Creepy crawlies: the real, live specimens of larvae have been arrived to our classroom. As we observe and record the growth of these insects, we will learn about life cycle of butterflies and also think of ways we can care for God’s creation. Our butterfly unit will end with a field trip on May 28th (Tuesday) to release the butterflies to a natural setting. Please review the online permission form. If the weather does not cooperate, we will cancel the field trip.  Thanks for thinking ahead!

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Hairy Harrys: are growing strong! Each day our students check on their Hairy Harry by pressing gently on the soil to see if it is damp or dry. They are learning to provide water and sunlight to help their plants grow. We will give them a haircut the coming week!

Numeracy: We have started learning the names of our coins.

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Literacy: May sight words: good, now, little, please and look.  Feel free to have your child play “I spy” for these sight words when reading, playing, etc.


Class photo: we will be taking our K1 class photo as well as the whole school panorama photo on Monday, May 6th.

K1 Chapel: Two more weeks to go for chapel! Our class has made props and we are diligently practicing our skits. It is so fun to watch our class take ownership of showcasing their learning. I am very proud of their hard work! Hope to see you all on May 17th for chapel that morning!

Scholastic orders: were sent home last week.  If you still have the Christmas gift coupon, please use it on this order.  The coupons expire this June.  Please place all orders by the end of next week.  Thanks!

Tissue boxes: If you’ve a bunch of tissue boxes sitting in storage, would you mind kindly donating a box to our classroom? We need 2-3 more boxes to make it to the end of the school year.  Thanks for your generosity!

The June field trip is (tentatively) set for Friday, June 14th from 11AM-2PM.  It requires your help to drive and accompany us to Iona Beach Regional Park.  More information will come along with a final home project that we will use at the field trip.  All three kindergarten classes will attend this trip at the same time.

Important dates:

May 6th – Class and panorama photos

May 9th – Mother’s Day performance (8:30 to 9:00am)

May 17th – K1 Chapel (8:30 to 9:00am)

May 20th – Victoria Day (NO SCHOOL)

May 28th – Butterfly field trip

May 29th – Kindergarten orientation (NO SCHOOL)

Prayer requests:

  • Pray for students to enjoy the process of practising and performing something close to their hearts.  Pray for any nervousness or anxiety to be settled as we do it together.
  • Pray for administration and staff as we do end-of-year tasks: for wisdom, insight and time management to get it all done before Summer!

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