a pair of wet socks, please bring a new pair to put into the shoe box the next day.

Plastic bags: We are looking for more plastic bags at school for wet/ soiled clothing. Thanks!

Scholastic orders: are due this Friday. If you would like to order any books for your child, please fill out the order form and return to me. You can choose to pay online (instructions are on the scholastic flyer) or pay with a cheque made out to Scholastic and give it to me with your child’s order. Thank you!

Forms: Thank you for those who have already handed in their forms to me! Please remember to bring the following forms if you haven’t done so:

  • emergency release form
  • identification card form (with your child’s picture)
  • handset order form with $15 either cheque or cash


Welcome to K2

I am so excited to start Kindergarten with you this year!  I look forward to meeting your family on Tuesday (or Wednesday) and showing your child our classroom.  Just a quick couple of notes from me to get us in the groove of things for this year:

  • Email/ Blog: I use email and a blog as my primary means of communicating with parents.  My email is mwong@myrcs.ca, please email me if you have questions or need to let me know about vacations etc.  Every week, I update our class blog with what we are learning and upcoming events.  To facilitate that, please subscribe to this blog page.  It will automatically email you whenever I update it and you won’t miss out on our classroom events.
  • Forms: From the front office:  This is a reminder to please login to your MySchool Parent portal and complete the Back to School Electronic Mail-out for each RCS student in your household.  Please return all the required documentation (identification card from and emergency release form) by the end of the week. It is very important for the safety of your child that we have their correct information and parent contact information.
    If you have difficulties accessing your MySchool Parent Portal or the Electronic Mail-out, please contact administration@myrcs.ca.
    Link to MySchool Parent Portal: https://rcs.myschoolmanagement.com

  • Schedules: By now, you should have received a schedule for kindergarten students’ first two weeks of school.  We do a gradual entry schedule.  Your child will come for one hour on either Tuesday the 5th or Wednesday the 6th.  Parents are invited to stay for that hour.  On Thursday the 7th and Friday the 8th, and the following week from 11th to 15th, your child will attend a half day of school until 12:30pm.  Please bring a snack and a water bottle.  Beginning Monday, September 18th, we will start full day kindergarten.
  • Shoes: If you have already purchased indoor shoes, you are welcome to bring them and leave them in our classroom.  Our school asks that every child wears indoor shoes when at school to help keep the carpets and floors clean.  Please ensure that your child has a pair of good velcro runners to leave at school.  They will be wearing these for gym class as well.

Thank you for entrusting your child to RCS this year, I pray that we will work together as a team to make this an eye-opening and awe-inspiring year for your child as they begin their educational career.  Can’t wait until we meet next week!


Mrs. Wong