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Identity Float and parade: I hope you enjoyed the family fun time involved in creating your child’s float. Students love letting their creative energies flow and decorating their floats to their heart’s content. I hope it gave you a good time to chat with your child about what they want to be when they grow up and what they think they are good at. Car parade is on Tuesday, February 26th, from 8:40ish to 9:00.We will be parading around the inside hallways for the other classes to see. You are welcome to stay at school that morning to take pictures! We have been practicing how to carry our floats and walk comfortably with them in the hallway. Please put your child’s name on his/her float if you haven’t done so. Thank you!

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Our students play outside in all different kinds of weather in Vancouver… no matter it’s sunny, raining, snowy, or windy. Please dress your child appropriately and have extra clothes ready in their boxes.

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Student-Led Conferences:¬†will be on Wednesday, February 27th, from 12 PM to 7:30PM. There will be no school this day. Conferences will be¬†30 minutes¬†long and your child will be leading through 5 stations to show you what we have been learning. I will send you a list of our stations and questions to guide your child along. They are so excited to be the “teachers” and show you all they know!

Phone number: As part of our Safety Unit, students will start looking for their table spots using their phone numbers in March. Please email me the phone number that you want your child to memorize. Thank you!

March Calendar: has been posted on this blog. Please check out the important dates.



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