He Is Stronger

Bible: Last week, we focused on Easter and what Jesus did for us on the cross. we opened 2 Resurrection Eggs each day to discover an object relevant to Easter e.g. donkey, coins, whip, etc. Students then recorded their learning and wrote about the objects in their “Easter Sharing Book.”  Ask to see this book during noisy reading time next week and see what your child shares about Easter! We also created different art projects to deepen our understanding of how Jesus loves us so much that he gave up his life on the cross. He is alive! Please come and take a look at our creations.

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Easter egg experiment: We used whipped cream, food colours, and our imaginations to dye some hard-boiled eggs on Friday. The whipped cream was so yummy, and mixing food colours was  so fun. You may want to ask your child to teach to how to make them at home. The eggs are NOT for us to eat! 🙂

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Numeracy: We have continued to work on developing our number sense: breaking down numbers, combining numbers, ordering numbers and representing numbers in different ways.

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ICC envelopes: went home last week. Please make sure your child’s name is on the envelope. Each year we raise money for International China Concern (ICC), an organization that cares for abandoned and disabled children in China. Collecting ICC donations is voluntary. If you wish to participate, please read and discuss with your child in appropriate ways to ask for donations. Please return the envelope and donations by Monday, April 15th. Thank you.

Field trip: is on April 16th, Tuesday. We will go rain or shine. As a reminder, this is a school bus field trip and parents are NOT required to accompany or transport their children.

Scholastic book orders: are due Monday, April 15th if you are interested in purchasing books.

“GPS”: the Spring Musical is coming up soon! Grade 4 and 5 students will be presenting in the musical. Our kindergarten students will NOT be performing. There are 2 performances: Wednesday, April 17th at 1:30PM and Thursday, April 18th at 7PM.

Grandparents’ Day: is on April 24th, Wednesday

Prayer requests:

  • Pray that we will have a successful and safe field trip next week. We are going to enjoy God’s wonderful Spring creations.
  • Pray for students to continue learning and growing in the interpersonal and personal skills to help them have success in a school environment.

Spring, Spring, What do you see?

Spring & Living Things: our theme this month is about Spring and living things. It coincides nicely with the theme of Easter and new life. We will be learning about characteristics of living things and planting Hairy Harrys to help us learn about the life cycle of plants! We did some Science experiments to learn about how plants grow! 

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Cherry Blossom: We walked around our school and looked for signs of Spring. God’s creations are amazing and so beautiful!

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Literacy: We are continuing to work on our printing books on the lower case letters. We also have been recognizing the middle sound of a word. Sight words for this month: with, play, are, be like

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ICC: RCS pairs up with International China Concern (ICC) each year to learn about how this organization helps orphans in China.  On Friday, we watched the following Youtube video about the organization and discussed ways we can support the children. 

Throughout next week, classroom and whole school activities are centred around learning about issues such as sacrifice, love and care for abandoned children, how we can come alongside and help ICC, etc.  Students have received an information package, and they can also ask for donations for ICC and record it on their donation form.  Our class will be praying for a child named Yang Jiang Dong. I will post an information sheet in our room. 

Collecting ICC donations is voluntary. If you wish to collect, please read and discuss with your child appropriate ways to ask for donations.  A Donation Envelope (containing a pledge form and online fundraising instructions) went home with your child today, as well as a letter to parents. Online donations are also appreciated, please read the instructions to see how that can be completed. I encourage you to register and create a personal fundraising webpage for your child. It is an effective tool that makes raising awareness of ICC and fundraising easier. You can find our K1 team page here: https://chinaconcern.rallybound.org/icarefortheworld2019/Team/View/104008/K1

 All donation forms must be returned to school on Monday, April 15th. Thank you.

April theme: Easter, Jesus, Spring, Living things, something they made. Please help you child pick something that is related to our themes or is made by them. Thank you!

Grandparents/ Grand friends Day: is on April 24, Wednesday. Invitation card went home with your child today. 

Field trip: As part of our theme, we will be going on a field trip to learn more about Spring. Please check the online permission form to approve your child’s participation. We need one more parent volunteer. Please email me if you are able to join us that morning. Thank you.

Important dates:

April 16 (Tuesday): Field trip

April 19 and April 22: NO SCHOOL

April 24 (Wednesday): Grandparents/ Grand friends Day

May 9 (Thursday): K1 Mother’s Day presentations (8:30-9:00ish)

May 17 (Friday): K1 Chapel (8:30-9:00ish)

Spring is coming…

Last week:

Bible: We have begun the story of Moses by making little baby Moses out of plasticine and floating him down the river. Ask your child to tell you the story!

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Play time: is very important for our growth!  We are busy creating, communicating, problem-solving, and many more during our Centres.

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Incredible Chapel: Last Friday, Mr. Paul and Mr. P introduced us the new theme, Incredible Companion, for our chapel. They reminded us the importance of building each other up and working towards the same constructive goals together as a team. The Bible tells us Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their labor. If either of them falls down, one can help the other up.” Ecclesiastes 4: 9-10. In class, we discussed about what it means by being a  productive and positive companion to others. We then had our annual stuffy toss at the end of the chapel. Plenty of joy! 

Incredible Chapel video

Stuffy Toss video

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Literacy: We have continued learning about letters and sounds. We are focussing on writing and recognizing lowercase letters.

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Numeracy: We are so excited to practice dialling our phone numbers during numeracy rotations. They were curious how the old spiral telephone worked. 🙂

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Personal safety

  • For the rest of the Identity unit, students will be learning about personal safety.  Students have been practicing saying some of their personal information and why it’s important to know. Students have been looking for table spots with their phone numbers instead of their name tags.
  • Students will also be learning safety tips such as knowing correct terminology for private parts, what to do in an emergency, and identifying safe adults to talk to when they are feeling uncomfortable or unsafe.

Reminder: Turn your clocks ahead one hour Saturday night, March 9th.

Prayer requests:

  • pray for the health of our little ones
  • pray for safety for our families during Spring break
  • pray that we will have a soft heart to listen to God’s words and follow His teaching


Student-Led Conferences: were last Wednesday. I hope you had a wonderful time being your child’s student. I was so proud of how much they have learned. I especially love watching how they interacted with you as your “teacher”. Thank you for spending the time to show your child how special and smart they are. They are so unique and all have sparkling personalities! Check your mailbox this week as your child will receive the mail you sent on Wednesday! 🙂 

If you have not returned your child’s dark blue folder, please do so on Monday. Thank you!

Kindie parade: Thank you for taking your time and energy to create the amazing floats with your child! Enjoy our parade here: K1 Parade video (2018-2019)

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Numeracy: While we are enjoying the Osmo math game, we have started another fun activity called “Tiny Polka Dot” which helps solidify our number concepts.

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Coming weeks…

Community: this week we are looking at ways to take care of our community (recycling, reusing, picking up garbage…etc.), as well as ways to stay safe in our community (hazards outside, stranger danger, emergency calls…etc.)

Biblewe have finally finished the story of Joseph and watched the end of the Joseph movie where Jacob and Joseph reunited after 20 years apart. In March, we will begin the story of Moses by making little baby Moses out of plasticine and floating him down the river. Ask your child to tell you the story!

Library: is on Thursday. 🙂

Chapel: On Friday, March 8th our chapel theme will be “Incredible Companion” so bring your special friend who has been with you through thick and thin, also known as your favourite stuffy! We will have our annual stuffy toss at the end of chapel.

Scholastic Orders: are due on March 5th.


I AM….

Identity Float and parade: I hope you enjoyed the family fun time involved in creating your child’s float. Students love letting their creative energies flow and decorating their floats to their heart’s content. I hope it gave you a good time to chat with your child about what they want to be when they grow up and what they think they are good at. Car parade is on Tuesday, February 26th, from 8:40ish to 9:00.We will be parading around the inside hallways for the other classes to see. You are welcome to stay at school that morning to take pictures! We have been practicing how to carry our floats and walk comfortably with them in the hallway. Please put your child’s name on his/her float if you haven’t done so. Thank you!

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Our students play outside in all different kinds of weather in Vancouver… no matter it’s sunny, raining, snowy, or windy. Please dress your child appropriately and have extra clothes ready in their boxes.

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Student-Led Conferences: will be on Wednesday, February 27th, from 12 PM to 7:30PM. There will be no school this day. Conferences will be 30 minutes long and your child will be leading through 5 stations to show you what we have been learning. I will send you a list of our stations and questions to guide your child along. They are so excited to be the “teachers” and show you all they know!

Phone number: As part of our Safety Unit, students will start looking for their table spots using their phone numbers in March. Please email me the phone number that you want your child to memorize. Thank you!

March Calendar: has been posted on this blog. Please check out the important dates.



Love Love Love One Another

Last week, we had a fantastic Valentine’s Day! We enjoyed making cards for our parents, distributing our valentines, making crafts, and more. We discussed about what it means to be kind and made a class book about how to show love and care to each other as the Bible tells us: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and your neighbour as yourself.” Luke 10:27. The highlight on our Valentine’s Day was having our Friendship Fruit Salad together. Thank you for your generosity in sharing fruits, yogurt, and utensils. Our staff also enjoyed our kiddie’s fruit salad during snack time. Thank you!

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Snowy Day: We had loads of fun playing in the snow and our kids had unlimited ideas to build with snow. We are all amazed by God’s wonderful creation!

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Bible: The students have continued learning about Joseph’s life. We are learning that God was always with Joseph and how He turned some very difficult things that happened in Joseph’s life into blessings. We will start watching a movie called “Joseph: King of Dreams” next week.

Identity Unit: We have been talking about our personal identities and what makes us special. We’ve read stories about being unique and different. Students will create a personal identity poster to represent who they are. This artwork will be shared with you during the upcoming student-led conferences.


Identity Floats: are coming to school on Tuesday, February 19th! I hope you and your child had a wonderful time creating this family project together. There will be a “K1 Parking lot” outside our room, please park your floats there. Our parade will be on Tuesday, February 26th at 8:40AM. You are welcome to stay at school this morning to take pictures!

Student-Led Conferences: will be on Wednesday, February 27th from 12PM TO 8PM. There will be no school this day. Conferences will be 30 minutes long and your child will be leading through 5 stations to show you what we have been learning. I will send you a list of our stations and questions to guide you and your child along. They are so excited to be the “teachers” and show you all they know!

Library is on Thursdays.  Please remind your child to bring their library books and bag.

Extra Clothes: As the wet and snowy season descends upon us, your child will be using the extra clothes from their box. Please be diligent in replacing items so that there is always a fresh change of t-shirt, long sleeve, long pants, underwear and socks. it may be a good idea to have multiple pairs of socks for those really wet days.

Phone number: Please help your child to memorize your phone number. During Term 1, I had the class find their spot with their names. I will start having the class find their spot with their phone number so they will need to know theirs. If you would like your child to memorize your cell phone number, please email me so that I write the correct phone number on their card. Thank you!

Prayer request:

For soft, teachable hearts this term.  Students have become comfortable in the social environment and knowledgable of their peers; pray that students will have a deep understanding of themselves and others as they learn how to be a contributing member of a (classroom) community.

Shall We Dance

Dance: Students got to spend 30 minutes per day last week with their instructor, Mr. Nando. They were amazing! Our school has sent out an email with a dance video earlier. I hope they are able to show/ teach you some moves they have learned.

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Skating: We had loads of fun during our first skating last Tuesday. Thank you for driving your child to and from the skating rink. I love watching when they tried to help each other out and cheer for one another. Well done, K1!

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Numeracy: We continue to have fun measuring things around the classroom using unifix cubes; and we have started learning teen numbers. We were fascinated to see how long our hands and feet are by using unifix cubes. It’s ticklish when someone drew our feet for us. 🙂

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Bible: We have finished learning about Jacob and how he reconciled with Esau. This week, we will begin learning about Joseph and seeing how God continues to watch over and bless this family.

Literacy: I am really pleased with how many students are willing to try sounding out their words as they write down their thoughts. I am encouraging them to say the word very slowly and write down whatever letters they hear. I am not looking for perfect spelling. I pray we will continue to learn and grow in this area! Sight words for this month: yes, can, that, my, we


Valentine’s Day: On Thursday, February14th, we will be celebrating Valentine’s Day with “Friendship Fruit Salad” and Valentine cards.  Students will have the opportunity to deliver Valentine’s cards to the K1 class on that day.  Please include all the K1 friends if you choose to make Valentines with your child.  I sent home a class list earlier this month so you have the names for everyone in K1. Please do not send goodie bags or large items as their “Valentine’s Day mail boxes” will be very small. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Thank you.

Fruit Salad: Thank you to those who have signed up to bring fruits for our friendship fruit salad. If you have not done so, please sign-up for what you will bring. Please remember to bring your fruit that is already cut up. Thank you! We will be eating our salad as a treat during recess snack. If you child will eat the fruit salad, you can just pack them a lunch that day. If not, please pack both a snack and a lunch.

Pink/ Red/ White day: Students are invited to dress in as much red, pink, and white on February 14th to celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. Have fun! Hair bows, bow ties, and hats are all welcomed accessories.

Book Orders: are due Friday, February 15th.

A few announcements:

THIS WEEK: Dance week (this week) has been going well, and the kids are having great fun with Mr. Fernando, the dance instructor. There will be no presentation this week, however we will be sending links of dance videos to parents in the next few weeks and we will see some live dance performances on Sports Day in June.

FEBRUARY 8, FRIDAY: There is no Chapel this Friday to make way for Dance Week.

FEBRUARY 14, THURSDAY: Let’s celebrate friendship on Valentine’s Day. February 14th is Red / White / Pink dress up day. Dress-up in as much Red, White and Pink as possible. Hats, hair bows, bowties, shirts, pants, dresses, socks and shoes! Be a little crazy! Be a little fun & creative!

COMING UP NEXT WEEK: Student-led conferences at the Elementary will be on Feb. 27th. There will be no classes on that day and an email about signing up for these conferences will be coming out next week. Please stay tuned.

God is Love

Numeracy: we have been comparing and measuring a variety of things around our classroom with unfix cubes. We learned that we measure so that we know how long or short something is. Students are enjoying this hands-on unit! We have started a new program called “Osmo” which helps us to understand the combinations of numbers (e.g. 2 and 3 can form 5). We will focus on learning teen numbers the coming weeks.

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Identity unit: We started by sharing about our Winter Holiday activities with one another.  Students had the opportunity to explain their activity and write about it. We talked about how observing similarities and differences can help us learn and understand more about God’s world. Last week, we read stories about the First Nations and looked at pictures of their Winter feast and performances. We compared the ways we celebrate Winter and listed out the similarities and differences.

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Home Reading: A tip for reading: when your child comes across an unknown word, have them sound out each letter and then try to say the sounds together. Ask them to “stretch out the sounds” and mimic pulling your hands apart. We have been practicing pulling sounds apart to learn how to sound out words of spelling! They have been doing very well in class. At this stage, I am not looking for perfect spelling. I pray that we will continue to learn and grow in this area!

The sight words  are: she, is, was, go, look

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Hip Hop Dance: is happening this week. Please wear comfortable, appropriate shoes, and clothing each day between February 4th and 8th.

February Good and Faithful helper theme: Friendship, Family, something they made. I have posted the February calendar on this blog. Please check out the important info.

Scholastic Orders: due Friday, February 15th. Thank you!

Important dates:

February 5th – Field trip

February 4th to 8th – Dance week

February 18th – Family day (NO SCHOOL)

February 19th – Home projects due

February 26th – Kindie parade

February 27th – Student-led conferences (NO SCHOOL)