Listed here are articles that parents may find interesting or helpful. These are articles that I have read or found online. Content, perspectives and views expressed in links may not be affiliated, supported or endorsed by the school. Please be prayerful and use discretion when considering information found on the internet.

The following links are meant for parenting but I’ve found contain applicable principles to teaching also.  I hope it encourages you and provides positive support for you and your family.


Executive Functioning Skills
Executive functioning skills help us plan, strategize and cope.  They include flexibility, persistence, organization, regulating emotion, inhibiting response, sustaining attention, etc.  These skills are very important to a successful school career and a successful life career.  I suggest you take your time scrolling through this long document in small doses.  Maybe just read one skill a month and see how you could incorporate those practices.

Tips on how to support a student’s education at home
From the BC Ministry of Education’s website.  Parents, other family members and home atmosphere play a critical part in every child’s learning, here are some ideas for teaching at home.  Topics include reading, writing, math and healthy living.

Watch your conjunctions in parenting 

10 ways to love your kids 

Kindness leads to repentance

Raising children who are confident in God

Motivating kids to clean up

 A guide to promoting resilience in children

 Teach children that the bible isn’t about them

A few years ago, Sharon Snider (K1 teacher) took a professional development course offered through Trinity Western University.  In this course, she investigated a particular practice of teaching and learning that contribute and support education for our learners.  Our research helped us as educators develop and improve our practice, as well as answer the essential questions of the course:

1. Toward what specific and transcendent ends should teaching and learning be directed?

2. How can these ends shape concrete practices of teaching and learning?

To answer these questions, Mrs. Snider considered and researched the area of play and how children learn through their play.  You are welcome to look at her final project to learn more about the importance of play for children’s learning as well as, why play is relevant to us as christians.

Play and the Believer

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