Force and Motion

Bye Bye: Last Tuesday, we released all our butterflies! 🙂 They were flapping their wings and looking strong and ready to experience life outside of our classroom. Our students brainstormed a safe place and time for our butterflies to head to the great outdoors.

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Force and Motion: We are fully going into the last month of this school year, and time is flying by! We have many special events coming up to celebrate the end of our kindergarten and our learning. This month, our theme is about Force and Motion. We will experiment with and learn about how force moves objects and the different ways objects can move (push/pull/spin/bounce…etc.) Ask your child what we did in class this past week. Throughout this theme, we will be learning about force, different types of motion, and what affects motion (friction, speed…etc.) We will end this unit with a field trip to launch the kites you are making at home.

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School books: As we look to the last few weeks of school, I encourage you to have a look around your home for any home reading books that your child has borrowed from the classroom so that you are able to return them to school. Many thanks!

Library books: Please bring back the library books next Thursday, June 6th. If you have any books overdue, lost, etc., please see Ms. Huber to discuss. Thanks!

Parent volunteers: I need some help with washing some of the toys in our classroom. If you can spare a bit of time and wash some toys, I would really appreciate it.  It can be done here at the school or at home. Please let me know if you are able to help.

Sports Day: is coming Friday, June 7th. Please note that Sports Day will run from 8:30AM to 12:30PM; students will be dismissed at 12:30PM.

Rest time blankets: are going home today. Please keep them home! We are going to have silent reading during our rest time from now on. Thank you!

I have emailed you the June calendar last week. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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