Flutter Flutter Butterfly

Family Groups: This morning, we had our Family groups activity. We decorated our team banners for Sports Day! Your child will be either be on a red or blue team and can dress accordingly for Sports Day. Please ask your child what colour team s/he is in.

Numeracy: We are beginning a series by Marcy Cook that helps students to develop their number sense. We have been practicing concepts such as what is 1, 2, or even 3 more than 7 (for example) using number tiles, slowly progressing to 1 or 2 less than. We have learned different math games to strengthen our learning with numbers.

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Water Table: We have a new toy in the classroom – The Water Table! We love it and we are learning how to make sure the water stays inside the water table… if it spills, we need to help clean up together! 🙂

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Butterflies: Our butterflies are all out now! Please come and check them out. We each made a butterfly mask. Let’s play a guessing game with your child.

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Core Competency Self-Assessment: In June, an envelop will come home with your child regarding Core Competencies and how we are practicing self-assessment. Please read over the parent letters, which will explain what the school and K1 have been focusing on and our process for self-reflections. Take some time to chat with your child over their self-refection and how they feel about their behaviour. I told our class that our self-reflections do not need to be shared with peers, as it is a learning tool for ourselves, so that we can see which areas we can work on to become a more Christ-like person.

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Butterfly release field trip: is coming Tuesday, May 29th. Please visit the “Permission” page to approve your child for this field trip. We will do various butterfly activities. Please send along a small bug cage (if you have one), a hat, proper outdoor clothing and a big dose of curiosity! Thank you! I will be contacting my parent volunteers so they know what to expect. We will return to the school around 10:45am. If you have any questions, please ask me!

NO SCHOOL: next Wednesday, May 29th, for Kindies only due to Kindergarten Orientation for the Pre-schoolers coming to Kindergarten.

Carnival: is on Friday, May 31st at the Secondary School Campus. Early dismissal at 2:00PM. Come enjoy face painting, carnival games, bouncy castles and have a lot of fun! See carnival emails or posters in the foyer for more information.

Sports Day: is on Friday (June 7th)! Please note that Sports Day will run from 8:20AM to 12:30PM, students will be dismissed at 12:30PM. There will be no classroom lessons that day. We will meet in the classroom at the beginning of the day and then split off into Family Groups to play the different Sports Day games.

Library: Next Thursday will be our last Library class for this school year. Please remind your child to bring their library books and bag if s/he would like to exchange books. 

Year-end field trip: will be on June 14th (Friday) from 11AM to 2:15PM. All parents/guardians are required to drive and accompany their child. The permission form will be sent to you soon. We will celebrate our Farther’s Day by singing songs and presenting gifts at 10:45am in our classroom. Fathers are welcome to join us. 

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