January 26

January 25

Today 3K presented their chapel. They did a dramatic presentation of a song by Lauren Daigle called “Come Alive”. It was so powerful; I was definitely crying most of the time! The short summary of the drama was that sin took hold of the students lives. Jesus then rescued them and fought back against the enemy. After recess, I suddenly felt the Holy Spirit leading me to give the class time to reflect and respond to what they saw and heard today. I am so glad I followed that leading because what they shared was incredible. God is so good! I played the song again, had the students find their own spot in the class to listen to the words and ask God to reveal to them areas they have sin in their lives or what they learned. After the song, I gave them time to draw or write what God was teaching them. I only had chance to talk to a few of the students, but one said “when I disobey my parents, I know I have sin in my life because I don’t want to pray at school”. Several were also convicted of the amount of screen time they have a night and suggested other ways they could have fun instead. During chapel this morning, one of the students chose an iPad over the Bible and that resonated with our class quite deeply. I have included the link to the song below. I would encourage you to listen to the song again with your child and ask them how they heard God speaking to them. It was so encouraging to watch God work.

We went skating this week. Thank you to those who came to volunteer.

In Language Arts we continued to practice asking questions before, during and after reading. We also discussed the characters, setting, problem and solution during read alouds. We wrote a class story together, and then students had the chance to write their own.

In math, students continued to practice addition skills.

In our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the sky, we examined how fall affects the clothes that we wear, as well as the things that we can do and see.  The students thought that we need to wear rain jackets, pants, long sleeve T-shirts and rain boots during the fall. They also mentioned that umbrellas are a must! They also noticed that we can see leaves changing colour and falling during.

In Art today, students made snowman out of paper snowflakes. They are hung up outside the classroom if you want to take a look!

Thank you to Ivan’s family for coming to share with us this week! We learned that both of his parents, Simon and Priscilla are accountants. In the summer, Ivan attended a summer camp where he got to go on lots of adventures! Ivan recently started attending St. John Ambulance classes. They have a large extended family and they enjoy eating out together. Their family attends Peace Evangelical Church. Priscilla was invited to an event about 10 years ago and was given a card with the details, while she was at the mall. She put the card in a drawer and found it a year later. They started to attend the church and were baptized a couple of years ago.

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