Let’s Soar Together!

Dear K1 parents,

Please give yourself a round of applause! Thank you very much for preparing your child well for entering Kindergarten. Well done parents! I hope the children enjoyed the first week of school of learning different new faces. We played a variety of games to get to know our names. They were busy learning routines and following class rules. We have been talking about how to be KIND! We read a variety of books about friendship and how to show love and care to each other.

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Blanket/Towel: Starting next Wednesday (Full Day Kindergarten!), your child will need a small blanket for Rest time after lunch recess. Please choose a blanket that can stay in the classroom for the rest of the year. Label the blanket with your child’s name. I will send the blankets home to wash at the end of each month. There is a sample outside my classroom. Remember to choose a small, thin blanket for easy classroom storage. Help your child to know which is his/hers.

Good and Faithful helper theme: the schedule is printed on the calendar. When your child is Good and Faithful helper, they will bring an item from home to share with the class. Please help them pick something appropriate to bring to share and to think of some clues for the class to guess (ie. It is furry. It is brown. It says “grrrr”.) The rules for sharing is that the object is an appropriate size (not too big please) and mommy and daddy have to say it is ok to bring. September’s sharing theme is God’s creation (e.g. fall, colours, family pictures, summer vacations, something they like…etc). Some ideas may include things God made, or things your child made.

Scholastic orders: Please look through the fliers your child took home today, select the books they are interested in, and mark them at the back of the flyer. You have the option of either paying online by visiting parentpay.scholastic.ca or submitting a cheque to me payable to Scholastic Canada Ltd. Regardless of your form of payment, please return the order forms by Friday, September 20th. Every club order will help our class to earn bonus points, in which we will use to redeem for books to enrich our classroom library!

Healthy snacks: Thank you for sending delicious, healthy food for your children to enjoy. Please enjoy treats like cookies, chocolate, and candies with your family at home. 

Volunteer opportunity: I am looking for some parents who can help us recycle our household blue-bin recyclable items (e.g. plastic boxes, yogurt juice bottles, juice boxes, etc.) each week. Please email me if you are interested.  Thank you!

Meet the Teacher Night: is on Monday, September 16th (7 to 8:30PM).  Please mark this day on your calendars.  It is a very important time for our admin team and myself to be able to chat with you about our plans for this year.  Please arrange for child care as this is a parent only evening.  I look forward to seeing you and giving you our class schedule.

Photo day: will be on Wednesday, September 18th.  We will take our photos in the morning, so if you wish your child to wear dressier clothes, they will hopefully still look neat.

Pumpkin Patch field trip: will be on October 17th (9:00 to 11:00AM). Parents are to accompany their child for the duration of the field trip. More info to come.

Prayer requests

  • For the health and wellbeing of students and teachers as we’re back into full swing!
  • For the development and growth of students as they learn about routines, how to be in relationship with one another, and how to be a student.

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