Happy Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day: Thank you very much for taking your time and visiting our class last Thursday! Your presence and support meant a lot to our students. I hope you enjoyed their artwork, cookies and the Mother’s Day card. Happy Mother’s Day! May God bless you with strength and love!

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Hairy Harrys: had a haircut and went home safely last week. It’s fun to hear how they take care of Hairy Harry at home: put into their garden, water them, give them sunlight….

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Numeracy: We have been practicing concepts such as what is 1, 2, or even 3 more than 7 (for example), slowly progressing to 1 or 2 less than. We have learned different math games to strengthen our learning with teen numbers.

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K1 Chapel: is coming next Friday, May 17th. I am very proud of their hard work! Next week we will be rehearsing in the big gym to help familiarize our students with being up on stage. They are equally excited and nervous about performing. We have talked about how to keep on going even if we make a mistake. We can just start over and redo that line/action and it is OK! You may wish to chat with your child about their part in chapel and how they are feeling about it. We are looking forward to seeing all of you that morning and sharing with you what we have learned being a follower of Jesus. I will send a separate email regarding the dress code. Please stay tuned!

May and June Scholastic orders: were sent home this month. Please send in any orders by Tuesday, May 14th. Thank you!

No school: on May 29th for ONLY the Kindergarten students. It will be “Welcome to Kindergarten” for the current pre-school students coming into Kindergarten next year.

Welcome warmer weather: please dress your child appropriately for the changing weather. Our classroom can get quite hot at times. T-shirt and sweater layers are handy. Thank you!

The June field trip: is (tentatively) set for Friday, June 14th from 11AM-2PM.  It requires your help to drive and accompany us to Iona Beach Regional Park.  More information will come along with a final home project that we will use at the field trip.  All three kindergarten classes will attend this trip at the same time.

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