Love Love Love One Another

Last week, we had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed making cards for our parents, distributing our valentines, making crafts, and more. We discussed about what it means to be kind and made a class book about how to show love and care to each other as the Bible tells us: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.” Luke 10:27. The highlight on our Valentine’s Day was having our Friendship Fruit Salad together. Thank you for your generosity in sharing fruits, yogurt, and utensils. Our staff also enjoyed our kiddie’s fruit salad during snack time. Thank you!

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Snowy Day: We had loads of fun playing in the snow and our kids had unlimited ideas to build with snow. We are all amazed by God’s wonderful creation!

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Bible: The students have continued learning about Joseph’s life. We are learning that God was always with Joseph and how He turned some very difficult things that happened in Joseph’s life into blessings. We will start watching a movie called “Joseph: King of Dreams” next week.

Identity Unit: We have been talking about our personal identities and what makes us special. We’ve read stories about being unique and different. Students will create a personal identity poster to represent who they are. This artwork will be shared with you during the upcoming student-led conferences.


Identity Floats: are coming to school on Tuesday, February 19th! I hope you and your child had a wonderful time creating this family project together. There will be a “K1 Parking lot” outside our room, please park your floats there. Our parade will be on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:40AM. You are welcome to stay at school this morning to take pictures!

Student-Led Conferences: will be on Wednesday, February 27th from 12PM TO 8PM. There will be no school this day. Conferences will be 30 minutes long and your child will be leading through 5 stations to show you what we have been learning. I will send you a list of our stations and questions to guide you and your child along. They are so excited to be the “teachers” and show you all they know!

Library is on Thursdays.  Please remind your child to bring their library books and bag.

Extra Clothes: As the wet and snowy season descends upon us, your child will be using the extra clothes from their box. Please be diligent in replacing items so that there is always a fresh change of t-shirt, long sleeve, long pants, underwear and socks. it may be a good idea to have multiple pairs of socks for those really wet days.

Phone number: Please help your child to memorize your phone number. During Term 1, I had the class find their spot with their names. I will start having the class find their spot with their phone number so they will need to know theirs. If you would like your child to memorize your cell phone number, please email me so that I write the correct phone number on their card. Thank you!

Prayer request:

For soft, teachable hearts this term.  Students have become comfortable in the social environment and knowledgable of their peers; pray that students will have a deep understanding of themselves and others as they learn how to be a contributing member of a (classroom) community.

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