Jesus is our Superhero

We had lots of fun on Super Hero day. We gathered in the gym where we met many doctors, fire-fighters, Supermen, Superwomen, and many more… Mr. Paul and Mr. P introduced the new Chapel theme for the coming months (Soar with Family).  We thank you God for giving us our family, and it is a blessing to serve at home. Please chat with your child what he/she can help out at home. They are all little superheroes/ super helpers.

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Bears:  We love our bears! We have enjoyed singing with our bears, playing with them, and eating with them at school! We had a book hunt to look for bear’s appearance and pretended to go on a bear hunt last week. We drew pictures of a bear and labelled its different parts.  The students tried their best to sound out the words on their own.

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We sorted and created patterns using bear counters.

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In the next two weeks, we will learn about where bears live, what bears like to eat, and more about their life cycle.


Teddy Bear picnicon Tuesday, November 26th we will be celebrating the end of our bear unit with a teddy bear picnic! This event will be held at school. I emailed the sign-up sheet for food on SignUpGenius. Thank you to those who have already signed up. Please follow this link to sign up if you have not done so:

Extra clothes: Please be diligent in replenishing your child’s extra clothes box.  Socks and pants are usually the most used items.

Gifts for the Manger: this year we are once again collecting donations for the Crisis Pregnancy Centre.  Please consider donating items towards this cause and chatting with your child about why we would donate.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to share the many blessings we have been given in our lives.  Please see the separate email from school regarding items to donate.

NO SCHOOL next Friday, November 22nd – Pro-D day.


We Remember

Remembrance Day: In Kindergarten, we teach Remembrance Day by focussing on poppies as a symbol that help us remember those who fought for us to have peace. We read some literature about peace and poppies. We also reflected on what Peace feels like after reading the book “What does Peace feel like?”  By Vladimir Radunsky. There will be NO SCHOOL on Monday, November 11th.

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In Literacy, We continue to work on the “Hand-writing without Tears”. We are concentrating on learning the uppercase letter names and sounds. The sight words that we are working on this month are: I, a, at, see, the (bonus word: and)  You can reinforce your child’s sight word recognition by pointing it out and allowing him/her to read that particular sight word when you read books together, when you see it in the environment, play guessing games while you drive (e.g. I’m thinking of a sight word that only has 1 letter… etc.)

Bible: This month we will be going on a journey with Abraham. Students will learn that Abraham trusted God and was called God’s friend, and we can strive to do the same in our own life.

Numeracy: In math, students are becoming more creative with their patterns.  Recognizing and working with patterns become the basis of understanding more complex concepts and mathematic operations.  It helps people to develop generalizations and relationships to understand the world better.

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Social/ Emotions: Our class has continued settling in nicely to school expectations and classroom routines. Please pray for all of our students to find and make good friends in our class. I hope they will learn to include one another, to be kind and encouraging and to form lasting friendships. It is lovely to see when a child voluntarily helps out someone else, by pushing their chairs in or helping zip up their jackets. It builds a great atmosphere of helpfulness and support for all our learners. We have started using “You first, I’ll wait” to demonstrate our love to others. Bible tells us “Treat others as you want them to treat you. This is what the Law and the Prophets are all about.” Matthew 7:12


Boom! Zap! Pow! Put on your capes, because November 15th is RCS Elementary Hero Day! Come dressed up as your favourite hero — a Bible hero, a comic book hero, or a community hero, the possibilities are endless. This is your chance to get creative and honour all the superheroes in our lives — both fictional and the real-life.

Good and Faithful Helper theme: our theme for November will be something home made or something to do with bears.  Please encourage your child to choose something which is not related to toys but aligned to our theme. Help your child think of some clues to help us guess.  For example, what shape is it, what is it used for, what letter/sound does it begin with.

Bear Sleepover: Bears, bears, bears!.. is our theme for November.  Please have your child select a stuffed bear that can remain at school for the month of November.  We will do activities with our bears throughout the month.  Select a bear that is not a favourite i.e. required to sleep at night, as the stuffed bears will stay until November 30th.  Thank you!

Teddy Bear Picnic: on Tuesday, November 26th we will be celebrating the end of our bear unit with a teddy bear picnic! This will be held at school, each student will bring a picnic food to share. It is for lunch food but if you feel like your child won’t be interested in the potluck items, feel free to send him/her a lunch that day as normal. Thank you!

Prayer requests:

  • Excellent insight and time management as teachers prepare report cards.
  • Continual deep learning as the students live and learn alongside one another

God Keeps His Promises

Thank you for meeting with me at the Parent Teacher Conferences to celebrate and support your child’s learning. It was great to have one-on-one time with you! And your thoughtful and generous gift of books to refresh our class library is greatly appreciated! 

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Bible: We finished the story of Noah and the students retold the story to me. We acted the story out during our Bible lessons and wrote about how Noah trusted God in our Journal. They sure had loads of fun “building” the ark!

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  • We have been learning different uppercase letters and letter sounds. Our class loved watching the following video. Last week, we focused on letters R and B.
  • Morning message: we have been focusing on hearing different sounds at the beginning of words. Our “Talking banana” took some of the letters away from our morning message, and our kiddos helped me to fix the problem. They have been doing really well.

Numeracy: we continue to review numbers and work on patterns. We have been busy making patterns at table stations. I’m so pleased with how creative this class can be with their patterning.

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Pumpkins: To wrap up our pumpkin unit, we made a pumpkin volcano on Friday.  Anything pumpkin is always fun. We used a small pumpkin with the top cut off and the inside hollowed out, vinegar, liquid dish soap, food colouring, and baking soda. They enjoyed watching the frothy bubbly mixture poured out the top of our pumpkin.

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Jackets, backpacks and water bottles:  As we move into November, it is good practice for students to develop more independence.  A good way to foster independence is to give a child age appropriate tasks.  When your child comes to school in the morning, they can do their morning jobs on their own – change their shoes, hang up their jackets and backpacks, put their water bottles on their table, put rest cloths/library books into bins etc.  This encourages them to take responsibility for their own belongings, to think about what they need to do next, to think about joining the group plan to get ready for school, and to become faster at daily tasks such as un/zipping jackets and putting shoes on/off.  It may be more convenient and faster to do these things for them, but when we give them time to figure it out on their own, we are valuing their development and their attempts at independence.  I encourage you to find ways to grant independence to your child at home!


Field trip: is on Monday, Nov. 4th. Your child will enjoy his/her snacks before we get on the school bus at 9:10am.

Scholastic orders: are due on November 8th.

Super Hero Day- is on November 15th. Students can dress up as a “superhero” on that day. This can be a cartoon superhero (i.e. Batman) or a Bible superhero (ie. Queen Esther) or a community superhero (ie. firefighter). Please do not feel obligated to go out and buy a costume, many families just make one out of things they have at home.

Bear Sleepover: we will begin our bear unit soon! To make this unit unique and fun, your child is invited to keep a stuffed bear at school. We will use our stuffies to further our unit and help with some hands-on learning. Please help your child pick a bear that is appropriate in size and “attach-ed-ness”. The bears sleepover at school so they do NOT go home each day with your child. They may bring their bears in starting next week so that we will be ready to begin on our unit on Nov. 12th. 

Remembrance Day: NO SCHOOL on Nov. 11th.

Deeper Learning Parent Night: is on November 7th.

We kindly request that you use this link to RSVP. We want to ensure that we have prepared sufficient materials for those in attendance.

Please note that there will be no childcare provided and that the evening is not suitable for children.

If you would like more information about the evening, you can watch this video.

Prayer requests:

  • For our first bus trip on Monday.
  • For hearts and minds to be prepared for Remembrance Day next week.
  • For teachers to have good insight and time management as we embark on report card time this month.  Thank you!


I am a little pumpkin

What a memorable field trip we had! I give thanks that we were able to safely enjoy a field trip together. I hope you and your child had a good time hanging out together and learned some new things about how a farm works. Thank you for coming to join us and to invest in your child’s education. Students drew pictures and wrote down the initial sounds of the items or objects that they saw during the trip in their journals. 

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Last week we started learning about how pumpkins look and their different parts. Our class did many literacy and numeracy activities using the pumpkins we got from our field trip. We used our eyes to observe various gourds and pumpkins. We have also started learning about the life cycle of a pumpkin and how God designed plants to grow. Each day we will complete a new page in our life cycle booklet. 

We baked pumpkin cookies.

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We compared the sizes of the pumpkins.

We cut open a pumpkin and touched the seeds inside.

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We made 3D pumpkins.

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Bible: continuing to learn about Noah. We know that God always keeps His promises.

Home Reading Program: Most of you have already brought home the Home Reading Program. Thank you to those who attended Literacy Night to hear about how reading should look like in Kindergarten. I hope you are ready and excited to embark on this amazing journey into literacy! Each child is allowed to bring home 2-3 beginning readers each time. When you are ready to exchange the books, they are located in the red and blue buckets on the shelf at the front door. You should be the one exchanging books, NOT your child. Once your child finished reading 10 books, please bring back the paper for me to check. Please remember that this should be a fun, enjoyable time for you and your child to spend together. It is not “homework” and not something for your child to do alone. Come chat with me if you have any questions.

Helping Your Child be Ready for Reading

K Literacy Night

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3


Parent Teacher Conferences: are coming up on October 28th and 29th. I look forward to having the chance to speak with you about how your child is doing in Kindergarten. Bring any questions you may have! Students DO NOT attend this conference, so please arrange for child care. Try your best to be punctual as the meeting is not long (only 15 minutes) and we need to be efficient with our time together. There will be no school on Thursday, October 29th since conferences run from 12-8PM.

Good and Faithful helper: Our theme for November will be something home made or something to do with bears. I am pleased to see how confident they are when they share in front of the class. Thank you for all your hard work, parents! I have emailed you the November calendar.

Hero Day: is on Friday, November 15th.

November book orders: are coming home next week. If you wish to purchase books, please return the form by Friday, November 8th.

Book Fair: Our school book fair is scheduled from Oct. 28th to Nov 1st. If you are interested in buying books for your child, you can visit the fair at these times:

  • Monday: 9:30am-6:00pm
  • Tuesday: 12:00-8:00pm
  • Wednesday: 8:30am-3:15pm
  • Thursday: 8:30pm-3:15pm
  • Friday: 9:00am-3:15pm (Usborne, and House of James only)

You are welcome to purchase books for our classroom library. A wish list has been compiled. Thank you!

Blankets: Please wash your child’s blanket and bring it back on Monday.

I wonder…

Welcome back to school after a nice long break over Thanksgiving! From your child’s conversations, it sounded like everyone had a busy and fun weekend, picking apples, travelling and playing outside!


Pumpkins: We have been focusing on learning about pumpkins. We’ve learned about how God designed pumpkins to grow and the various stages it goes through. We examined the sizes and shapes of a variety of pumpkins and gourds, and we have created “I WONDER…” bulletin board outside our classroom. I love how they each asked “Mr. Pumpkin” a question. By the time we go on our field trip, you will have a little pumpkin expert on your hands! Next week we will learn the parts of a pumpkin and play a pumpkin game about the stem, shell, tendril, flesh, pulp, and seed. We have started using iPads to help us learn more about letters and sounds during our table stations. The App we have been using is called “Endless Alphabet”.

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Numeracy: Students have started to learn about patterns, practicing and noticing them in our environment. They have been making different patterns (ie. ABABA, AABBAABB) by using Fall manipulatives.

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Core Competency Self-Reflection: students have been practicing core competencies in their work and play. In particular, students have worked on their communication skill of listening to others and sharing ideas. Other specific facets of core competencies we will focus on include: Thinking – explaining your ideas, problem solving. Personal/ Social skills – knowing that others are different than myself.

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Field Trip: Our field trip is on Monday.  Please refer to the consent form and the email sent to you for information.  Thank you!

Literacy Night: On October 24th at 7PM, we will be hosting literacy night for Kindergarten parents at RCS. Please come and hear about our home reading program, ways to help and support your child in this journey of reading, and things we are doing here at school to help your child with literacy. This event is for adults only.

October Special Friend Theme: pumpkins, fall, numbers, patterns, Noah. When it is your child’s turn to be the Special Friend, help them pick something to do with any of the themes to share. Ideas might include: squashes, pumpkins, pine cones, something striped or dotted, animals, etc. Or, they may bring something they made. Please keep toys at home! 

Parent Teacher Conference: Just a note that parent teacher conferences are right around the corner! They will be on Monday, October 28th from 3:15 to 6PM, and on Tuesday, October 29th from 12-8PM. There will be NO SCHOOL on Tuesday, October 29th.

Prayer requests:

  • For our class to join in on “group plans” so that we act as a cohesive whole. We read the story “Group Plan” in class and have been using that language to help students think of being a class together, doing one activity together.
  • For relationships with peers and teachers to continue establishing in a strong and secure manner.
  • For the upcoming parent-teacher conferences that it may be a beneficial and productive time to touch base about the students’ development.


Happy Thanksgiving!

I pray that you all will have a great time celebrating the Thanksgiving holiday with your family and friends. As Christians we have a lot to be thankful for and Thanksgiving is a great time to remember our blessings. Last week, we read “If you are thankful and you know it” and “Thankful” and listed items that we are thankful for. We also talked about how we can share our blessings with others. Our class decorated/ created/ drew lots of turkeys last week! Check out our bulletin board display for what we gave thanks for. We learned how to draw a turkey in a fun and easy way with our Grade 4 buddies. 

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Turkey Headband: Our students each made a turkey headband to celebrate Thanksgiving. To make this activity more interesting, students have to think how to change a square into a triangle for the turkey’s beak, to cut a square into two circles to make its eyes, and to cut a circle into two semi-circles to form its wattle.

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Bible– We completed God’s Creation booklets, and we talked about Adam and Eve last week. This month our Bible focus is on Noah and how God keeps his promises. Since most students know this story really well, we will be acting out the story together.  This should be a fun and kinesthetic way to learn a familiar story.


  • Scholastic Ordersare due on Friday, October 18th.
  • Photo Orders: were due on October 8th. If you missed the deadline, photos can still be ordered online. Photo retakes are on November 7th . Please let me know if you wish your child to retake his/her photo so I can add them to the list.
  • Field Trip: is on Monday (Oct. 21st). We will meet at the farm at 9:15AM! WE WILL NOT MEET AT SCHOOL BEFOREHAND. Please dress appropriately for the weather. It tends to be windier in Delta, so please layer up, wear rain boots as the farm is muddy and be prepared to be outside for an hour. Looking forward to our first field trip together! Please review the permission form and provide the appropriate consent.

Important dates:

Thursday and Friday (Oct. 10 & 11) – Pro-D, No school

Friday (Oct. 18) – Scholastic orders due

Monday (Oct. 21) – Field trip

Thursday (Oct. 24) – Literacy Night at 7pm

Monday (Oct. 28) – Parent-teacher conferences (3:15-6pm)

Tuesday (Oct 29) – Parent-teacher conferences, No school

October 28 to November 1 – Book Fair

Colourful Leaves

Fall: We have been exploring the changes in the weather – Fall is here! We went for a Fall Hunt. In groups, we created some pictures by using the leaves we had picked from the field. We’ve been collecting fall treasures to share with the class. With the treasures, we notice similarities and differences and observe with our senses.  Continue to walk outside with your children and collect fall treasures together! We read different books about Fall and discussed about what we see and how we feel in Fall. We also figured out that “fall” has two different meanings. Students made a class book called “Leaves on the…”. You are welcome to read the book with your child during noisy reading in the morning. 

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Literacy and Numeracy:

  • We have begun our printing program Handwriting Without Tears.  In Kindergarten we begin with upper case letters and move on to lower case letters in term 2.  My hope is that students learn to form letters the right way which will help them write faster and more fluently. We have also learned how to hold our pencil in a proper position so that we will not get tired of writing easily.
  • We have started our new reading booklet called “Leaves Everywhere”.
  • We completed our shape posters/ shape portraits/ shape artwork, and we will be focusing on sorting and patterns the following weeks.

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PrayerWe will also be working on our prayer life.  It is my hope that our children will learn to pray from their hearts, to bring their worries, happiness and wishes to God in a simple “chat”.  Our class has already experienced many types of prayer: in the morning and afternoons led by the special friend who has a choice to echo my prayer or make up their own, as well as singing our prayer song before eating.  This month we will be asking for prayer suggestions from the class.  I hope to vary our praying activities as the year goes on and our class begins to feel more comfortable praying – in partners, in small groups, etc.

Bible: We completed God’s Creation booklets. We will focus on Thanksgiving next week.


  • NO SCHOOL: there will be no school next Thursday and Friday due to Professional Days, and no school on Monday due to Thanksgiving holiday. Blessings for a thankful weekend!
  • Earthquake drill and Lockdown drill: in the following weeks, we will be practicing our earthquake and lockdown procedures so that we will be prepared for when our school does a drill together. These can be scary for children – especially the lockdown. You can pre-load your child for this as in a lockdown, students need to be in a classroom, the door gets locked, windows and blinds closed and we sit quietly because there is an emergency.
  • Field trip: is on October 21st, Monday. Please read your email for details.
  • Literacy night: is on October 24th (Thursday) at 7pm. Parents only.
  • Clothing: now that we are moving into Fall with its chilly and brisk weather, please consider dressing your child in layers.  A short sleeve t-shirt, with a long sleeve and a jacket are a good way to layer for the school day.  That way your child can take off layers after gym or outside recess if they feel too warm.

Prayer requests:

  • For students to continue transitioning to full days.  Pray that students will have easy and excellent rest in order to regulate his/her feelings and responses throughout a busy day.
  • For good health and wellbeing as cold & flu viruses are upon us!
  • For all of us to have reflective and thankful hearts as we approach Thanksgiving.

Fall is Here!

Reading Buddies: We are so excited to have Grade 4 students come to our class twice a month this term! It has been a great opportunity for our kindies to interact with their older buddies in our school and build up a sense of community. Last week, our buddies did an interview with us, and read us stories.

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Literacy Rotations:

  • We have been focussing on writing our names with an uppercase letter for the first letter and lowercase for the rest.  Take some time to encourage your child to use the right sized letters for their name!  I will be encouraging them to do this each time we have to write our name in class. My hope is that students learn to form letters the right way which will help them write faster and more fluently.
  • We have started our new reading booklet called “Colour Monsters”.

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  • We understand that shapes are all around us. We learned about the shapes by their names and forms. 
  • We focused on one shape each day and coloured that shape on our pictures.
  • We went for a Shape Hunt.
  • We collaboratively created Shape Posters.

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Bible: We’re learning about Creation during bible time.  Students are hearing about the order of creation, and how God intended his work to be good.

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Social/ Emotional:

  • We will begin to explore how feelings impact our thinking and behaviour.  Using a set of stories called “The Incredible, Flexible You”, students see how they can be a positive impact when learning together in a group.


Rest blankets: Your child bring home the blanket today. Please wash it and bring it back on Monday. Thank you!

First field trip: permission forms were sent to my school management last week. Please review the form carefully and provide the appropriate consent in order for your child to participate. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask me.

October Good and Faithful Helper Theme: pumpkins, fall, numbers, patterns, Noah.  When it is your child’s turn to be the Special Friend, help them pick something to do with any of the themes to share.  Ideas might include: squashes, pumpkins, pine cones, something striped or dotted, animals, etc.  If it is too difficult, then they may bring something they made.

Prayer requests:

  • For good health and wellbeing so that we can all be ready to learn.
  • For relationships with peers and teachers to continue establishing in a strong and secure  manner


God Made Me!

Bible: We are learning about God’s wonderful creations. We discussed about how we are different and unique. Even though we look different and come from a different family, God loves us the same. We are learning two worship songs about Creation. One is “God Made me”, and the other is “God is Powerful”. We also created our own pictures using manipulative. They are wonderfully made by our little ones.

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Chapel: We had an outdoor chapel that Mr. Paul and Mr. P were riding a zip-line to soar! We have learned that God is always with us, and if we are on His solid ground, we will not fall.

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Chapel movie


  • Literacy goals for the month of September include being able to recognize, read and print their own name.  Students are practicing capital letters and sounds.  Students are discovering that speaking & listening are skills we need to practice and grow so that we can learn. We read a book called “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom” and created our own coconut tree.
  • Last week, we started a phonological awareness (the broad skill of identifying and manipulating units of spoken language)  routine called “English Exercises” to build up our literacy muscles.  This activity is a large group activity in a call and answer style format led by the teacher.  During the Kindergarten Literacy night next month (October 24th 7PM), you will get to try it out for yourself!

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  • Math goals for the month of September include identifying basic shapes, exploring how shapes are used in our world, and using shapes as a vehicle to create.

Social/ Emotional: Last week, we read two books – “Good Good Father” and “Fox and Squirrel – Help Out”. We talked about why God created us with two hands, and how we should use them wisely to show love and care to each other. Please continue to chat with them at home about how we use appropriate words and actions towards others. We created a “Helping Hand” bulletin board. Please come and check out what your child wants to do with their helping hands. I appreciate their creativity.

Coming events:

Library is every Thursday! Please equip your child with a sturdy, large library bag, clearly labelled with his/her name.  Starting next Thursday (Sept. 26), your child is allowed to borrow books from the library.

Our first field trip is booked for October 21 (Monday).  Look for a consent form notification next week.  This consent form must be approved via my school management.

Family Groups:  We will have our first Family Groups on Friday, September 27th.  Family Group activities several times a year to build community between the grades.  Your child will be going with 1 or 2 other students in our class to another classroom to form a Family Group with other K-grade 5 students.  This Friday will be an introduction activity where we get to know the other students.  Students come to our classroom in the morning as usual, when the bell rings we begin with Family Groups right away.  A grade 5 student will come to our classroom to pick up the Kindies.  After the activity, we will meet back in K1 classroom where the kindies return to me.  Please chat with your child about this so they know what to expect.

HeadphonesPlease bring in the money and form for the headphones if you have not done so.

Prayer requests:

  • For students to continue transitioning to full days.  Pray that students will have easy and excellent rest in order to regulate his/her feelings and responses throughout a busy day.
  • For good health and wellbeing as cold & flu viruses are upon us!

Full Day Kindergarten

We all had a great time last week at school. As we move into our third week, remember that your child has been very busy learning about a new environment, routines, rules, expectations, people, relationships and oh yeah – all sorts of information, too! Be intentionally about providing rest and “down time” so that your child is refreshed and recharged, ready and eager to be at school.  Last week, we learned that God created each of us unique and special. We have been practicing the skills to help our classroom become a happy and safe place to learn. We enjoyed singing the following songs last week. Your child will teach you the actions. 🙂


Let your child tell you what we did last week:

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This month, students will be learning about the core competencies through the vehicles of shapes & colours and the story of Creation.  Students will also begin our focus on literacy by beginning English Exercises – practices in hearing and manipulating English sounds.

Our students have started their switches with our specialty teachers. The following links are their overviews.

Art Overview

Music Overview

P.E. Overview


Fall: is almost here! Please dress your child in layers, with a warm waterproof jacket for outdoors.  Boots are a good idea when it is wet.  At RCS, we send the children out for exercise and fresh air whenever possible, sometimes that means being outside when it is sprinkling rain.  I try to take the children out everyday regardless of the weather.  If it is raining, we might go for a quick walk around the school, if it is pouring, we might do some activities outside undercover.  Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately so they can fully enjoy our activities.

Extra clothes: Please put a set of extra clothes inside your child’s shoe box (must have a lid) which is kept at school. Include: underclothes, a shirt, pants and socks. Please do check the shoe box regularly and make sure all the items are ready to use. When your child takes home a pair of wet socks, please bring a new pair to put into the shoe box the next day.

Lunch Drop off: If your child’s lunch is brought to school by a parent, grandparent, or other person during the morning, the drop off is located in the school foyer next to the gym doors. Please locate the box labeled with your child’s class name and place inside. This allows our students to work undisturbed in the classrooms and hallways and helps our front office staff to keep track of who is entering and leaving the building.

Emergency procedures: Over the next couple of weeks, students will be learning and practicing several emergency routines including fire drill, earthquake drill and a lockdown routine.  I explain to the students that sometimes these events happen and though it can be unsettling and unsafe, we can practice how to be safe during these things.  Knowing what to do helps us feel better and ready to learn.

Important dates:

September 16 – Meet the teacher night at 7pm (Parents only)

September 18 – Photo Day

September 20 – Scholastic orders due