Hairy Harry

Hairy Harrys: Wow! We’ve accomplished so much last week! As we continue learning about living things, we each have made a Hairy Harry! Last week, we planted a cup of grass to further our learning on how things grow and the cycle of plants. Come check out our Harrys!

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Science: We had hands-on experience to examine the parts of a tulip last week. Students carefully cut open a flower and observed closely how the flower has been made. We then labeled the parts. We are amazed by God’s wisdom as a creator and a farmer! We used the parts of the flower to create an art project. They all did a great job! Please come check out our bulletin board.

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Thank you for visiting our classroom last Wednesday. I hope the children and their grandparents enjoyed this special day together. The students took time to show their grandparents their journals and scrapbooks. They worked on a booklet as a team. It is great to see the interactions between these two generations.

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Literacy: We are continuing to work on our printing books on the lower case letters. We have been practicing out sight words and trying to make sentences.

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K2 Chapel: our class will be presenting chapel on Friday, May 17th. Through preparing our chapel, we have learned that Jesus is always with us and we need to listen to His voice and follow his ways. I will be sending home information about our K1 chapel presentation and how you can support your child at home. Let’s pray for our little ones as they are faithfully and joyfully preparing for this chapel. May God’s name be glorified!

Creepy crawlies: We will be continuing our living things unit with real, specimens of ….. you will have to wait and see! We will be receiving some creepy crawly friends soon and we will learn all about their life cycle and how to care for them. Stay tuned!

May calendar: I have sent the May calendar to your mail. We will have a very busy month. Please check out the important dates.

Blankets: I sent home students’ blankets to wash on Friday. Please bring them back the following Monday. Thank you!

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