February 9

February 9

On Monday, our class got to play outside for a little while before the snow melted. They were so excited!

The students got to spend 30 minutes per day this week dancing with their instructor, Mr.Nando. They were amazing! Yesterday they were able to share one of their dances with the other grade one students.

In Language Arts students continued to practice retelling a story they have read when I called them over for home reading. I also paired up students and had them hunt with a partner for a story with an interesting lead. Students learned that there are many ways to start a story besides “Once upon a time”. In writing, they wrote about their weekend.

Yesterday, we had another morning of story workshop. I read a story about ideas and we discussed as a class how they can get ideas from the world around them. This is one of the core competencies that we will be talking about as we work through this unit together. The students were able to choose a table to work at. They had 45 minutes to play and write a story. To conclude the morning, we sat in a circle and students were able to read their stories to each other.

In Bible, we talked about the new memory verse. Below is the song we sang in worship this week.

In Math, we discussed some math vocabulary to help us describe a subtraction number sentence such as minuend, subtrahend and minus.  We worked on a couple worksheets using the counting back and number line strategies. Yesterday, the students became subtraction word problems! I called a group together, called a number to sit down, and the rest of the class answered how many students were left standing. It is our goal to move students from the counting stage to the reasoning stage (students can explain with reasons how they got the answer) and eventually to the mastery stage (instant recall of answer) over the next year or two.

We concluded our Inquiry unit of Patterns in the Sky by inviting High Touch High Tech to come to our class to answer some of the questions that the students have about this unit.  They explored why we have seasons, how seasons affect all living things, how to read a thermometer, and how to make “snow”.

Thank you to Melody’s family for coming to share with us this week. We learned that her dad David is an accountant and enjoys exercising on his bike when he gets home. We learned that her mom Gladys stays home to care for their house. Her and Melody enjoy taking pictures on Snapchat together! Melody also has a younger brother who was able to come and visit as well! Melody enjoys playing her ukulele. Their family attends Lord’s Grace Church.

Thank you to those who brought in supplies for our students to create with this week! On Tuesday, there were 19 students making non fiction books and various items out of toilet paper rolls. After exploration time is over, we have started a class circle time. The students who want to can share what they made. The others listen, ask questions or share an encouraging comment.

A quick reminder that next Thursday, February 14, will be Red, Pink and White Day.  Your child is encouraged to come to school wearing those colours to celebrate Valentine’s Day. If students would like to bring cards for their classmates, they are welcome to do so! Please do not send goodie bags or large items as their “Valentine’s Day mail boxes” will be very small.

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