He Is Alive!

Bible: We opened up all the eggs and recorded in our Easter Sharing journal as we learned about the story of Easter. Your child brought home the journal on Thursday; feel free to have your child share their journal with you. We are thankful that Jesus died and rose again. He is victorious! After the break, we will resume our learning about the 10 plagues God placed on Egyptians. We’ve learned that Pharaoh was very stubborn and he didn’t want to let God’s people go.

Field trip: We had a fabulous day visiting the Richmond Nature Park last Tuesday. We explored the nature through our senses: touching a little snake, observing little insects, smelling leaves, tasting dried blueberries, and hearing birds’ sounds, and many more…

I sent an iMovie of our field trip to your email on Wednesday.

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Easter egg hunt: On the same day, we had our own chocolate Easter hunt at school. Yummy!

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Numeracy: We have started learning how to represent data on a graph.

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K1 Chapel: our class has been waiting all year for this day. It’s our turn to present chapel on Friday, May 17th (from 8:30am to 9ish). We will begin learning and practicing our chapel presentation soon. Stay tuned for more chapel news and how you can support your child at home. If you are willing to make some props for us, please email me. Thank you!

Grandparents/ Grand friends Day: is on April 24th (Wednesday). Please let your child know whether or not someone is coming. This helps us in the classroom so that children know who to expect to come, or let me know if no one is coming so I can setup other activities for them.

May God’s grace fill your heart and your home with blessings this Easter! See you all again on Tuesday, April 23.



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