Colourful Leaves

Fall: We have been exploring the changes in the weather – Fall is here! We went for a Fall Hunt. In groups, we created some pictures by using the leaves we had picked from the field. We’ve been collecting fall treasures to share with the class. With the treasures, we notice similarities and differences and observe with our senses.  Continue to walk outside with your children and collect fall treasures together! We read different books about Fall and discussed about what we see and how we feel in Fall. We also figured out that “fall” has two different meanings. Students made a class book called “Leaves on the…”. You are welcome to read the book with your child during noisy reading in the morning. 

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Literacy and Numeracy:

  • We have begun our printing program Handwriting Without Tears.  In Kindergarten we begin with upper case letters and move on to lower case letters in term 2.  My hope is that students learn to form letters the right way which will help them write faster and more fluently. We have also learned how to hold our pencil in a proper position so that we will not get tired of writing easily.
  • We have started our new reading booklet called “Leaves Everywhere”.
  • We completed our shape posters/ shape portraits/ shape artwork, and we will be focusing on sorting and patterns the following weeks.

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PrayerWe will also be working on our prayer life.  It is my hope that our children will learn to pray from their hearts, to bring their worries, happiness and wishes to God in a simple “chat”.  Our class has already experienced many types of prayer: in the morning and afternoons led by the special friend who has a choice to echo my prayer or make up their own, as well as singing our prayer song before eating.  This month we will be asking for prayer suggestions from the class.  I hope to vary our praying activities as the year goes on and our class begins to feel more comfortable praying – in partners, in small groups, etc.

Bible: We completed God’s Creation booklets. We will focus on Thanksgiving next week.


  • NO SCHOOL: there will be no school next Thursday and Friday due to Professional Days, and no school on Monday due to Thanksgiving holiday. Blessings for a thankful weekend!
  • Earthquake drill and Lockdown drill: in the following weeks, we will be practicing our earthquake and lockdown procedures so that we will be prepared for when our school does a drill together. These can be scary for children – especially the lockdown. You can pre-load your child for this as in a lockdown, students need to be in a classroom, the door gets locked, windows and blinds closed and we sit quietly because there is an emergency.
  • Field trip: is on October 21st, Monday. Please read your email for details.
  • Literacy night: is on October 24th (Thursday) at 7pm. Parents only.
  • Clothing: now that we are moving into Fall with its chilly and brisk weather, please consider dressing your child in layers.  A short sleeve t-shirt, with a long sleeve and a jacket are a good way to layer for the school day.  That way your child can take off layers after gym or outside recess if they feel too warm.

Prayer requests:

  • For students to continue transitioning to full days.  Pray that students will have easy and excellent rest in order to regulate his/her feelings and responses throughout a busy day.
  • For good health and wellbeing as cold & flu viruses are upon us!
  • For all of us to have reflective and thankful hearts as we approach Thanksgiving.

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