Welcome to K1

Dear K1 families,

I am so excited to start Kindergarten with you this year!  I look forward to meeting your family on Tuesday and showing your child our classroom.  Just a quick couple of notes from me to get us in the groove of things for this year:

  • Email/ Blog: I use email and a blog as my primary means of communicating with parents.  My email is mwong@myrcs.ca, please email me if you have questions or need to let me know about vacations etc.  Every week, I update our class blog with what we are learning and upcoming events.  To facilitate that, please subscribe to this blog page.  It will automatically email you whenever I update it and you won’t miss out on our classroom events.
  • Schedules: By now, you should have received a schedule for kindergarten students’ first two weeks of school. Please follow the schedule to allow a gentle and measured transition into this new setting.  Plan to remain at school for the hour that your child is in class on Tuesday and Wednesday. There is no need to remain on campus for the rest of gradual entry.  We appreciate your help & support in this learning process.  Let’s help these young people start the year strong!

When your child comes to school on Tuesday, bring along:

  • Emergency release form: (form)
  • Indoor shoes: Please ensure that your child has a pair of good velcro runners to leave at school.  They will be wearing these for gym class as well.
  • A backpack
  • A small shoe box with extra clothing:  under-clothes, a shirt, pants, socks, and plastic grocery bags for soiled clothing.
  • Two Tissue boxes (shared item; no need to label)

Kindergarten students will use the school library on a weekly basis.  Please have a sturdy, reusable bag clearly labelled with your child’s name for him/her to use on library days (Begins on Thursday, Sept.12th).  Ms. Huber, the librarian, has reusable plastic library bags for sale in the library for $1  to purchase after school.  Show your child where the library bag will be stored in his/her backpack.

Over the long weekend, please reflect on these things to be shared with me next week.  No need to write anything down! Just think about it 😉

  1.  What are your child’s strengths & interests?
  2. What are your goals for your child this year?
  3. What are some things that help your child succeed?

Your insight helps me to know your child better in these early days.

Thank you for entrusting your child to RCS this year, I pray that we will work together as a team to make this an eye-opening and awe-inspiring year for your child as they begin their educational career.  Can’t wait until we meet on Tuesday!


Mrs. Michelle Wong

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