He Is Stronger

Bible: Last week, we focused on Easter and what Jesus did for us on the cross. we opened 2 Resurrection Eggs each day to discover an object relevant to Easter e.g. donkey, coins, whip, etc. Students then recorded their learning and wrote about the objects in their “Easter Sharing Book.”  Ask to see this book during noisy reading time next week and see what your child shares about Easter! We also created different art projects to deepen our understanding of how Jesus loves us so much that he gave up his life on the cross. He is alive! Please come and take a look at our creations.

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Easter egg experiment: We used whipped cream, food colours, and our imaginations to dye some hard-boiled eggs on Friday. The whipped cream was so yummy, and mixing food colours was  so fun. You may want to ask your child to teach to how to make them at home. The eggs are NOT for us to eat! 🙂

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Numeracy: We have continued to work on developing our number sense: breaking down numbers, combining numbers, ordering numbers and representing numbers in different ways.

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ICC envelopes: went home last week. Please make sure your child’s name is on the envelope. Each year we raise money for International China Concern (ICC), an organization that cares for abandoned and disabled children in China. Collecting ICC donations is voluntary. If you wish to participate, please read and discuss with your child in appropriate ways to ask for donations. Please return the envelope and donations by Monday, April 15th. Thank you.

Field trip: is on April 16th, Tuesday. We will go rain or shine. As a reminder, this is a school bus field trip and parents are NOT required to accompany or transport their children.

Scholastic book orders: are due Monday, April 15th if you are interested in purchasing books.

“GPS”: the Spring Musical is coming up soon! Grade 4 and 5 students will be presenting in the musical. Our kindergarten students will NOT be performing. There are 2 performances: Wednesday, April 17th at 1:30PM and Thursday, April 18th at 7PM.

Grandparents’ Day: is on April 24th, Wednesday

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that we will have a successful and safe field trip next week. We are going to enjoy God’s wonderful Spring creations.
  • Pray for students to continue learning and growing in the interpersonal and personal skills to help them have success in a school environment.

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