Push and Pull

Sports Day: We had loads of fun jumping, running, climbing, pushing, dancing, cheering and much more. Thank you very much for your help to make this event successful!

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Force and Motion: we have continued exploring force and motion by performing small science experiments to learn about pushing and pulling. In our table stations, we have explored different ways of making objects move (roll, spin, bounce, slide, fast slow) and what affects their movement (size, shape, material).

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Bible: We have started reading Jesus’ miracles this week. We love learning how Jesus changed water into wine, walked on water, etc.

Numeracy: students continue to work on developing their number sense: breaking down numbers, combining numbers and telling number stories.


Year-end field trip:

  • will be next Friday, June 14th. Please review and approve the field trip if you have not already done so. You may want to consider the following for the beach: an easy picnic lunch for you and your child, water bottles, labelled sand toys, picnic blankets, hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, change of clothes, towel, sandals (or water boots). We will be walking out at low tide, please dress appropriately. There is a shower faucet to rinse off our feet at the end.

Here is the schedule for Friday:

8:20AM – Arrive at RCS for regular morning
10:00-10:20AM – Snack
10:20-10:45AM – Recess
10:45-11:00AM – Father’s Day presentation
11:00AM – Parents pick up and drive their child to the beach
11:20AM – Arrive at the beach
11:20-1200PM – Eat lunch
12:00-12:30PM – Play in the sand
12:30-2:15PM – Teacher-led activities
2:15PM – Dismissal from beach

Pack-up time:

  • Next week, students will begin bringing home school work and items.  Please leave a large bag/tote in your child’s backpack so that s/he can easily carry any excess.
  • Next week, I will also send home indoor shoes so that everything makes it home for the summer.

Prayer request:

  • For safety and well-being during these final days of classes.
  • For hearts and spirits to be prepared as students say good-bye and transition into another rhythm for the summer.

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